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intelligence of the painter and the disabled king

intelligence of the painter and the disabled king

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The Intelligence of the Painter with the King with Disabilities This story is classified as a fictional bedtime story presented to you by the 10books website, which helps your child sleep peacefully, draws a smile on your child’s face, sleeps, and ends his day comfortably and happily. This story helps in developing the child’s intelligence and strengthens his perception and thoughts.

intelligence of the painter

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom and the king there had a physical disability – he only had one leg and one eye – but he was smart, kind, and loved by his people.

Everyone in his kingdom lived a happy life and prosperity spread over the kingdom because of the king’s justice and wisdom in managing the kingdom’s affairs.

One day, the king was walking through one of the palace corridors and saw pictures of his grandparents. He believed that one day his children would walk down the same hallway and remember all the grandparents through these pictures.

However, the king did not paint his portrait due to his physical disabilities, and he was always thinking about how he would appear in the painting. Therefore, he summoned many famous painters from his kingdom and other kingdoms to his palace.

Then the king announced that he wanted to place a beautiful picture of him in the palace in which he appeared in the style and magnificence of kings. The king announced that I must be a painter who can do this. He will be rewarded based on how the king appears on the board.

All the painters began to ask, how can his image be made so beautiful? This is not possible, as the king has only one leg and one eye, and if the drawing in the painting does not look beautiful, the king will get angry and punish them, this is what the painters thought, so each painter began to think of a different excuse, and everyone began to make excuses and politely refused to make a painting for the king.

But suddenly one of the painters raised his hand and said that I will make a very beautiful painted portrait for you, O king, that you will surely love.

The king became happy to hear this, and the other painters began to get curious.

The king gave him permission and the painter began to paint the painting, then filled the drawing with paint. Finally, after spending a long time, he said the photo is ready!

The other painters were curiously thinking, how can a painter make the king’s portrait beautiful since the king is physically disabled? What if the king didn’t like the painting and got angry? There were many questions, but when the painter presented the painting to the king, everyone in the palace became astonished, and the king was also extremely astonished and began to show signs of joy and happiness.

The painter made a picture in which the king was riding on the back of a horse, one side of which showed his foot and the other side did not, holding his bow and directing the arrow and closing his eyes in order to determine the target he wanted to hit. The king was very pleased to see the painter, who painted a beautiful picture and managed, with sharp intelligence, to hide the king’s physical disability. The king gave him a great reward and a beautiful thank you.

The wisdom and lesson of this story:

We must always think positively of others and ignore their shortcomings because each of us has something that distinguishes us. We must learn to focus on the good things instead of trying to hide weaknesses. If we think and act positively even in negative situations, we will be able to solve our problems more efficiently.

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