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journey of searching for happiness

journey of searching for happiness

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The Journey of Searching for Happiness is a beautiful story that is considered one of the imaginary bedtime stories for children, presented to you by the 10books website. This story explains positive meanings and concepts that help build the child’s character and explains concepts about happiness written in a simple style that the child can understand.

searching for happiness

One day, a prince married a princess and they lived happily. They were Prince Robert and Princess Emilia. This couple wanted to preserve their happiness by possessing an amulet that would protect them from facing any unhappiness in their marriage.

One day, the king’s advisor told them about a man who lives in the forest and is known for his wisdom and good advice for any situation or problem.

The prince said: We must travel and meet this wise man.

The next day, Prince Robert and Princess Emilia traveled to the wise man, and when they reached the tree where this wise man lived, and when they met the man, they told him what they wished for.

The wise man said: Travel to every country in the world, and whenever you meet a happy couple, ask for a small piece of their clothing, and then bring it to me so that I can mix it with gold so that I can make two rings, and these rings will be an amulet for you. I believe that this is the only solution.

The couple thanked the wise man and the couple immediately began their journey, traveling through forests and rivers until the couple arrived in the city and a passing man asked about the happiest couple in the city.

The man told them: The happiest couple in the city are the knight and his wife.

The couple went to meet the knight and his wife, and when they arrived at the knight’s house, he welcomed them and asked them about their marriage.

The knight replied: Of course, we are happy with each other, but with the exception of one thing, which is that we have not had children and we wish for a child, and this will make our husband truly happy.

After signs of happiness began to appear on the faces of Amelia and Robert, and after hearing the knight’s words, their happiness disappeared again, and the couple learned that this did not help the sage in making the amulet. With sadness, the couple thanked the knight and his wife and left for the couple to continue their journey.

During their travel, the couple passed by a village where there was an honest citizen living happily with his wife, so they went to him and asked him if he was truly happy in his marriage.

The citizen replied, saying: This is true. My wife and I are in harmony. Were it not for our son’s severe illness, we would be happier. We have consulted all doctors, but to no avail, and there is no doctor who can help treat my son.

Robert and Amelia looked at each other in frustration, then Prince Robert said: We regret your son’s illness and wish him a speedy recovery.

Then he thanked them and the couple left to continue their journey. Their search continued throughout the country for happy couples, but they have not yet succeeded in finding a truly happy couple.

Prince Robert began to reassure his wife and said: I feel that soon we will find the couple who will help us make the amulet.

The princess said: I hope, my dear, otherwise our difficult and long journey will be in vain.

The prince began to smile to reassure his wife, but he was as worried as she was. One day, as they were passing through the fields and meadows, they saw a shepherd sitting on the side of the road playing the flute, and a woman approached him carrying a child in her hands and holding a boy in the other hand. When the shepherd saw them, he got up and took the baby girl and began to play with her and pamper her.

At the same time, the couple saw that the shepherd dog ran to the little boy and jumped happily, playing with each other. The wife began to put away the food she had with her and the man sat down to eat. After the two princes saw this scene, the princes began to approach the man and woman.

Princess Amelia said to them: You must be a really happy couple.

The sheep shepherd replied: Yes, that is true

The prince asked them: How happy are you with each other?

The shepherd said: Happier than even any prince or princess, for we are happy and satisfied as well.

The prince said while he was happy: We were pleased to meet you, sir.

The shepherd said: So do we. Can you eat with us? This is really simple but delicious.

The two princes agreed and sat eating with the shepherd and his wife. While eating, they talked a lot with each other. After eating, the prince decided to ask the shepherd for a piece of cloth.

The prince said: It was delicious food and Amelia and I are grateful, but we have another request and he assured you that your help is important to us.

The shepherd said: Of course, what is it?

The prince said: We want a piece of cloth from your clothes, and we will give you a reward.

The shepherd was surprised, saying: Why this specifically?

The story of Princess Ali Al-Rahi is the reason they took that trip and about the matter of making the amulet. The shepherd looked at his wife and was amazed, which made the two princes feel curious, so the princess asked him about the problem with their request.

The shepherd said: We would be really happy if we could give you a whole shirt and not a piece, but we do not have what you are asking for. We are truly poor, but we appreciate what we have.

Robert and Amelia’s hearts were broken, and despite that, the prince gave the shepherd some gold before they left and advised the shepherd to take care of himself and his family. The shepherd and his family thanked the two princes, then the two princes rode their horses, and Robert said to Amelia: My dear, I am afraid that our search for the amulet may waste the years of our youth.

Amelia said: Yes, my dear, let’s go back to the kingdom. I don’t want the amulet anymore.

Thus, the two princes decided to return to their kingdom, and while they were passing through the sage’s forest, they met the sage and went to tell him about their desperate journey and blame him for this strange advice.

When the wise man saw them, he said: You have finally returned. You must have brought the required cloth.

The prince said: It is not true. The idea of searching for him was bad from the beginning. Why did you do this? We traveled many countries and met many families, and we did not meet anyone suitable to take this cloth from him, and all of this was a waste of time.

The wise man listened to them while smiling, then said: Are you sure that your journey is useless? Have you not even gained knowledge?

Robert and Amelia were amazed and looked at each other and asked what the wise man’s words meant.

Al-Hakim asked them: What did you learn from that trip?

They were amazed and told him that happiness is truly a rare currency on earth, and also that contentment in living does not require a lot of money and they began to collect everything they had learned, and here Robert and Amelia realized that this is what the wise man was trying to tell them and that he had given them a great lesson in life.

The two princes looked at each other with a look of deep love, and the wise man called for help and told them that the true amulet is in your heart, so be careful of it and the feelings of hatred were not able to control your hearts.

The two princes thanked the wise man and returned to the kingdom. As the days went by, their love increased more and more, and the two princes lived happily.

This happy ending was not complete until you reported that the knight and his wife, who met the two princes, had given birth to a beautiful child. Also, this man, whose daughter was suffering from a severe illness, had been cured. As for the shepherd, he was none other than the old sage who wanted to teach Robert and Amelia an important life lesson. .

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