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The story of “Space Invaders”, the fourth novel

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The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

Somewhere in the land of (Egypt), and in some era of the future, there is the supreme leadership of the Egyptian Scientific Intelligence, where work takes place in complete calm and absolute secrecy, in order to protect scientific progress in (Egypt), and in order to preserve scientific secrets. Which is the true measure of the progress of nations.

For these goals, the scientific intelligence man, Nour El-Din Mahmoud, works at the head of a rare team, chosen with complete care and extreme precision. . .

A special team, facing the dangers of a new era, and challenging scientific ambiguity and future mysteries. .

It is a glimpse of hope for a coming generation, a glimpse of the world of tomorrow, and a new page of the eternal file. . .

_ Future file

Dedicated to the soul of Dr. Nabil Farouk.

Future File series

Novel (Space Invaders)

The novel (Space Invaders) is from the (Future File) series of novels.

  • Why did flying saucers appear over the Generations Research Laboratory?
  • Have space invaders declared war on the people of Earth?
  • Will Nour and his team succeed in repelling this invasion?

Read all the exciting and fascinating details…and join Nour and his team in solving the mystery.

1_ A surprise trip. .

Captain Nour woke up to an intermittent buzzing sound. He jumped out of bed, yawned, and headed with quick steps to the door of his apartment. He pressed a small button installed next to the door, which illuminated a three-dimensional screen above the button. Nour looked at the face appearing on the screen, then said in a sleepy voice:

– Good evening, Lieutenant Saeed. Do you know what time it is?

Lieutenant Saeed smiled and said through the microphone placed under the camera outside the house:

– Good evening, sir. It is now three in the morning, and I would not have woken you up had the Supreme Commander himself not ordered it.

Nour’s eyebrows rose in surprise, and he pressed another button on the side next to the screen, and the door opened quietly…

Lieutenant Saeed gave the military salute with respect, and said, addressing Nour:

– Sorry to wake you, sir. I have an order from the Supreme Commander to accompany you to the private airport in Giza, where an air vehicle will take you to the Generations Research Laboratory in Sinai.

Without exchanging another word, Nour walked to his room, quickly dressed, and quickly boarded the missile car that Lieutenant Saeed had brought.

He said to him as he skillfully drove the car through the empty streets of the city:

– The Supreme Commander himself will tell you about the purpose of the trip, sir, through a special video transmission on a highly secret wave, inside the helicopter that will take you to Sinai.

Nour was silent and began to think about the possible mission this time. His information about the Generations Research Laboratory was specific. All he knew was that this laboratory was researching the possibilities of crossing special species of animals with other species, deleting special genetic traits from a creature, or adding other traits. .

In short, he was researching what is called genetic engineering, and Nour’s information about this science is limited, even though it originated in the late twentieth century…

Nour noticed that the car was stopping in front of the private airport entrance, and Lieutenant Saeed presented a blue card to the person in charge of security at the gate, which he placed in a special spherical device.

The spherical device quickly lit up with a faint green light, so the security man pulled out the card and returned it to Lieutenant (Saeed), gave him a military salute, and touched a small circle in front of him. The gate to the private airport opened, and the missile car took off into it, and quickly stopped in front of a small helicopter prepared for take-off, and its jet devices. It whistles softly…

Captain Nour got out of the car, headed to the helicopter, and turned before turning it to Lieutenant Saeed, who smiled and gave the military salute, saying:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– Have a successful trip, sir.

The helicopter rose vertically, then rushed with its nuclear propulsion energy towards the target. While Nour was tightening the seat belt around his waist, the pilot’s voice came to him from the front room, saying:

– Hello, our destination is the Generations Research Laboratory, which is located between longitudes 34 and 33 and north of latitude 30 in a valley called Wadi Al-Bruk, which is two hundred and thirty kilometers away from us in the heart of Sinai.

Then the pilot was silent for a while, and said again in a different tone:

– Please press the small yellow button in front of you, sir. There is a secret message from the Supreme Commander. I will cut off communication with the cockpit.

Nour pressed the yellow button, and the image of the Supreme Leader immediately appeared on a small screen in front of Nour’s face, and he listened to him say:

Hello, Captain Nour. Your destination this time is the Generations Research Laboratory in Wadi al-Bruk in the heart of Sinai. Your mission this time is a bit strange. Tell me first, what is your knowledge about flying saucers?

Nour was silent, gathering his information, then said:

It appeared for the first time after the end of World War II in the middle of the twentieth century, and then there were many cases of its appearance and maneuvers with civilian and military aircraft. One of the flying saucers was tracked over France in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine, and one of them was accurately photographed in the United States in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine. Eighty-three, but until the first years of the beginning of the twenty-first century, it could not be confirmed that there were living creatures inside it.

The Supreme Commander interrupted him approvingly and said:

– Wonderful.. What is important now is that these flying saucers have appeared in an intense and aggressive manner over the Generations Research Laboratory.

Nour raised his eyebrows, and the Supreme Commander continued:

– The matter began exactly three days ago, when the power suddenly went out in the entire laboratory, and when one of the workers left the laboratory, they saw a clear flying saucer circling around the laboratory, but the monitoring devices inside did not succeed in monitoring it despite seeing it with the naked eye, and before its dimensions could be verified, it disappeared. Immediately .

The Supreme Commander was silent as Nour was silent, then the Commander continued:

– This event is called a peaceful aggression, but after only two hours the dish reappeared with a group of red balls hanging around it, and the power was cut off again, and the defense forces tried to hit the flying saucer with laser rays, but they all failed despite the superior skill of the defense men, and this time it exploded. Suddenly the tube that supplies the laboratory devices with the necessary ionic energy exploded, and immediately after the explosion, the dish and the objects surrounding it suddenly disappeared.

The Supreme Commander was silent for a while, and Nour felt tension in his facial muscles. The Commander continued his speech and said:

The tube was replaced, and the next day the same thing happened. The power was cut off, and before the security men could detect any foreign object, the flying saucer suddenly appeared over the base. This time, our optical fighter planes were prepared and equipped with the latest laser firing devices, and one of them chased the dish. The pilot who was flying it swears that the laser beam he fired at the dish hit him, but he was not affected.

The tube exploded for the second time, and the dish disappeared like magic.

Nour fidgeted in his seat. The whole matter was mysterious. Not since the beginning of the appearance of these strange objects, which scientists called flying saucers, had any of them carried out any aggressive behavior, and the Supreme Leader returned and said:

Some scientists at our Scientific Research Center have suspected that this is nothing but a new weapon used by a hostile country that wants to cause confusion and delay the research that our scientists are doing to develop genetics, but there is no evidence to indicate that.

The Supreme Commander was silent for a moment, then smiled and said:

– Perhaps this matter was beyond your scope, Captain, but I do not know why your name always comes to my mind whenever we face a mysterious situation. Anyway, I will wait from you for a comprehensive report on the situation there… May God grant you success.

The conversation ended, and Nour turned off the communication device, relaxed his body on his seat, and began to think:

Why did the Supreme Commander choose me for this particular mission? I think the matter needed a scientist who was an expert in the affairs of these space objects.. What could a scientific intelligence officer do with an enemy whose identity he does not know?

His thoughts were interrupted by the pilot’s voice saying:

– We have arrived, sir. Please make sure your seat belt is fastened. We will land immediately.

The air helicopter landed between the mountains of Three, where the Generations Research Laboratory is located. As soon as Captain Nour descended from it, a man of about fifty years of age with gray hair on his head, with a dignified and calm tone, turned towards him and said to him:

– Welcome to the Generations Research Laboratory, Captain. I am Dr. Hassan Fayez, Deputy Director. Dr. Nahed, the director of the laboratory, would have liked to receive you personally if it were not for the fact that she is supervising the repair of the power tube.

Nour raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked:

– Did the tube become infected again?

Dr. Hassan smiled and said:

– No, not yet.. Rather, we surround the tube with a network of magnetic material, which prevents the rays fired by the flying saucer from reaching it.

Nour asked him carefully:

-Do you mean that the flying saucer releases some radiation into the tube every time?

Dr. Hassan shrugged his shoulders and said:

We haven’t confirmed that yet, but this is the only possible possibility.

Then he grabbed Nour’s arm and led him into the laboratory as he continued his speech:

Perhaps this network was a test of the ability of the creatures who were piloting this flying saucer, whoever they were.

Nour furrowed his eyebrows in thought and said:

– Yes, whatever.



2_ Attack..

The sun was setting, when Captain Nour turned to the man sitting next to him and said:

– Do you think the flying saucer will reappear tonight, Dr. Hassan?

Dr. Hassan pursed his lips and said:

– Perhaps, although I was hoping for his appearance to test the strength of our defense network.

From behind them came a soft female voice saying:

– As for me, I do not hope for that at all.

They both turned to the source of the sound. There was a woman of about fifty, of slender build. It was clear from her features that she had great beauty in her youth and great kindness. She approached them and extended her hand to Nour, saying:

– Welcome, Captain, Captain (Nour El-Din), if memory serves me correctly.

Nour extended his hand to shake the venerable lady’s hand, and Dr. Hassan smiled and said to him:

– I present to you the head of the project and the director of the laboratory, Dr. (Nahed Mamdouh).

Dr. Nahid smiled and said as she sat in a nearby seat:

– I would have liked to receive you, young man. But, please accept my apology, as I was personally supervising the preparation of the defensive magnetic network around the power tube.

Nour smiled at her and said:

– Never mind, ma’am. Do you think this method will prevent the flying saucer from destroying the tube this time?

Dr. Nahid shrugged her shoulders and said:

– Perhaps, this is what we can do anyway… and perhaps if…

The doctor suddenly stopped continuing her speech, as the power went out in the entire laboratory and darkness fell. Dr. Hassan jumped from his seat and said indignantly:

– the curse !! This damned dish does not give us a full opportunity to rest between one attack and another.

Dr. Nahid remained silent, but she was breathing with an audible sound that indicated extreme confusion. As for Nour, he rushed to the window and said while looking at the dark sky except for the scattered stars:

– But, where is this flying saucer? I don’t see…

Nour was unable to complete his question, and raised his eyebrows. The flying saucer suddenly appeared in the middle of the sky, as if it had jumped out of thin air. So Nour muttered in a low voice:

– impossible !! this is magic !!

The plate was quietly rotating around itself. Dr. Hassan was fed up with the matter, so he shouted in a loud voice:

– Shoot… destroy this motherfucker.

As if the defense men heard the matter, Nour saw two stripes of radiation penetrating space to where the dish was… but the latter did not move… nor did it seem that he had been hit at all, and continued his calm, showy rotations, then calmly headed towards the power tube, Dr. Nahid exclaimed, extending her hand forward as if trying to catch him and stop him:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– No, not again.. No.. No.

A loud explosion sounded, and various parts of the tube and the protective net were scattered. Nour was watching the situation silently, his facial muscles tensed and his eyebrows furrowed. Dr. Nahid covered her face with her palms as if she was afraid to see her defensive plan fail so simply.

As for Dr. Hassan, he started hitting the window with his fist in anger, and insults came out of his mouth. Suddenly, the flying saucer disappeared, without any warning.

Nour raised his eyebrows in astonishment at this sudden disappearance, then he frowned again as he thought deeply, and the light began to shine in the laboratory again after the dish had disappeared. Nour turned to Dr. Nahid and found her silent and rigid, but he noticed her eyes sparkling with tears when she said: :

– Well, we will start again, these invaders will not stop us… We will surround the pipe this time with…

Nour interrupted her with a wave of his hand and said:

– Sorry, ma’am, but I think this matter requires more than scientific skill.

Dr. Hassan and Dr. Nahid turned to him with interest, so he continued:

-I believe that I have a team that can help solve this puzzle.

Dr. Nahid raised her eyebrows in surprise and said:

– It must be a team of genius scientists, top scientists of course.

Nour hesitated a little, then smiled as he said that they were experts anyway.

His smile widened as he said:

– Experts in solving mysterious scientific mysteries in particular.



3_ lukewarm reception…

Dr. Nahid was very nervous, as she stood with Dr. Hassan and Captain Nour, waiting for the air helicopter carrying the team that Nour had sent for. She said, directing her question to Nour:

– Do you think they have enough experience to solve this puzzle, Captain?

Nour smiled and said:

– They have succeeded before in solving more mysterious mysteries, ma’am.

The doctor said:

– They must be geniuses. I longed to help great scientists like them.

Nour’s smile widened as he imagined Dr. Nahid’s reaction when she met his young companions. The expected reaction was familiar to him, as he met it every time he sought help from his team in solving a mysterious scientific puzzle. His thoughts were interrupted by Dr. Hassan’s voice pointing. To a distant point in the sky:

– The raft has arrived, so let’s prepare to receive them.

Only moments had passed before the helicopter was landing at the laboratory’s airport. Dr. (Nahed) rushed to receive the team, but she suddenly stopped when she saw (Ramzi), (Mahmoud), and (Salwa)…

The doctor raised her eyebrows in astonishment, then frowned again and turned to Nour and said angrily:

-Is this your team, Captain!?

The three felt embarrassed, and Nour simply replied:

– Yes, ma’am, this is the team that can solve this puzzle.

The doctor rushed back to the laboratory without greeting Nour’s companions, who were embarrassed when they heard her say in an angry tone:

– A team of children!! I will submit my resignation if this is all they have.

Nour turned to his companions, smiling, and shook hands with them warmly. Salwa said to him, feeling embarrassed:

– I think our presence is undesirable, Nour.

Nour smiled at her and said:

– We are accustomed, my dear, to everyone receiving us with disdain, but do not forget that they always bid us farewell with the utmost respect.

Salwa smiled, and Nour’s words restored her confidence. Dr. Hassan came forward to shake hands with them, saying:

– I am happy to welcome you to the Generations Research Laboratory. It is true that we have not met before, but I feel comfortable with Captain Nour, and as long as he trusts you, I do not find anything that would push me to the opposite.

– Please excuse Dr. Nahid, as she has been very nervous since the beginning of these events. Once again, welcome here.

After about an hour of this lukewarm reception, the whole team was meeting in a small room inside the laboratory building, and after Nour told them everything that happened, Mahmoud said:

– Perhaps this sudden disappearance of the flying saucer was due to the extreme speed with which it was traveling. Perhaps these invaders had advanced fuel that helped the flying saucer move at almost the speed of light.

Salwa interrupted him, saying:

This analysis may explain the sudden disappearance, but it does not explain the sudden appearance either. If we assume that the flying saucer is traveling at a speed approaching the speed of light, even though this contradicts the old theory of relativity developed by the scientist (Einstein) in the middle of the twentieth century, which states that The mass of a body increases as its speed increases…

– I say, if we assume that, then the plate cannot stop suddenly so that it appears clearly… It is not possible for a body to move from a state of high speed to a state of rest like this all at once.

Nour, who was silently following their discussion, said:

This means that it cannot go from a state of rest to a state of high speed without gradually increasing in speed. This means that we must rule out this theory of speed.

Here Ramzi said calmly:

Why don’t we say that this flying saucer actually disappears?

Everyone turned to him in astonishment, but he simply continued speaking:

– Since the eighties of the twentieth century, several attempts have been made to hide objects by surrounding them with an alternating electromagnetic field, which works to cancel the reflection of light on the object, and thus light passes through it, disappearing from the eye… Several successful experiments were conducted in this field in the year two thousand and three, and for this reason It is not surprising that this dish has already disappeared.

Salwa burst out laughing when Ramzi finished speaking, so much so that everyone looked at her in astonishment. She said while laughing hard:

You have surprised me, my dear (Ramzi)… I thought you specialized in psychiatry only, but you surprised us with your broad horizons.

Ramzi smiled proudly, but Salwa quickly said:

– But you have not studied this subject well, my dear psychiatrist. Objects that disappear in this way still retain their physical nature, which makes them visible to modern monitoring devices… Hence the inability of these devices to detect the flying saucer immediately before its appearance, and even during its appearance as well. He completely denies this theory.

Ramzi’s smile faded and his face turned red with embarrassment, so Salwa caressed him and said:

But your information is much better than my information about psychoanalysis.

Nour interrupted her and said seriously:

– Therefore, there is no third explanation that can explain this situation.

Mahmoud said:

– Our information will always be within the limits of the known sciences on planet Earth, Commander, but we do not know anything about the known sciences on the planet from which this flying saucer came. Perhaps they possessed something that helped them disappear and get rid of their physical appearance at the same time.

Everyone was silent for a while, then Nour spoke:

– Perhaps, my dear (Mahmoud), but we have no choice now but to talk to everyone who saw this dish. Perhaps one of them saw what was hidden from us, or what might lead us to solving this mysterious mystery.

Ramzi said, commenting:

– I think, Commander, that this issue is beyond our scope.

Nour furrowed his eyebrows and said while thinking deeply:

– Maybe yes and maybe no .

Everyone turned to him questioningly, but it was always difficult to know what was going through Captain Nour’s mind.



4_ A new surprise..

Salwa took a walk around the laboratory, and she had not yet decided where to start this research, until she reached a long corridor with a closed door at the end, so she smiled and decided to start with it..

Salwa knocked on the door, then waited for a while, and when she did not find a response, she turned the handle and opened the door, then entered another small corridor, and closed the door behind her.

Salwa walked on her tiptoes to the end and suddenly there was a corridor. Then she turned right into a huge hall. Suddenly she was frozen in place, and her eyes bulged in horror. There, a few steps away from her, stood a terrifying animal, the likes of which she had not seen even in books on wonders. It had a head. A dog and the body of a huge gorilla. The animal stood looking at her, his eyes shining, then he extended his claws towards her face.

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

Salwa felt that her heart would stop in fear. Despite the intense fear that she felt, her mind was still working. She was saying to herself:

– I wonder, is this one of the space invaders attacking the laboratory? It must be so, there is no animal like this on planet Earth.

Before the terrifying animal’s claws touched her face, a clear human whistle reached her ears. The animal turned its head towards the whistle, then its features softened and it walked cordially towards the sound, where a dark-skinned man with calm features was standing. The man patted the animal on the head, then simply led it to a large cage. He closed the cage on him, then turned to Salwa, who was still nailed to her place, and said in an angry tone:

– What is happening here ? .. How did the security men allow you to enter my room? .. I want a clear answer .

Salwa tried to swallow her saliva, but her throat was dry from terror, so she said in a trembling voice:

– I have a roaming permit… I am part of a team…

The man interrupted her angrily:

– a team !! You must be part of the team of children that the young captain brought. This action of yours, miss, indicates extreme foolishness. Do you know what would have happened if I had not been there to prevent Rex from preying on you?

Salwa raised her eyebrows and replied in amazement:

– Rex? ..And what is this Rex? Do you mean that hideous monster? .

The man pointed to the terrifying animal in his cage, and said in a voice close to screaming:

– monster ? This monster, miss, is evidence of the success of the greatest experiments conducted on the science of genetic engineering since its inception. This monster, miss, earned me the highest scientific award in the Arab Republic of Egypt. This monster, miss….

Salwa interrupted him in an angry voice:

– This monster almost preyed on me a few minutes ago… and this is according to what you said, sir.

The man suddenly turned from anger to calm, and smiled as he said:

If he had, that would have been punishment enough for your interference in my work, miss.

Salwa calmed down and smiled, introducing herself and saying:

My name is Salwa, an engineer and communications and tracking expert, and I actually attended the team that Captain Nour summoned to investigate the flying saucer.

The man extended his hand to shake it and said:

– I am Dr. Fahmy Sadiq, come on, I will explain the matter to you.

Salwa followed him to the cage where the animal was sitting, and Dr. Fahmy said:

This strange animal is living proof of the possibility of artificial mating between chromosomes of different species.

– About half a century ago, this idea emerged as an unproven theory, and many scientists tried to reach results that support this theory, to no avail, until the ion microscope was invented in the last year of the twentieth century, and it is twenty times superior to the electron microscope… and here the genes could be seen. Genetics has been clearly identified for the first time, and serious studies have begun on the possibility of achieving this theory.

Only one year ago, I succeeded in creating artificial mating, between the genetic genes of both the dog and the gorilla, using ionic energy, which prevented the natural repulsion that always occurs between different genes, and here is this strange animal sitting in front of you announcing the success of this idea, and the beginning of an era. New in the science of genetic engineering.

Salwa pursed his lips and said:

– What is the benefit of creating creatures like this?

Dr. Fahmy smiled, adjusted his glasses, and said patiently:

– There are many benefits. Imagine a mating accident between a horse and an eagle, for example. What would we find? A legend realized by science.. The legendary winged horse can become a reality.. The Sphinx, the lion man.. Myths transform….

To which Salwa interrupted:

-I don’t find any benefit in that either.

Dr. Fahmy smiled again and said:

But the benefit comes when it is possible to find a cow the size of an elephant, for example. Don’t you think that this solves much of the food problem that has been sweeping the world since the late twentieth century?

– Believe me, little girl, science is always useful, no matter how much we think otherwise.

Salwa furrowed her eyebrows when Dr. Fahmy called her little, but she ignored the phrase and said:

Imagine that when I saw this creature of yours, I imagined that it was one of the space invaders piloting a flying saucer.

Dr. Fahmy also raised his eyebrows and said:

But he does not resemble these creatures except in terms of length.

Salwa’s eyes widened in astonishment, and she said as she stared at Dr. Fahmy’s face:

– What do you mean ? ..Do you mean that you know what these creatures look like?

Dr. Fahmy hesitated for a moment, then said:

– Of course… I mean… actually I… I’ve seen her.

She almost screamed in surprise, unable to speak. Dr. Fahmy continued:

– I was walking around with my assistant (Mansour) outside the laboratory when we saw them. They were two of them, wearing a round black helmet and bright, golden uniforms. Their limbs were unusually long, and when we stared at them in astonishment, they disappeared.

Salwa calmed her nerves and asked him:

– So you saw them… Did anyone else see them or your assistant?

Dr. Fahmy shrugged his shoulders and said:

– Perhaps I agreed with Mansour not to tell anyone.

Salwa said, feeling emotional:

Can I talk to your assistant?

Dr. Fahmy was silent for a while, then said:

– Well…what’s the problem?

Minutes later, Salwa was sitting with Mansour in a room adjacent to Dr. Fahmy’s laboratory, and the assistant was saying:

– Yes, we saw them together. It was strange, but we feared that we would cause panic in the laboratory if we spread this news, so we preferred to remain silent.

Salwa asked him carefully:

-Do you think anyone other than you has seen them?

Mansour hesitated for a moment, then said in a low voice:

– I think this is true. I heard whispers that (Magdy) the electricity official, (Assem) the private laboratory guard, and (Fawaz) the photography official had seen these creatures…but I cannot be sure of that.

When Salwa returned to the team meeting room, everyone was there. Salwa initiated them by saying:

-I have an amazing new surprise.

Nour said to her calmly:

– I hope you will not see aliens here in the laboratory.

Salwa stood in amazement and looked at everyone in astonishment. It was clear that they knew the matter well. She said hesitantly:

– how ? How did you know about this?

Ramzi said while scratching his chin:

– A large number of workers here have seen it. Magdy Abdullah, the young man responsible here for electrical energy, told me that. He saw two of these creatures. They were wearing a black helmet, their limbs were long, and their bodies were wearing bright golden uniforms. When they tried Approaching them, they suddenly disappeared.

Salwa said in astonishment:

– This is exactly the same description that Dr. Fahmy, head of genetic research, and his assistant, Mansour, told me.

Mahmoud straightened up in his seat and said:

This is also what Assem Ghallab, the private laboratory guard, told me, except that they disappeared when he tried to fire his laser gun at them.

Nour furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– As for me, I got better results. I got a clear picture of them.

Everyone turned to him in astonishment, so he continued:

Fawaz, the scientific photography official in the laboratory, saw them and, by the nature of his work, took a clear picture of them before they disappeared.

Mahmoud hit his fist on the seat and said:

This disappearance phenomenon is starting to get on my nerves.

Salwa said:

– Perhaps the two creatures were on some mission, Commander.

Nour said with interest:

– Perhaps, especially since they always appear together…but since they had the ability to disappear, they did not intend to appear long enough to be seen?

Mahmoud said:

– Perhaps I have a new theory about this matter, Commander. Perhaps this theory also explains the sudden appearance and disappearance of the flying saucer.

Everyone turned to him, watching him, and he continued:

For not a long time, science has been seeking to achieve what we call teleportation, which means transferring solid and living bodies wirelessly. In this method, the body is transported via its atoms to any place, since we know nothing about the scientific level reached by the invaders. These aliens, perhaps this is the method by which the flying saucer suddenly appears and disappears as well, and this of course explains the disappearance of alien creatures as well.

Salwa rushed in and said:

– Wrong… In this case too, the transported object still retains its physical nature, and this is completely inconsistent with the inability of monitoring devices to detect or monitor the dish even during its appearance.

Mahmoud said, defending his theory:

– Perhaps these invaders had scientific equipment that prevented our devices from monitoring the flying saucer… Isn’t this possible?

Salwa said sharply:

– Yes, this is not possible. The monitoring devices must be confused in this case, but what happens is that they work efficiently and despite this, they never detect the dish.

Nour interrupted her firmly:

You didn’t come here to quarrel, you two young men.

Mahmoud and Salwa felt ashamed, and Nour continued:

– The difference that distinguishes us in solving these scientific mysteries. It is our following the sound scientific method. If we had based our analyzes on mere assumptions, we would never have succeeded.

We must act only on scientific facts.

Then he turned to Salwa and said:

– The tube has been repaired this time as well, and I believe that the flying saucer will reappear tonight. It is clear that it is trying to prevent the continuation of genetic experiments here, by blocking the source of the energy needed for that. Do you think you can track this dish, and deduce the method of its disappearance?

Salwa was silent, thinking, then Mahmoud quickly said:

– Maybe we could do it together.

Then he directed his conversation to Salwa:

Perhaps if we used an electron beam carrying a single electron, we would be able to find out how the flying saucer disappeared.

Salwa said with a ghost of a smile on her lips:

– Yes… If we fired this beam, and then received it on a magnetic plate continuously… Well, I think we could succeed together.

Nour smiled and said:

– Well… I think that tonight will be a decisive night, in the battle between us and the space invaders.



5_ The accident. .

The laboratory was bustling with activity that evening, and Salwa was sitting on a glass balcony overlooking the power tube, with Mahmoud next to her. They were busy preparing the new device that they decided to use to track the flying saucer, from its appearance until its disappearance. Next to them stood Dr. Hassan and Captain (Captain) Nour, and (Ramzi) sat on a nearby chair, watching some information displayed by the small computer placed in front of him, and Dr. (Hassan) said, directing his speech to (Nour):

-Do you think the flying saucer will reappear tonight, Captain?

Nour replied while watching the constant movement around the power tube:

– This must happen, as it is clear that this pipe is always the desired goal.

At this moment, Dr. (Nahed) entered the room. Everyone fell silent respectfully, and she looked at (Salwa) and (Mahmoud) as they were busy preparing the device. Then she took a quick look at (Ramzi) in front of the computer, and headed to where Dr. (Hassan) was standing. And (Noor), she said directly without greeting:

– When will this nonsense end, Dr. Hassan?

Dr. Hassan raised his eyebrows in astonishment and asked her:

-What nonsense, ma’am?

The doctor glanced at Nour quickly and said:

– How long will these events go in the direction I reject?

Nour said while facing her in a calm voice:

– Until the moment when the aspects of this mystery are revealed, my lady.

She smiled sarcastically and said:

– By a group of children? !!

Before Nour could comment on the last statement, Salwa’s voice came to him saying:

– We have finished making the device, Commander, and we are fully prepared.

The doctor furrowed her eyebrows and said:

– What device is this?

Nour explained to her the idea of ​​how the device works, and she smiled sarcastically and said:

– Okay, let’s have a little fun.

Then she turned and left the room, and everyone remained in silence for a while, then (Ramzi) said:

– This behavior is very normal, my comrades… A great scientist is faced with a mysterious puzzle. Her mentality always refuses to deviate from recognized scientific rules. It is not reasonable for her to imagine that a few young men, approximately twenty years younger than her eldest, will succeed in solving a puzzle that scientists who are in the past have been unable to solve. Such as her age and experience.

Nour smiled and commented:

– The scientist often does not have the detective sense necessary for such mysteries, and then the matter requires a fertile imagination, which can imagine non-scientific matters, and logicalize them in a scientific form… In short, age has nothing to do with superiority in our field.

Dr. Hassan laughed and said:

– I agree with you.. but Dr. (Nahed)…

He was interrupted by a scream from Salwa saying:

– Look… he appeared.

Everyone turned to look at the sky. The plate was clear, rotating around itself in a simple circular motion, and in a showy manner. Nour shouted:

– Try to spot him.. Come on.

Salwa, with the help of Mahmoud, quickly fired the electron beam towards the flying saucer, which quietly headed towards where the power tube was. Dr. Hassan turned his head away while repeating in a low voice:

– the curse !! I’m tired of this.

The pipe exploded this time, too, with a loud sound… There was a crowd for a while, then the plate suddenly disappeared… So Nour quickly asked (Salwa):

-What’s going on with you?

Salwa said in a hesitant voice full of disappointment:

– interesting !! Very strange!!

Nour stared at her questioningly, but Mahmoud answered him in a weak voice:

– Our device did not detect anything at all, neither when the dish appeared, nor when it disappeared, or even while it was present, to the point that the electron beam that we sent did not bounce back at all.

Dr. Hassan said in a cracked voice:

– What do you mean ? Does this mean that your device has failed?

Mahmoud lowered his head, and Salwa pounded the device with her fist angrily. Suddenly the light was shining again in the laboratory. None of them had noticed in the midst of their excitement that the light had stopped, or perhaps the matter was normal as it was repeated each time… and with brightness. The light shouted (symbolic):

– The light was late this time… Why did it not reappear as soon as the flying saucer disappeared as usual?

Nour stared at him for a while, then hurried towards the room door, saying:

– Hurry to the electrical control room.. Something must have happened!

Everyone hurried behind Nour towards the electronic control room. Nour was the first to enter it, and as soon as he saw what was inside it, he stopped. Magdy, the electricity official, was standing at the end of the room, leaning against the wall, with signs of astonishment and terror on his face. A few steps away from him lay the body of a young man, his movement completely stagnant. Captain Nour approached Magdy and asked him in concern:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– What happened ? Tell me your Lord.

But (Magdy) remained silent, and it did not appear that he had heard the words (Nour)… Then (Ramzi) approached (Nour) and said as he pushed him away from the astonished young man:

– Leave it to me, this case needs a psychiatrist.

Then he gave the young man a strong slap that made his body shake, and the young man moved as if he was waking up from a deep sleep. Then he began to look at everyone in astonishment, and as soon as his gaze fell on the body lying on the ground, he shouted in sorrow:

– Oh, my God !! (sun) !! The criminals killed him.

Then he rushed towards him, shaking him violently and shouting:

– (Shams)… wake up.. what bastards they are!!

Dr. Hassan gently moved him away from the lifeless body, and said in a compassionate tone:

– It’s over, my son.. Your companion will never wake up.

Nour put his hand on Magdy’s shoulder and said quietly:

– Control your nerves, my friend. We need your calm. You will tell the story of what happened from the beginning.

After about half an hour, Magdy was sitting in the team meeting room drinking a cup of warm mint. The team members sat next to their leader, Captain Nour, and Dr. Hassan and Dr. Nahid sat next to them for the first time. Magdy had finished. Who told his story when Nour said:

– So, two space invaders attacked you, and when your companion (Shams) tried to attack them, one of them shot at him with a strange ray, unlike any known type of ray, and you were astonished until we arrived… Isn’t this the summary of your novel?

Magdy replied in a sad voice:

– Yes, they killed the poor thing without mercy.

Mahmoud asked him carefully:

– What happened to (Shams) when he was struck by radiation?

Magdy raised his eyebrows in astonishment and said:

– What do you mean ? I already told you that he fell immediately.

Mahmoud asked him again with the same interest:

– I mean, what exactly happened to his body?

Magdy stared at Mahmoud’s face for a while, then his features changed as a sign of understanding and he said:

– I understood. His body trembled as if he had been struck by lightning, then he fell like a piece of stone.

(Mahmoud) shook his head as a sign of understanding and was silent, and then (Ramzi) asked:

– What happened after Shams was injured?

Magdy replied in a sad tone:

– I don’t know exactly, I woke up to your slap.

Salwa said in a low voice:

Things are developing in an annoying way.

Here everyone heard Dr. Nahid’s voice saying:

– Only since you arrived.

Everyone turned to her, and she stood up and said:

– I will stop repairing the pipe this time, and I have sent an urgent message to the General Administration of Scientific Research, asking them to move the laboratory to another safe area.

Then she headed towards the room door amidst everyone’s silence, and said before closing the door:

I also sent a special secret message to the Scientific Intelligence Department, officially requesting that it withdraw its men from the laboratory.



6_ A message from the Supreme Commander. .

All the team members sat in their private room, and silence and sternness prevailed among them, and Mahmoud broke the silence by saying:

– It is clear that the radiation that struck (Shams) is of an electrical nature, and this is based on the description given by (Magdy).

Nour asked him carefully:

– Do you think that this type of radiation is scientifically known?

Mahmoud pursed his lips and said:

– Until now, there is no such radiation. This applies to known science on planet Earth only.

Nour turned to Ramzi and asked him:

– Did you obtain the forensic doctor’s report on Shams’ death?

(Ramzi) nodded his head in the affirmative, and said while picking up a paper placed next to him:

– Here it is, would you like me to summarize for you what it contains?

Nour answered with a nod of his head, and Ramzi said:

The report says that the heart was found in a completely relaxed state, almost devoid of blood. There was congestion in all tissues of the body, and there were no signs of resistance or burning in any part of the body.

Salwa said, furrowing her eyebrows and shrugging her shoulders:

-What on earth does this mean?

Ramzi smiled and replied:

– When the body is affected by an electrical charge, the number of heartbeats rises above the normal rate, which is about seventy beats per minute, and increases until it reaches about six hundred beats per minute. This means, of course, that the heart cannot contain the amounts of blood that is supposed to flow to it. Therefore, it stops in a state of complete relaxation, and when it stops, blood circulation stops, and here the body’s tissues become engorged with blood, and the heart remains free of it.

Nour asked him with great interest:

– So this report confirms that Shams died due to a strong electrical charge. Couldn’t he have been infected by this charge from the electrical control room itself?

Ramzi smiled again and replied:

– In this case, there must have been burning points in the areas where the body came into contact with the electrical charge, and this is what the report completely denied.

Before Nour could say a single word, a special buzzing echoed in the room, then a voice came to them saying:

Captain Nour El-Din is wanted in the communication room. A personal and confidential message from the General Command.

Everyone turned to Nour in concern, but he calmly headed to the door of the room and left. Thoughts were quickly running through his head:

– It must be a message from the Supreme Commander personally, but why would he send him this message? Do you think he will order him to return after the letter that Dr. Nahid sent?

When Nour arrived at the call room, the man sitting inside greeted him, then left, saying to Nour:

– The message is personal and confidential, sir. You will be alone here.

Nour sat next to the communication device and pressed a small yellow button. Here, the image of the Supreme Leader appeared on the screen with great dignity, and the leader began the conversation, saying:

– Hello, Captain. Things have developed rapidly recently. Dr. (Nahed) has sent several letters to all the responsible authorities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, requesting that the laboratory be moved to another safe area. The news reached the Video News Agency, and it quickly received The government received an official request from a private mining company, requesting the right to explore in this place. It also received a request from a tourism company for huge sums. The Prime Minister himself asked me this morning to summon you and finish the investigation.

The Supreme Commander was silent for a while, and Nour said:

-Can’t we be allowed to continue for only two days?

The Supreme Commander asked him carefully:

-Is there anything new, Captain?

Nour hesitated for a moment, then said:

– Perhaps, I mean, sir, that there is something that is not certain. I mean that it cannot be written in an official report.

The Supreme Commander smiled and said:

-Do you mean your inner feeling?

Nour’s face lit up as he said:

– Exactly, sir.. an internal feeling that constantly persists. I mean, it always leads me to think that things are happening in a way that is contrary to what they seem.

They were both silent for a moment, then the supreme leader said:

– I completely believe in this feeling, Captain. It constantly haunted me in my youth when I faced an ambiguous situation, and he was always right.. But how can the Prime Minister be convinced of that?

Silence fell over them again, then the Supreme Commander said:

– Well, I will try to procrastinate implementing this matter for two days, two days only… and I hope that my belief in you will not disappoint me this time.

Nour smiled at ease and said to the leader:

– Thank you, sir. May I have one last request?

The Supreme Commander asked him in amazement:

-One last request? .. Well what do you want ?

Nour said seriously:

– I want a forensic doctor of the highest level.

The commander-in-chief slowly murmured:

– A forensic doctor, at the highest level.

Then he smiled, signs of understanding appearing on his face, and said to Nour:

– I think I know what you are thinking, Captain.. Well, tomorrow early morning you will have your old professor.

The message ended and Nour left the communication room and returned to the team meeting room, where he asked to contact Dr. Hassan. Once the call was made, Nour said to him:

– Can you, sir, arrange a meeting for me with everyone who has seen space creatures?

Dr. Hassan was silent for a while, then said:

– Won’t you tell me the purpose of that?

Nour answered in a serious tone:

– Let me keep the reason until the meeting takes place, and you will attend it, of course.

Dr. Hassan answered after a period of silence:

– Well, when do you want this meeting to take place?

Nour said:

– Immediately, sir.

As soon as the conversation ended, Salwa asked him:

– Any news, Commander?

It was clear that Nour was thinking deeply when he answered her in a low voice:

– Yes, I think so, my dear.



7_ The meeting. .

Everyone gathered in the team meeting room: Dr. Fahmy and his assistant, Mansour, Magdy, the electricity official, Assem, the private laboratory guard, Faraz, the hologram official, and Dr. Hassan. Dr. Nahid refused. Attending this meeting…

Nour began the conversation by saying:

– I asked to meet with you, gentlemen, because you are the only ones in this base who have seen space creatures, and you have all agreed on one description of these creatures. Therefore, I consider you a distinguished group in the laboratory here; Because you know what others do not know. Therefore, you are the only group whose information can benefit us. Let us start with (Asim), for example.

Then he turned to Asim and asked him:

Do you think that the security measures are so tight that they prevent anyone from sneaking into the laboratory and disguising themselves as a space invader?

Silence fell over everyone when all eyes turned to Nour, whose features remained rigid and did not express what was going on inside him.

Then Asim said:

– Do I understand from this that you do not believe in the existence of these creatures?

Nour said in the same deadpan tone:

– Let’s answer the first question, I haven’t heard your answer yet!

Asim said in a hesitant tone:

– We are not in an army camp, after all. I mean, the security procedures here are not the same as those followed in sensitive places.

Nour’s tone was sharp when he asked him:

– Don’t you think that this laboratory is considered a sensitive place?

Asim was confused and said nervously:

Of course it is a sensitive place, but not to the same extent as…

Nour interrupted:

– So, the security measures are not strong enough to prevent this.

Asim said, his face turning red with confusion:

– Yes, security measures are not sufficient.

Here Magdy rushed in and said:

– But this is not consistent with the sudden disappearance of the creatures.

Nour turned to him and asked him carefully:

– What do you mean when you say this?

Magdy said angrily:

– I mean that these creatures always disappear suddenly, which contradicts the possibility of them being recurring people.

Nour smiled and said:

– Just like what happened the day your friend (Shams) was killed.

Magdy said sharply:

– Yes, just like what happened that day. Do you think that a disguised person could disappear like this suddenly, before you stormed into the room?

Before Nour could answer him, Faraz rushed in and said:

– If you begin your dialogue by rejecting the idea of ​​the existence of these creatures, you will not find anyone who will meet you.

Noor said indifferently:

– How did you find the opportunity to photograph these creatures before they disappeared, my dear (Faraz)?

Faraz was surprised by the question. He hesitated for a while, then said:

– I always carry a holographic camera, and my nature requires photographing any strange shape that my eyes see. Have you forgotten that I am a scientific photographer?

Nour smiled as he said:

– These invaders must have known this fact, and that is why they let you take their picture, while they are the ones who are always keen to disappear.

Faraz’s face became congested and he opened his mouth trying to object, but no sound came out from between his lips. And here Dr. Fahmy said in an angry voice:

– I do not think that I left my work in the laboratory in order to attend this fight. Do you have anything to say that she is the captain or should I leave here?

Nour said in a dry tone:

– None of you will leave here before the end of this meeting.

Dr. Fahmy looked at him in astonishment, then anger replaced the astonishment on his features, and he said as he headed to the room door:

– Okay, I will leave now. What are you going to do to stop me, policeman?

Nour crossed his arms and said quietly:

– I will not do anything, but you will not leave if I tell you that I doubt that your assistant (Mansour) had a hand in these incidents.

Dr. Fahmy stopped suddenly, and his assistant’s face became congested. The doctor turned to give Nour an angry look, then rushed out of the room, asking his assistant to follow him. Mansour followed him with a congested and angry face, and the others quickly followed them, except for Dr. Hassan. He approached Nour with a red face and said in an upset tone:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– You made a mistake by agreeing to hold this meeting… I did not imagine that you would insult everyone in such a rude way.

Nour smiled and said in a calm voice and a polite tone:

– Accept my apology, sir. When you unnerve men, you get what makes them fall.

Dr. Hassan stared at him in amazement and asked him:

-What do you mean by these foolish things?

Nour laughed and said:

– All of this will become clear very soon, sir. The important thing is that I want another service.

Dr. Hassan asked him carefully:

-What service do you require?

Nour smiled and said:

– Convincing Dr. (Nahed) to repair the tube for the last time.

The doctor raised his eyebrows in astonishment and shouted:

– Impossible, she can never be convinced of that.

Nour smiled and said:

– I will ask her to do that myself, you just have to help me with that.

The comrades were silent throughout the conversation, until they heard Nour’s last statement, and Salwa said:

– I am sure she will not agree, Commander.

Nour said seriously:

– Guys, this is the only hope, otherwise our work will fail completely.



8_ The last attempt. .

Dr. Nahid said in a calm voice and a cold tone:

-So you want me to fix the tube again, and get attacked by the flying saucer and destroy the tube!

Nour answered her calmly:

– Exactly, ma’am, this is exactly what I need.

The doctor’s tone turned sharp as she said:

-Do you know how much time, effort and money this costs?

Nour swallowed his saliva and said, maintaining his calm:

– I know, ma’am.

The doctor banged her hand on the desk and shouted angrily:

– And despite that, it is as if you were asking for a cup of tea?

Nour controlled his nerves and said:

– This is the last attempt, ma’am, and I have sent for the administration’s greatest doctors in the field of forensic medicine.

Dr. Nahid’s senses suddenly became alert, so she asked him while adjusting her glasses:

-The greatest management doctors? What is his name ? Who is he ?

Nour said slowly while stressing the letters of his words:

– Dr. Mohamed Hegazy, chief forensic physician.

The doctor looked at her and said:

– Dr. Mohamed Hegazy? He is the greatest forensic scientist in Egypt, and indeed in the entire world. He is an authority in his field. I have read several papers from him on the use of blood instead of fingerprints, and a wonderful study on the science of (physionomy), the science of (human features).

Nour said maliciously as he looked at the doctor’s features:

– I will have to cancel his summons as long as we do not find the opportunity to complete the plan.

Then he turned around, pretending to leave, and could not stop himself from smiling when her voice came to him from behind him:

– Wait, wait, you malicious policeman.

When Nour turned to her, he found her smiling as she said:

– Your clever plan worked, I will agree to fix the pipe one last time.

Then she leaned back in her seat, took off her glasses, and said:

– Perhaps this was the biggest foolishness I have committed in my life, but meeting Dr. (Mohamed Hegazy) in person was worth this risk.

Early in the morning, Dr. Nahid stood anxiously, waiting for the helicopter carrying Dr. Hegazy to arrive. She turned to Nour, standing next to her, and asked him:

– Are you sure he will be present in person, Captain?

Nour smiled as he answered:

– Completely confident, my lady. The Supreme Commander told me that himself.

Then he pointed to a distant point and said:

– Here his raft has appeared on the horizon.

Nour could not stop himself from smiling when he saw Dr. Nahid adjusting her dress and styling her hair. It was only a matter of minutes before the helicopter carrying the forensic expert landed. The doctor rushed to the helicopter whose door opened, and a full-bodied man appeared on his doorstep. He is somewhat short in stature. He has a square face topped with yellowish-colored hair, dotted with white hairs, and has narrow, honey-coloured eyes, and his eyebrows rise with clear kindness.

The doctor quickly shook the man’s hand and said warmly:

– Welcome to the Generations Research Laboratory, Dr. Hegazy. I am Dr. Nahed, the director of the laboratory.

The man shook her hand reverently, with a simple smile on his face as he said:

– I was hoping that my visit to the laboratory would be for another purpose, at least for the first time.

The doctor said eagerly:

– We were pleased with your presence, in any case.

At this moment, Nour had approached them, and Dr. Hegazy turned to him and shook his hand warmly while saying:

– Hello, Nour. We have not met since I was studying forensic medicine with you at the Police College. Your promotion must be exceptional, as you are still young for the rank of captain.

Nour smiled and said while holding Dr. Hegazy’s hand warmly:

– I am filled with happiness to meet you today, sir.

The doctor looked at Nour with envy and asked him:

– Did you know Dr. Hegazy before?

Dr. Hegazy laughed and said while patting Nour on the shoulder:

– He was one of my most prolific students, but he was always a mixed student.

The doctor asked him carefully, trying to attract his attention:

– I read your research on using blood drops to identify the culprit.

Dr. Hegazy smiled and said:

– That was about three years ago. I found that blood contains many elements other than the negative and positive types, such as the (X) factor and the (F) factor. Each of these elements is divided into several types, and by using permutations and combinations, it becomes impossible for anyone’s blood to be the same. People with someone else’s blood, so a drop of blood can be used just as a fingerprint, especially in murders.

Then he turned to Nour and said:

– I think I need some rest. Why don’t you take me to your room?

In his room, Nour explained the whole matter to Dr. Hijazi, who was silent for a while to think, then said:

-So you want to know the exact cause that led to Shams’ death.

Nour nodded his head in the affirmative and said:

The important thing is that this matter must be done before tomorrow evening, as the tube is being repaired now, and the dish is expected to appear tomorrow, and the deadline that the Supreme Commander gave us expires tomorrow at midnight.

Dr. Hejazi scratched his chin and said:

– Okay, but I need some means.

Nour said:

Dr. Nahid promised to put all available capabilities at your disposal, Doctor.

Dr. Hegazy started rolling up his sleeves and saying:

So it is better to start now.

Nour smiled and said:

– And I promise, sir, that I will defeat the flying saucer the next time it appears.



9_ Forensic medicine wins…

Mahmoud sighed and asked Nour again:

-So you are asking me to use laser beams to fight the flying saucer…

Nour smiled as he confirmed:

– Completely, and not with a force sufficient to destroy, but rather with ordinary laser light rays.

Mahmoud shook his head, not accepting Nour’s request and said:

– We have previously fought flying saucers with deadly lasers, but this did not lead to any results at all.

Nour said with interest:

– This time we will use laser light beams, and at a specific point on the flying saucer. We will try using the computer to hit the dish exactly at its center. Can you do that?

Mahmoud shrugged his shoulders and said:

– Of course, but I don’t understand why I should do that? What is its purpose?

Nour’s eyes were shining when he said:

– Let’s defeat the flying saucer, of course.

Mahmoud raised his eyebrows in astonishment and said:

But this is scientifically impossible.

Nour smiled a mysterious smile as he said:

– On the contrary, this is completely scientific.

After about half an hour of this conversation, Nour was examining the new power tube very carefully, when Salwa approached him and asked him:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– What are you looking for, Commander?

Nour answered her without turning around:

– You will know everything soon, Salwa, before midnight.

Salwa said in a sharp voice:

– I cannot work in this manner, Commander. We are supposed to be an integrated team. If you do not trust us, there is no need for us to involve you in these mysterious mysteries. Otherwise, we should be informed of what you are thinking as long as we do the same. Well, you are free in the method you use, but This does not force me to accept it.

Then she turned angrily to leave the place when Nour put his hand on her shoulder and said in a calm voice:

– You are right, my dear, we are an integrated team, but I do not hide anything from you because I trust you, but sometimes the idea that came to me is so strange that I imagine that no one will understand it easily, and then working in the police made me accustomed to everyone obeying the order without… Discussion, I even forgot in the heat of the emotion that you are civilians.. Well, Salwa, I will not let you get angry, I will tell you everything that comes to my mind, no matter how strange it is.

Then he took her aside and began explaining his point of view to her. Her eyebrows quickly rose in astonishment, then her features softened. When Nour finished explaining the idea, a gentle smile appeared on her face as she said:

– You are a genius, Commander. I apologize for my childish behavior. You are truly a genius.

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment as he said:

– It was so easy, I felt ashamed that it took us so long to get to know each other.

Then he said :

– I will complete the examination, then head to where Dr. Hegazy is doing his work. Would you like to accompany me?

Salwa smiled and said:

– I do not think that the work that Dr. Hegazy is doing is enjoyable to the degree that makes me want to watch it. I will help Ramzi in preparing the psychological reports that I requested from him.

After about an hour, Nour was sitting with Dr. Hegazy, who yawned while saying:

– What a job you assigned me, Nour!! I spent the whole night awake.

Nour smiled as he asked him:

– Have we got anything new yet?

Dr. Hegazy sighed and said:

– So far, no.. the same results.. the heart stopped in a completely relaxed state and devoid of blood, which indicates that an electric shock had occurred.. I examined the entire body very carefully, and did not find any traces of electrodes, and I will examine the tissues with an electron microscope, then With the ion microscope, we may get something new.

Nour said in concern:

– I am impatiently awaiting the results. I need evidence to defeat these space invaders.

Dr. Hegazy said as he got up to continue his work:

-I will try to get the proof you need during the little time remaining before dark.

After a full hour since that conversation, Nour was sitting with Dr. Nahed and Dr. Hassan, where Dr. Nahed was saying:

– I feel extremely anxious as the night approaches. I don’t know why I agreed to this madness with you?

Nour smiled as he said:

– Perhaps this was a good plan of fate.

Dr. Hassan said, visibly concerned:

Or because of his poor management. I feel my heart squeezing whenever these invaders destroy the power pipeline.

Nour said in a confident tone:

– They will not destroy him this time, sir, I assure you.

Dr. Nahid raised her face, contemplating Nour carefully, then said:

– What makes you speak with such confidence, Captain?

Nour smiled and said while turning his eyes away from Dr. Nahid:

– I have reasons to do so, ma’am, but I prefer to keep them a secret.

The doctor pursed her lips narrowly, and Dr. (Hassan) continued to stare at (Nour) in astonishment. Before he could say a word, the ringing of the video television placed in front of Dr. (Nahed) rose. She pressed a small button, and the image of Dr. (Hegazy) appeared on the small screen. ) who said in a hasty tone:

– Hello, Dr. Nahed. I want to talk to Captain Nour. I called him in his room, and his colleague (Salwa) told me that he is in your office.

Nour rushed to the device and eagerly asked:

– Here I am, sir. Anything new?

Dr. Hegazy was very emotional as he said:

– You have obtained the evidence you need. I was fortunate enough to obtain it before the scheduled time. I am waiting for you in the laboratory right now, alone.

The doctor furrowed her eyebrows when she heard Dr. Hegazy asking for Nour alone, and the latter rushed to leave the room. He quickly stormed into Dr. Hegazy’s room, who received him eagerly, and said as he led him to a nearby seat:

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– When I started examining tissues with an electron microscope, it was natural to start with heart tissue, and here I was surprised to discover what was hidden from our eyes.

Nour asked him eagerly:

– Did you find a very precise hole, or something similar?

Dr. Hegazy stopped and turned to Nour, looking at him, then he burst out laughing and said while patting him on the shoulder:

– I have now confirmed that the forensic medicine lessons I gave you at the Police College were very fruitful. You are truly an excellent student, Nour. I feel proud.

Nour smiled shyly and said:

-So what I expected was correct.

Dr. Hijazi said:

I found an extremely precise hole, the thickness of which is only one micron, which is equivalent to a thousandth of a millimeter. Using an ion microscope, I was able to detect microscopic burns around the walls of the hole.

– It is true that the walls of the heart are thick to the extent that they hide the holes, but this aeolian microscope is wonderful… I will study it and how to use it in various fields of forensic medicine. Importantly, this revelation prompted me to study and examine the skin adjacent to the same area externally, and I found a similar hole. In the fifth costal space, directly in front of the apex of the heart.

Nour raised his head and sighed in relief, then said while crossing his arms in front of his chest:

This is what I was waiting for. We defeated the invaders and exposed their methods. We were victorious, sir.



10_ The decisive war..

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the sky as darkness fell… and the general atmosphere was filled with anxiety and tension, until Salwa broke the silence by asking:

Where is Nour? I haven’t seen him for about half an hour.

Ramzi answered her while looking at the sky:

-He went to check the pipe for the last time.

Dr. Nahid exhaled distressedly and said:

– It is better to preserve it well before the flying saucer destroys it.

Dr. Hegazy laughed and said:

– The flying saucer will not work this time.

Dr. Nahed turned to him with interest, but he closed his lips. Salwa smiled confidently and asked Ramzi:

-Is Mahmoud in his position?

Dr. (Nahed) answered her instead of (Ramzi):

– Your friend is sitting in the defense room, fiddling with the laser firing devices. I don’t know what the end of this children’s tampering will be? I was foolish when I agreed to make this last attempt.

Dr. Hassan was walking around the room nervously, his eyes fixed on the sky, and suddenly the electrical current went out in the entire laboratory. Everyone hurried to look outside, and Salwa chanted:

– The battle has begun… Hello, today’s space invaders.

Dr. Nahid gave her an angry look, through the dim light that the moon was sending into the room, and all of a sudden the flying saucer appeared in the sky of the laboratory, and it began to revolve around itself in that quiet, provocative show cycle. Everyone held their breath, and Dr. Hassan muttered in a low voice. :

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

– the curse !! the curse !

The flying saucer began to head quietly towards the power tube, and then Dr. Hassan shouted angrily:

– No, not again.

Suddenly the dish disappeared. Everyone looked at each other in astonishment, and suddenly the flying saucer reappeared. It seemed as if it was fleeing from an invisible enemy. It disappeared again and reappeared. Everyone began to watch the situation, and their heartbeats increased, until the flying saucer disappeared and passed. Several minutes without him reappearing, then an amazing surprise occurred that made everyone’s eyes widen…

Two space invaders appeared in the sky, with the same description given by everyone: round black heads, sparkling golden uniforms, and extremely long limbs. The two invaders moved as if they were walking in space, then suddenly they disappeared, and light returned to flood the laboratory again..

Dr. Hassan shouted in astonishment:

-What on earth is happening?

Here Mahmoud entered the room, astonishment was clearly visible on his face, so the doctor asked him eagerly:

– What happened, young man?

Mahmoud shrugged his shoulders in astonishment and said:

I don’t know. I did exactly what Nour asked me to do. I identified the center of the flying saucer using the computer, then I directed a beam of regular laser light at it and it disappeared. Moments later, it reappeared trying to escape away from the beam, so I returned to aiming the laser beams at its center. Then he disappeared again… and so on until he disappeared and did not appear again, but I was surprised, as happened to you, when two space invaders appeared like this, hanging in the sky, and I did not understand anything at all.

Here Dr. Hassan shouted in joyful tones:

– You have forgotten the most important things. Look.

Then he rushed to the window and said, pointing to the power pipe:

– The tube is intact. The flying saucer did not destroy it this time. Your leader has succeeded, young man. Rather, you have all succeeded. You are the greatest scientific team. Where is your genius leader, so I can congratulate him? where is he ?

Everyone suddenly turned to the entrance to the room, when Nour’s calm voice came to them, filled with the air of victory:

We have defeated the space invaders, sir. We have defeated them forever.

Everyone stared at the body that Nour was holding in astonishment and heard him say:

I present to you, gentlemen, the leader of the Space Invaders.



11_ The truth about space invaders. .

Nour sat quietly, and everyone was looking at him in anticipation and eagerness. He took a sip from the warm cup of anise he was holding, then raised his head to them and smiled. Salwa laughed and said:

– Come on, Commander, I know that you like to play with everyone’s nerves before you tell them the solution, but I know it. If you don’t tell them right away, I will do it.

Nour laughed happily, then put the cup down and said:

– Well, let us begin by laying the foundations upon which the research should have been based. Who? And how? And why? Let us put the first question: Who? On the other hand, let us answer the last two questions first… How does the flying saucer appear and disappear in this sudden way? .. I and my colleagues looked into all the possible possibilities of the appearance or disappearance of the flying saucer, and (Mahmoud) told me the solution without knowing it.

Mahmoud looked at him in astonishment and said:

– I ? .. how ?

Nour smiled and continued saying:

– When we discussed the matter, I put forward a possibility that the dish was moving at a speed approaching the speed of light.

Mahmoud said, still astonished:

– But Salwa refuted this possibility and proved that it is impossible.

Nour said:

But you alerted me that only light can appear and disappear so quickly, as long as we do not believe in magic, of course.

Surprise appeared on everyone’s faces, and Nour continued:

– After that, the solution was so simple that I felt ashamed that it took me so long to come up with it. You have, of course, heard about the holograph… haven’t you?

Dr. Fahmy replied in astonishment:

– Of course, we use it in holographic imaging of samples, as it gives a clear holographic image from all sides, but to show this image requires projecting a beam of laser light onto the sensitive cylinder that holds the negative copy.

Nour smiled and said:

– You have not followed the latest scientific research, sir, on displaying the image using two laser beams. The image is created when they meet together at a specific point.

Here Mahmoud shouted:

– That is why you asked me to aim the laser light beam at the exact center of the dish, in the area where the two beams meet. You have surpassed me in the field of radiation, Commander.

Nour smiled as he continued saying:

– When the ray falls into the center of the dish, confusion occurs at the point where the two original rays meet, so the image disappears immediately. This is what I estimated, and the idea succeeded.

Dr. Hassan shouted in astonishment:

-So there was no flying saucer at all.

Nour said:

Likewise, the invaders of the judiciary were just an image presented in the same way. This was clear from the fact that they were always two, with the same steps and the same distance.

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

Dr. Nahid said passionately:

– but why ? Why does all this happen?

Nour said, crossing his arms:

This question was ambiguous at first, until I spoke with the Supreme Commander. He told me through the conversation that as soon as news spread about the possibility of evacuating the valley from the Generations Research Laboratory and moving it to another place, a private mining company rushed to request the right to explore in the area, as I quickly did. Another tourism company requests to exploit the place..

– The tourism company’s offer was logical given the nature of the place, but the mining company’s offer surprised me!! How does a private mining company quickly apply for the right to explore in an area that has not yet been tested, unless this area has not been studied before?

And here it occurred to me that the main purpose of all these events is to push those responsible for the plant to move it to another place, and to evacuate the valley that had been studied by satellites before, and to ensure that it contains minerals and oil, which makes the company that obtains the right to explore in it extremely difficult. Wealth.

Dr. Nahid lowered her head in shame and said:

– And I helped them do that.

Nour said, trying to excuse her:

– I asked our colleague (Ramzi) to study your psychological report, Doctor, and he expected this behavior, and the owners of this mining company must have done the same, and this does not offend you at all, as you made this decision to protect the laboratory and research, meaning that your behavior was sound from a standpoint. Leadership.

Nour straightened his seat and continued:

This solution explained everything: the sudden appearance and disappearance of the dish, and the inability to monitor or hit it, whether with defensive lasers in the laboratory or with fighters carrying laser weapons; Because it was nothing but a three-dimensional image using a holograph.

Dr. Hassan interrupted him with his question:

– Since all of that was just holograms, how did the tube explode every time?

Nour smiled and said:

– This follows the answer to the first question: Who? Who does all this? It was natural, when arriving at these solutions that I have explained now, that my thoughts would turn to the only person who has sufficient experience in the field of holography, had it not been for two events, the first of which was the interruption of the electrical current when the dish appeared and its return when it disappeared, and the second of which was the accident that killed Shams.

Fawaz laughed and said:

– So, had it not been for the two events, I would have been the accused in your eyes.

Nour said seriously:

– Of course, but it was clear that the only time the space invaders committed a clear physical act was when he killed Shams, and the occurrence of a single material event negates the theory of holograms, unless the perpetrator was (Magdy), the electricity official. He was the only person who He can cut off the electricity and release the holographic image of the flying saucer, then restore the power when the image display stops.

– I believe that Shams surprised him while he was doing that, so he had no choice but to kill him…and he did it in a very intelligent way. Perhaps it would have been better for Dr. Hegazy to tell you about it.

Dr. Hijazi cleared his throat, leaned his body forward and said:

He used a very thin wire, the latest technology produced by the era, a copper wire with a thickness of only one micron. He inserted it in the area of ​​​​the fifth costal space directly above the heart, then connected it to a simple electrical current. Here the heartbeat rose to a very rapid rate, which stopped the heart. It is of course very difficult to achieve this method, had it not been for examining the tissue with an ion microscope, which revealed the new hole and the burn resulting from the passage of the electric current.

Dr. Fahmy furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– But didn’t Shams resist at all?

Dr. Hegazy said:

– Yes, he did… but a technical blow to the back of the neck caused him to faint without leaving a trace, and the congestion that occurred in all the tissues, as a result of the rapid heartbeat, helped to make it disappear, which reached an incredible rate before it stopped in a state of complete relaxation.

Nour said:

-And this was the proof I needed; To prove that Shams was killed in a human way, in the morning I examined the pipe very carefully until I found this.

Then he took out a small disc from his pocket, no more than half a centimeter in diameter and about half a millimeter thick, and said before someone asked him a question:

– This small disk is a high-explosive bomb, equipped with a wireless capture device. Modern silicon chips have succeeded in making something more accurate than this. Magdy was exploiting the weakness of the security apparatus inside the laboratory, as Assem, the laboratory guard, admitted. private .

Asim hung his head in shame, and Nour continued his speech, saying:

– He was taking advantage of the weakness of the security apparatus by approaching the pipe and attaching this detonator to it… I took out the detonator and deactivated it before dark, then I hid next to the electrical control room and watched him cut off the power, then release the hologram using two laser beams, which he shoots through some False inscriptions on the window attached to the room.. He was surprised when the dish disappeared, and thought that the two laser beam devices had suffered a defect, and when he tried to blow up the tube, he discovered that the detonator had failed..

– It seemed that he understood the matter immediately, as he tried to get away with the picture, and (Mahmoud) followed it with a laser beam of light, so he left it and tried to escape, but he fell into my grip..

– It seems that his structure is very weak, as he could only bear one punch, after which he fell unconscious.

Salwa smiled as she looked at Nour’s strong grip, and Dr. Nahed asked him:

-But this last image of space invaders hanging in the air, what does its appearance mean?

Nour laughed and said with a malicious smile on his face:

– I was teasing you a little, and proving my theory at the same time.. I restored the power immediately after that and came to you in the company of (Magdy), the leader of the alleged space invaders.

The story of Space Invaders, the fourth novel

Dr. Nahid got up from behind her desk, walked slowly towards Nour, and extended her hand to shake his hand respectfully, saying:

– I congratulate you, young man. I am proud to work with geniuses like you.

Nour turned to Salwa and smiled. She remembered his words when the doctor greeted them with distaste, so she smiled and tears welled in her eyes.



12_ The conclusion..

Ramzi was speaking cheerfully and happily when he said:

– Did you hear? Dr. Muhammad Hegazy agreed for me to learn from him in the science of physiology. I could not have dreamed of anything greater than this.

Everyone smiled and Salwa said:

Oh, you doctors, you always use incomprehensible terms.

Dr. Hegazy laughed and said, smiling kindly at Salwa:

– It means the science of (human features), and it is a science that means identifying the natures of people, based on their features, and their distribution on the face. It is a complex science, but I believe that your comrade (Ramzi) will understand it quickly, and it will be useful to him, as long as he insists on helping the intelligence men. .

Everyone laughed, then Salwa turned to Nour and asked him:

– I think, Commander, that you do not believe in the issue of flying saucers!

Nour answered her very seriously:

– On the contrary, I completely believe in it. It appeared for the first time in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-four, when the world was still crawling in the field of aviation. Many scholars and leaders have seen it, whose testimony is considered reliable. Then it is selfish to imagine that we The only rational, civilized creatures in this entire universe. Our galaxy alone contains a number estimated at billions of planets and suns. Is it reasonable for God Almighty to create all these planets in vain?

Salwa shook her head with conviction, and Nour continued:

But my belief in flying saucers does not mean that I completely believe every Western phenomenon that I see, without trying to find its meaning or truth. This is completely contrary to the scientific method of thinking…isn’t it?

Dr. Hegazy smiled and said while caressing Nour’s hair:

– That’s why I admired you when you were my student, Nour. I liked your scientific way of thinking. You’re wonderful, boy.

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment when he heard the words of praise addressed to him by Dr. Hegazy. He was saved from the situation by the arrival of Dr. Nahed, who greeted everyone with great respect and said:

– The helicopter that will transport you to Cairo has arrived. There is another helicopter that will transport you to the city of Banha, where you work, Dr. Hegazy.

Everyone smiled at her in thanks, and they walked together to where the two helicopters were standing, and everyone shook hands with Dr. Hegazy warmly, and Dr. Nahed shook hands with them proudly. As soon as their helicopter set off, Dr. Nahed said to Dr. Hegazy, as they watched the team’s helicopter move away at an amazing speed:

– How sad I feel to leave them!! How I feel sorry for the lukewarm reception I gave them when they arrived!!

Dr. Hegazy smiled and said as he headed to his raft:

– Never mind, I don’t think they remember this. They have hearts of gold. They are the pride of the youth of this generation, and all previous generations.



It was done, thank God


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