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Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir with the shoemaker

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir with the shoemaker

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A wonderful Islamic children’s story about Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir, one of the righteous scholars, who says that one day the people of Medina asked for rain, meaning they asked for rain and prayed to God for relief. The people of Medina, both young and old, were suffering from drought and lack of water, but no rain fell from the sky despite the supplications of all the people of Medina and their well-being. This, but God did not want the rain to fall.

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir

At night, I was sitting alone in the dark in the Medina Mosque. A man I did not know entered and did not see me when he entered the mosque, put his robe off of him, and began to pray. When he finished his prayer, he raised his hand to the sky and began to pray to God Almighty, and the man said, “O God, the people of Medina, the people of Medina, have asked for rain.” I did not give them rain, so I swore to you, O Lord, that you would water them.)

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir said to himself in amazement (that all the people of Medina prayed to God for rain, and not a drop of rain fell). So Ibn Al-Mankadir says, “This man continued to pray to God until God responded and the sky thundered.”

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir swears and says, “By God, the man never lowered his hands except when rain was falling in the city of the Messenger of God (peace and blessings of God be upon him), and this man began to cry and address God and say, ‘My Lord, who am I that You should answer me?’ And the man continued to pray all night until dawn.

On the second night, I sat in the mosque. The man entered the mosque and did not see me and continued to pray until dawn. On the third night, he came to the mosque and did not see me and also continued to pray until dawn, but this time I decided to find out who this man was.

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir says: When the dawn prayer ended on the third night, I walked behind the man until I knew his status, then I went and in the afternoon I returned to this man’s house, and when I asked his neighbor about him, she told me that he worked as a cobbler, so Ibn Al-Mankadir said, “God did not respond to the people of Medina, but He responded to him while he was working in making shoes.” .

So Muhammad bin Al-Munkadir went and greeted this man. This man said to Ibn Al-Munkadir, “O Abu Abdullah, may God bless you. What has brought you here? Do you want to fix your shoes?” Bin Al-Munkadir replied to him and said, “I was your companion on the night of the rain.” The man said, “What?” so Bin Al-Munkadir said. For a man, I saw you praying to God for rain before the rain came in response to your prayer.

Muhammad ibn al-Munkadir narrates and says, “The man became very angry with me and said to me, ‘What is your business, O Abu Abdullah?’” ibn al-Munkadir says, “I was afraid of him because of his intense anger, so he left him and I waited for him. On the fourth night, he did not come to the mosque until the morning.

I went to the man’s house and an old woman at the door of his house said to me, ‘Forgive me.’” God bless you, Abu Abdullah, what you did with the man. I said to her, “By God, I did not do anything.” The old woman said, “As soon as you left the house, he picked up his luggage and left the house.”

Muhammad bin Al-Mankadir says, “I have been searching for him for years and have not found him until this moment. He emigrated from the entire city because a man learned through him that God had answered his prayers.”

For this reason, make your prayers only for God, your fasting for God, your charity for God, and your remembrance for God, and do not be hypocritical and brag about your obedience to God.

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