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The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part One

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part One

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Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger as a mercy to the worlds. As for the following… we are pleased to present, through Islamic children’s stories, a wonderful model for Arab Muslim women., in response to those who oppress Islam, and claim that the Arab woman under Islam is only fit for the home, and that Islam prevents women from Participation in public life and work, and here we present the life story of Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her.

* The ideal Arab girl in her morals, love for her family, and obedience to her parents, thus earning their love and respect, and even the respect of everyone around her.

* The working woman who entered the labor market to manage her money efficiently and competently, thus surpassing many men in the field of trade and management.

* A loyal, loyal, and patient wife who stands by her husband in good and bad times, gives him love and affection, removes his worries, and shares his struggles and struggle.

* A mother who raised her daughters well and raised them so that they could be like her in bearing responsibilities and honoring their country. In fact, she went beyond that and focused on raising Muslim sons and daughters to be a mother to all believers.

This woman, may God be pleased with her, in this world and the hereafter. In this world, she was the wife of the master of all mankind (Muhammad), may God bless him and grant him peace. She bore with him the burden of promoting the call, so she stood by him when the people abandoned him, and she helped him with her money when the people deprived him of it, and the difficulties that stood in his way were made easy for him.

She endured hunger and thirst with him, and she was rich and luxurious. She had a merciful heart, a tender chest, a sound mind, and beautiful patience. In the afterlife, her Lord – Glory be to Him – gave her good news of a palace in Paradise because she is the mistress of the women of Paradise.

In conclusion, we turn to God – Glory be to Him – to pray for her, and that her life will benefit our sons and daughters…

Part One: Creamy Starch. . .

The house of Khuwaylid bin Asad in Mecca was high-rise, spacious, and well-known to its visitors among the houses of the great Qurayshites, people of power, grace, and wealth.

Its proximity to the Kaaba announces its great status and the great status it has among those houses. Mrs. Khadija bint Khuwayd, may God be pleased with her, adorns it and fills it with good news and happiness.

She was a beautiful girl, intelligent, cheerful, articulate, and kind-hearted. Anyone who saw her loved her and became attached to her, for her kindness and tenderness, and for the good qualities that were not given to her. It was found in many of the proud homes of Mecca, exalted in lineage, lineage, abundance, and wealth.

Khuwaylid, her father, distinguished himself among the Quraysh in terms of his sovereignty and command and prohibition. His opinion is sought in problems, matters are not decided without him, and around him is his large, ancient family, who rule over him and stand by him.

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part One

He was also known for his great compassion for the poor and needy, and his great mercy for the weak and needy.

In this generous, wealthy and spacious home, Mrs. Khadija bint Khuwaylid, may God be pleased with her, grew up content and calm, not corrupted by grace, as it corrupts many people. Rather, she felt that this The blessing in which you rejoice is a gift from God the Sustainer, and it should be met with gratitude to the one who He gave it and granted it.

She found in helping the deprived and helping the needy something that roused that gratitude, so she did not reject anyone in need, nor did she disappoint anyone hoping for charity.

These good qualities did not differ from what came down to her from her family and people, especially her father, whose heart overflowed with tenderness and compassion for every human being.

He saw many of his qualities in her, so his love for her increased, and he was pleased with her big heart, kind soul, sharp intelligence, strong determination, quick perception, and good handling of things. He showed her his heart’s contentment, and expressed his complete satisfaction with everything she did and what she did not do.

When he sat at home and watched with interest the aspects of her activity, the lightness of her movements, and the joy and gentleness she spread, he smiled a contented and tender smile, and began to turn his palms in wonder, as he spoke to himself, saying:

– How unjust are those who hate girls, and how harsh are their sentences against them, and how do these stony hearts go so far as to kill them?! Aren’t they like Khadija?! By the Lord of the Kaaba, it is the fragrance of the home, the joy of the family, and its brilliant light!

He would often invite her to him, talk to her, and talk to her for a long time, enjoying this time in which he could free himself from his many problems. He wished it could be longer, and that he could have that delicious conversation with him for a long time.

And every time he was about to talk to her about something, he would stop (refrain) and turn the conversation around. Her extreme modesty prevented him from talking to her about those boys who knocked on his door every morning and evening, asking for her hand, wanting to marry Zain. The world (marriage); Of dazzling beauty, according to appearances, a lot of money, and rare intelligence.

This “modesty” prevented her from being interested in those suitors, when she heard the news of them, through female slaves, female neighbors, and companions, and that they were seeking marriage with her father, and that they were entrusting to him with the wealth they had in their hands, and the high rank behind them. .

She did not pay attention to them, and focused on the affairs of the house and managing its affairs, not occupying herself with thinking about marriage or caring for a suitor, confident that her wise father would choose the best husband for her, as he was an expert in men.

How many times have I heard him talk about a good husband, and say:

– He combines the qualities of chivalry, chivalry, and generosity. He does not like what the youth of Mecca and some of its sheikhs like, which does not please the intelligent, rational person, the one who weighs matters, appreciates the consequences, and bears the burdens.

– He is not driven by recklessness to do things that degrade the destinies of men or destroy their high positions. He often emphasized to her that a man’s relationship with people is an image of his relationship with his family. He who is generous, kind, and chivalrous is always like this in every situation.

One evening, the house was crowded with a group of prominent people, from Banu Makhzum. They prolonged the visit, and talked among themselves, and moved here and there, until midnight, so they got up to their homes, and left after Khuwaylid bid them a good farewell, and Khadija A. was not interested. What you see, it is not This is the first visit by them or anyone else, nor is it the first time that the conversation has been long and complex, as there are many people knocking on Bab Khuwaylid and their goals are different.

When the crowd dispersed, Khuwaylid went to his room and spent a long time there, talking to his wife (Fatima bint Zaida bin Al-Asam), and she talked to him. Then they left, showing signs of satisfaction and signs of relief. Khuwaylid sat in the courtyard, and his wife Fatima sat next to him, looking happy and satisfied. .

Then he called his daughter Khadija to him, and she came walking timidly, and stood before him, with a tall figure and a radiant face, the light of the pearlescent lamp reflecting on her face, adding to her beauty upon beauty, while he looked at her with a smile, and she did not sit down until after some time. He allowed her to sit, saying:

– Sit down, Khadija.

– I will talk to you about a matter, and I would like to know your honest opinion about it, so listen, think, and do not give weight to any consideration that you do not find agreeable with.

Khuwaylid looked at Khadija’s round face for a long time, at her bright eyes and smiling lips with tenderness, then he said:

– What do you think, Khadija, about what we have prepared for the Syrian caravan?

The girl responded to the question with a broad smile, revealing teeth arranged as if they were arranged pearls, then she said in a very polite manner:

– A successful convoy, and profitable trade, God willing, containing what our customers there recommended, of every commodity that finds great demand in that country, and it was well prepared and well organized.

Khuwaylid said, his smile growing wider on his lips:

– What do you think, Khadija, of our men and workers, those whom we will send in the caravan?

The girl said, with some signs of confusion appearing on her face:

– They are skilled and trained. They know what to take and what to leave out. Along with that skill, they are honest and sincere, and honesty is the best thing one can hope for in someone who buys and sells, and who receives money, who disposes of it. And it is far from its owners.

He looked at her mother Fatima with a smile, then looked at her again and said gently:

– What do you think, Khadija, of the most skilled merchants in Mecca today? Who, in your opinion, is most capable of making abundant profits?

She thought for a while, then asked politely:

-Which profit do you mean, father, lawful profit or forbidden profit?

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part One

Khuwaylid quickly said:

– Halal profit, of course, Khadija! The forbidden fragrance does not last. If its owner gets it once, he will not get it again, and what he gained will not benefit him. Rather, God gives him what he loses all of it, destroys it and leaves nothing left of it, and he does not go away alone, but rather takes something. On his feet other than lawful profit.

– I only ask you about skill in lawful buying and selling, and good, lawful profit, the sweetness of which is sought by good and honest people who do not deceive or deceive, and do not tamper with measure and balance.

So she began to count some of the merchants who were famous for their honesty and known for their honesty, and whenever she remained silent, it took her back until she became silent, and she looked at her mother and said with her eyes:

– These are the best people I know, mother, so what next?! What do you benefit from counting these and others?!!

Her father read what her mother read in her eyes, and he said with compassion:

– What do you think, Khadija, about Atiq bin Abed?

She was silent for a moment, then continued her speech, asking in astonishment:

– You did not ask me about him, Father. Do you want to hand over our trade to him this time in the caravan?!

Khuwaylid looked at her and then said tenderly:

– I would like to deliver to him something greater than trade, and greater than money! I would like to entrust him with a great trust that cannot be valued by the treasures of the entire earth!

Then Khadija realized what her father was trying to do by talking to him, so her face turned red with embarrassment, and she remained silent, neither speaking nor answering. There was a long silence, which her mother broke, saying with a hopeful smile:

– What do you think, Khadija, about Atiq? Your father gave you freedom and told you to think and do not care about anything other than the opinion that you agree with. He respects and values your opinion, and you knew what Atiq wanted to make of you, and that He hopes that he will be a suitable suitor, and you will be satisfied with him yourself, and choose it without influence.

Then Khadija’s face, may God be pleased with her, became redder, and she remained depressed for a long time, then she gathered her courage and tried to speak, but the words stumbled in her mouth, while her father and mother looked at her with two smiles, waiting for the answer.

She remained silent for a long time, and her face became redder. When her father repeated the question to her, she gathered her courage once again, then said in a voice shaken by modesty:

– Is there anyone else’s opinion after my father’s opinion?!

So her father pulled her closer to him, and placed a tender kiss on her forehead, and two kisses on her cheeks.

The family began preparing for the wedding day and preparing the bride with what she needed in her new life. The wedding day came and the Khuwaylid house was filled with female relatives and friends. The women of Banu Makhzum came, carrying the expensive gifts that Atiq had sent, and the women of Asad came with the precious gifts they had prepared.

The mother sat with her daughter advising her on what would make her new home happy, and teaching her that marriage was cooperation between spouses. When the happy wedding day came, the sacrifices were slaughtered, and Mecca was invited for the feasts that would be held in the Khuwaylid house. Soft singing emanated from the house, and the combs began to decorate. The bride, and makes her more beautiful Her beauty.

The day was wonderful, with a soft breeze. The whole of Mecca spent it in constant movement, from the house of Khuwaylid and to it, until evening came, and the Qur’an was held next to the Kaaba, then people walked around it, offering thanks and supplication, and ululations rang out from Beit Khuwaylid, responsive to the sides of Mecca, makes family and loved ones happy.

Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, entered the gates of a new life, with great hope and great ambition, but despite her strong self-confidence, her husband’s love for her, and people’s talk about her brilliant future, she felt an intense fear of the days, and her heart told her that it was hidden inside her. Something that no one else knows What is the unseen?

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part One

Lessons learned from this part of Lady Khadija’s story. .

_ The sensible and sober Arab girl enjoys the love and respect of her family and neighbors.

_ In pre-Islamic times, Arab women were consulted and their opinions were taken into account on many matters, and they were not neglectful and had no opinion as some biased people claim.

_ Some ignorant families preferred boys over girls, and some of them even went as far as killing the girl, meaning “burying her alive in the dirt.”

– Wise, sensible families taught their daughters and raised them in virtue and good morals.

_ The father used to consult his daughter and take her opinion when she got married, just as the mother used to advise her daughter before her marriage in order to ensure her happiness in her home.

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