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Legend of Treasure Island and the Dwarf

Legend of Treasure Island and the Dwarf

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The Legend of Treasure Island and the Dwarf is one of the fictional stories for children presented to you by the 10books website. The events of this story are short fictional and it is a good choice for parents who are accustomed to reading short stories to their children before bedtime.

Legend of Treasure Island

On a distant island, there lived a dwarf man who was very angry. This dwarf had been stranded on this island for many years when his pirate ship collided with a coral reef near this island and he was planning to start searching for treasures on that island.

And this dwarf lived on that island very angry, as whenever he searched for the treasures of the island and searched here or there, he would find nothing but lumps of coal only instead of treasures, so he was always angry, as he lost his ship for those treasures that he did not get in the end. .

But this dwarf used that coal to light a fire to warm it at night and cook food on it as a distress signal to guide the ships passing near the island and this dwarf would be rescued.

But to no avail, as the days and nights passed, the dwarf became more upset because he became desperate and felt that he would never leave the island. He tried in every way to use the resources available on the island, such as wood and others, to repair his ship, but that was not enough. So one day he just gave up and decided to make the cave in the middle of the island his home and forgot his dreams of becoming rich and also forgot the idea of leaving the island.

Many years passed until one day a ship broke down near the shore of the island, and there were forty men on board that fool, so they decided to go down to that island until they finished repairing the ship. The ship’s crew began to explore the island, and when they got off the ship, they found traces on the shore of the island indicating that there were… He lived on that island.

The ship’s crew divided into two groups and went on different paths to begin exploring the island. The first group found lumps of coal and traces of fossil fuels, so they decided to continue exploring. The second group found a dark cave in the middle of the island, so the members of that group decided to explore the cave.

Suddenly, while walking inside the cave, they heard terrifying sounds coming from the depths of the cave, and they were terrified. The members of that group quickly left the cave, frightened, and they met the members of the first group who were determined to continue digging. They found them extracting diamonds from a large hole, and the conversation began about what the members of the group coming from the cave had heard.

Everyone thought that this island was ominous, and they decided to take as much of the diamond treasure as they could onto the ship and leave the island as soon as possible. The ship’s captain ordered them to take as much of the diamonds they had extracted as they could with them, and despite their keenness to take a large amount of diamonds, they did not leave any of the diamond treasure behind them.

They accumulated some things that were not as important as they thought, and took with them all the diamonds on the island. After that, the crew began walking towards the ship. Upon their arrival, they found those responsible for maintenance and repair of the ship that they had done their job, and the ship became ready to sail. So the crew members boarded the ship, taking the diamonds with them, and the crew members began preparing. For sailing.

And in another place on the island near the shore, some bushes begin to move, and the dwarf man emerges from among them, and he is extremely angry because the ship’s crew members stole all the diamonds on the island, while he was a long way from the ship. The fool began to move and sail, and the dwarf took out a piece of dynamite that he found nearby. From the digging place with some other things, the dwarf lights the fuse and throws that piece of dynamite on board the ship.

Within a few seconds, the ship explodes and sinks with a large amount of treasure and precious diamonds. The dwarf quickly goes to the shipwreck to collect the diamonds. He recovers the diamonds and takes them to the beach. He stands looking at the diamonds, angry as usual, because he owns all these diamonds, but he remains poor as long as he is on that island and cannot leave it. .

Legend says that the dwarf and the diamond are still on the shore of the island to this day, and the dwarf is working hard to build his ship again. After he found the diamonds, his hope was renewed, and he had a strong motivation to work hard to build the ship.

In your opinion, how long does it take for the dwarf to finish building his ship and go out into the world with all that wealth?

Also, how much wealth did this dwarf possess?

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