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Hansel and Gretel wonderful story suitable children

Hansel and Gretel wonderful story suitable children

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The story of Hansel and Gretel is an international children’s story. It tells about two brothers, a boy and a girl, who live with a father and a wife. The father did not love her husband’s children and wanted to get rid of them, so what did she do? This is what we will know in the story below.

Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time, a woodcutter lived in a small hut next to a deep forest with his two children, Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel was a smart boy and Gretel was a shy girl, and his second wife treated the children poorly.

The wife was always bothering the woodcutter and telling him: “There is not enough food in the house for all of us, so we must get rid of these two troublemakers, otherwise we will all starve to death.” The wife explained her evil plan, but the woodcutter opposed her, but she did not listen to him.

At this time poor Hansel and Gretel heard them and cried all night.

One day the father had to go to the city to earn money for his family, so the evil stepmother took the opportunity to take the little children into the forest and leave them there.

The next morning, the wife called Hansel and Gretel and said happily: “Get ready, my children, we are going for a walk.”

The wife was trying as much as possible to be kind so that the children would not know her plan.

Then she prepared the bag with some bread and cakes and gave them to Gretel, saying: “Take it, my dear Gretel, we will eat this food in the forest.”

They happily left the house and started walking towards the forest.

Hansel loved to collect stones and had a huge collection of white pebbles that he carried everywhere.

Hansel thought of making pebbles to mark the way back, saying: “We can follow these pebbles on our way back.”

To Hansel this was just a game and he did not realize the stepmother’s plan, but she noticed the white pebbles that were falling from him, but she did nothing at all.

When they reached the depths of the forest, the wife said: “This looks like a good place for a picnic. Sleep here, my children, and I will go and get some fresh fruits for you.”

She left them alone, and Hansel and Gretel sat under a big tree and ate some cake and played some games. Time passed and it was almost evening, and Gretel began to feel worried because their stepmother had not returned yet.

Since Stepmother saw Hansel drop the pebbles all the way back to where she left them, she knew that the children would have an easy time following these stones back home.

So on her way back she collected the white pebbles that Hansel had dropped and made similar gravel marks towards a deserted road that led somewhere else.

At this time Gretel was frightened so Hansel said to her: “Don’t worry, Gretel. I made marks of white pebbles along the way back so that by the moonlight we can go home.”

Then night fell and the terrifying sounds of all the predatory animals began to come from around them.

They were afraid but they waited until the moon appeared and they were happy to see the white pebbles shining in the moonlight and they began to follow the path which they thought they had cleverly laid and they did not know that the stepmother had changed the path.

“Now give me your hand and I promise we’ll get home safely,” said Hansel confidently.

But soon they got tired of walking and were not close to their house yet, so they decided to sit under the tree where there were many fireflies dancing.

As they sat, they looked at the moon and the fireflies until they felt sleepy, fell asleep, and fell asleep.

The night passed and in the morning they woke up and saw a beautiful butterfly that was full of colors. They looked at each other with a special look and then smiled very happily.

For a moment they forgot that they were lost and hungry and followed the butterfly to play with it and after a short time they arrived near a strange looking house.

They were surprised to see a house made of chocolates, candy, jewels and cakes, they had never seen a house like it before so they were very happy and could not resist those delicious sweets.

“This is like a dreamland,” Gretel said pleasantly at the time.

When they finished eating the sweets, they saw the door of the house and decided to enter, expecting more food and playing. When they went inside, they saw a beautiful woman cooking food.

They greeted her happily, as she looked dignified and wonderful, and Hansel and Gretel said to her: “Good evening, madam.”

Gretel came forward and said: “We have lost our way home. Can you help us find a way back?”

The lady seemed very nice and nodded her head in agreement and said: “Yes, of course, my children. I will certainly help you, but stay with me for a few days. I am alone and I want to enjoy having you with me.”

The children were really happy and the nice lady cooked delicious food for them and gave them everything they wanted and said to them with a smile: “Your bodies are weak, but don’t worry, I will feed you so you will be healthy.”

A few days passed, and one night Gretel woke up from her sleep in the middle of the night. When she woke up, she heard some whispering, so she started walking towards the sound.

She saw that the beautiful lady was actually an evil witch and was planning to get rid of the children and devour them and was feeding them the most delicious food to make them healthy so that she could eat them.

The witch did not know that Gretel saw her and Gretel was shaking, and the next morning when the children woke up they found that something was different.

There was no food on the table and Gretel still had not told Hansel what she had seen the night before.

So Gretel decided to tell Hansel that the lady was actually an evil witch.

But the witch came before Gretel could speak and tell Hansel anything, and the witch told them that there was not enough wood in the house to cook food so she could not cook for them.

The witch said while looking at him: My beloved son, I want some firewood. Can you bring it to me in the nearby forest? So I can cook for all of us and Gretel and I will make the preparations.”

Hansel quickly agreed and the witch gave him an axe and Hansel left the house happily and Gretel knew something was up and she was very afraid but she continued to do what the witch told her so as not to arouse suspicion.

Hansel was going towards the forest, but at the back of the house he saw many piles of tree trunks.

Because Hansel was a smart boy, he immediately felt that something was wrong, so Hansel went back and tried to look out the window and suddenly saw the witch showing her true colors to Gretel.

Hansel did not make any noise and was very careful so that the witch would not feel his presence.

Hansel was quickly planning what to do and how he could protect his dear sister? At this time, he heard the evil witch telling Gretel: “Go to the kitchen and light the oven.”

Gretel had no choice but to do what the witch told her. After that, the witch said to Gretel: “Go and check if the oven is burning properly.”

Gretel said: “I don’t know how I can be sure of this. Can you explain to me how to do it so that I can do it?”

The witch felt Gretel’s stupidity and said to her: “Come, girl, and I will show you.”

Hansel, who was watching everything from the outside, thought this was his only chance.

When the witch started to walk towards the oven, he came from behind quietly, and when the witch bent down to examine the oven, Hansel ran towards her and pushed her into the oven. Gretel quickly closed the oven, and the evil witch was burned.

Hansel and Gretel hugged each other and couldn’t believe what had happened and that they were safe now.

They went to the witch’s room and were surprised by the wealth and precious gems she had.

They filled their bag as much as they could and quickly left the house, running until they finally reached their house.

When they arrived, they saw their father sitting on the balcony. He looked miserable and very sad, so they quickly ran towards the father, kissed him, and hugged each other.

The children told their father whenever they passed by him, and the father became very angry and told his annoying wife to leave them and leave.

When she left, the two children went and brought the precious stones and wealth they had collected from the evil witch’s treasure, and finally they would be able to live together happily.

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