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The cunning fox and the ewe

The cunning fox and the ewe

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The story of the cunning fox and the ewe is one of the animal stories for children, a short and distinctive novel presented to you by the 10books website, which is known to contain the most wonderful and beautiful children’s bedtime stories.

The story of the cunning fox and the ewe is considered one of the short and wonderful written children’s stories. It tells about a little ewe targeted by a cunning and malicious fox who wants to make a delicious meal out of her. So what will happen? We will discover this together in this story below.

The little ewe targeted by the cunning fox

Once upon a time there was a sheep named Nelly who was very beautiful, and everyone loved her (elephants, horses, birds, parrots, everyone loved her).

One day, her parents went to the village to do some work, but Nelly did not feel like going with them. Her mother looked at her and said: “You are young, Nelly, you have not grown up yet, and you will get lost if you move away while playing, and there is a fox in the forest that might kidnap you.”

Nellie replied: “Mom, don’t worry, all my friends are here.”

But Nelly did not listen to her parents and her mother asked her friends to take care of her and stay close to home.

But after a while all her friends became busy with household chores and Nellie went away to enjoy a light and delicious meal of herbs without knowing where she had gone.

Suddenly a fox appeared from behind the bushes and saw Nellie, and admired the delicious little sheep.

The fox was very happy, but he wondered if he could kill her now without her friends noticing.

The fox started talking to Nelly and claimed to be her close friend. The fox said: “You have moved far from home. Are you afraid?”

Nelly looked at him and replied: “Indeed, I did not notice that because I was very far away, and also my mother told me that I cannot go anywhere alone because it is very dangerous and I might be eaten by a predatory fox.”

The fox said to her: “Don’t worry, my house is not far from here. Come with me. You can sit on my back. We can go to my house.”

“Okay,” Nellie replied. Nellie sat on the fox’s back and they headed to his house.

When they arrived at the place, the snake looked at him and said: “Look at this, this is my beautiful home.”

Nellie replied: “It’s dirty, why don’t you clean it?”

The fox replied: “You are here now, you can clean it.” Nellie said, “Okay, I’ll clean it up and while you do that, prepare something for me to eat.”

While Nellie was cleaning, she found a piece of sheep fur. Nellie was frightened at this time. She looked at him and said: I don’t think so. What would happen to me if this strange creature were a fox? I had to follow my mother’s instructions,” and she began to cry.

Suddenly she heard a bird chirping, and when Nellie looked out the window, she found that it was her friend, the little bird.

The bird said to her: “Do not cry. I hope you realize that he is a fox now, and now we will do something to help you and he will not be able to harm you that easily, and you must talk to him normally as you were doing. Our friend Mr. Parrot went to ask everyone for help to come and save you.”

Suddenly the bird stopped talking, because the fox was coming, and when the fox returned, he said to Nellie: “I have a lot of food for you, eat this first. I have some work to finish in the forest, and I will be back soon.”

Nelly said: “But, my friend, you promised me that you would return me to my home.”

The fox looked at him and said: Your parents are not here and they are definitely not at home, so now you can just stay and relax here for a few days. Now let me go back to my work, and when I return, we will decide what to eat for dinner. Do you agree?”

Nellie agreed, and the fox left and closed the door tightly. Nellie began to feel nervous and cried. Nelly was thinking out loud and saying to herself: “When she comes back here, I will definitely be at dinner.”

Suddenly, the bird chirped and said to Nellie: “All our friends are here, don’t worry.”

The elephant broke down the door with its long, strong nose, and when Nellie came out, she could find the horse and the dog as well, and Nellie said, “Can we go home now?”

Everyone answered: “We cannot go home like this. We must first teach the fox a lesson that he will not forget.”

Then they all gathered and made a plan to teach the fox a lesson he would never forget. Nellie asked: “What is the plan?” Her friends answered her.

They started by placing the sheep on the roof of the house, the cat sat in front of the front door, the dog sat in front of the back door, the horse was watching the door, and the elephant was watching towards the forest.

It was starting to get dark, and everyone was getting ready until it was almost midnight.

The fox came and was very hungry and approached the house thinking about how delicious Nelly would taste, and when he opened the door the place was dark, and there was a piece of firewood on the door about to fall.

Then the fox shouted: “Nelly, where are you? Why don’t you light the lamp?” But the elephant had kept me on the roof.

Neely replied: “My friend, I am up here. Look, I am afraid of foxes so I hid.”

The fox looked at him and said: No, please, do not be afraid of me, for I have already returned home. Please come down.”

“No,” Nellie replied.

The fox said: “Please, come down. Why are you behaving like little children?” Okay, I’ll go up.”

He was about to jump on the roof until the cat attacked him in the dark. Then the fox got afraid and went to the back door to climb onto the roof of the house from there.

But there the dog was ready for the fox to come and began to attack him, and when the fox saw that he was being attacked at every door, he opened the door and ran away.

But when he came out, the horse was also ready and kicked the fox so hard that the fox’s foot was broken.

The fox fled towards the forest, but the forest was guarded by the elephant, who picked up the fox and threw him on a rock. The fox was so tired that he could not get up.

Then Nellie sat on the elephant’s trunk, and everyone returned happily to Nellie’s house.

The elephant looked at him and said: You are indeed very lucky because those birds and parrots actually saw you. Otherwise, we would not have been able to teach the fox a lesson.”

The sermon

“We must learn in life that good friends are kind to each other, care for each other, fear for each other, and also help each other in times of greatest need.”

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