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The story of death rays the first novel

Table of Contents

The story of death rays the first novel

Somewhere in the land of (Egypt), and in some era of the future, there is the supreme leadership of the Egyptian Scientific Intelligence, where work takes place in complete calm and absolute secrecy, in order to protect scientific progress in (Egypt), and in order to preserve scientific secrets. Which is the true measure of the progress of nations.

For these goals, the scientific intelligence man, Nour El-Din Mahmoud, works at the head of a rare team, chosen with complete care and extreme precision. . .

A special team, facing the dangers of a new era, and challenging scientific ambiguity and future mysteries. .

It is a glimpse of hope for a coming generation, a glimpse of the world of tomorrow, and a new page of the eternal file. . .

_ Future file

Dedicated to the soul of Dr. Nabil Farouk.

Future File series

Novel (Death Rays)

The novel (Death Rays) is from the ( Future File) series of novels.

In the novel Death Rays, how did the secret of the latest ray weapons leak to a terrible gang?
In which part of the Middle East does this gang disappear?
Are only three days enough for Nour to find the gang members before they destroy the world?
Read the exciting details, and participate with Nour in solving the mystery.

1_ Meeting with the Supreme Leader. . .

A faint pink light filled the small square room, and the young man standing in the middle swallowed his saliva as he looked at the bare room without moving his head or shaking his firm military stance. His muscles suddenly tensed as a small circle appeared in front of his face, a blue light was emitted from it, and the spot became concentrated. The blue light appeared on his face for a moment, then began to fade until it completely disappeared, and the small circle in the wall closed. The young man’s body trembled for a moment when a deep voice echoed from the depths of the room saying:

_ Welcome to the Supreme Command of Scientific Intelligence, Lieutenant Nour. Your identity has been verified. Take three steps forward and then stand.

The young man moved his feet three steps, then stood at attention, and felt for the first time that the walls of the room were rising, then he realized that the circle on which he was standing was taking him down into a lighted tube in a tube. Calm purple color. Lieutenant Nour’s features appeared calm, but deep down inside him were plagued with many questions: It is rare and almost impossible for the Commander-in-Chief of Scientific Intelligence to personally summon an officer of his rank. Nour’s thoughts stopped when the descent stopped, and he found himself in front of a shiny metal door.

The story of the death rays, the first novel 2

The door opened quietly without the slightest sound, and behind it appeared a large, illuminated room, and at the end of it was a huge desk, behind which sat a man of about fifty-five years of age, gray-headed and calm. His features, and a look emerging from his eyes that carried determination and dignity, and the man began to speak while pointing to Nour. By getting close to:

_Welcome, Lieutenant Nour Taqaddam.

Nour advanced to the office, quietly closed the door behind him, stood at attention, his eyes focused on the distinguished man, and gave the military salute.

The man smiled and pressed his finger on one of the many buttons placed in front of him on the desk, then looked at the small computer screen placed in front of him, and began to read aloud:

_ Nour El-Din Mahmoud, twenty-four years old, first lieutenant. I graduated from the Police College about a year ago, specifically on November 5, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. I joined the General Administration of Scientific Intelligence after one month of working in the police. Your reports are all excellent. I have a secret report in front of me from your boss that says: “You are amazing and talented.” The computer has chosen you from among twelve thousand men of scientific intelligence throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, and I hope that you will be at this level in the task that I will assign to you.

Nour became nervous as he wondered to himself about the dangerous matter for which the Commander-in-Chief had summoned him. His question did not take long, as the Commander-in-Chief pressed a yellow button in front of him, and said while pointing to a screen mounted on the wall to Nour’s right:

_ Look at this picture to your right, lieutenant, memorize it well. It is a picture of the latest thing produced by the minds of our scientists since the invention of amino fuel. I repeat to you, memorize this picture well. This device shown in it emits a type of radiation that is hundreds of times greater than laser rays. It has emitted… Our scientists call it “death rays,” and these rays can be used for many useful purposes, such as “surgery without the use of anesthesia, the manufacture of medicine, mining, and others,” and they can Also be used for destruction, severe destruction.

The muscles in Nour’s face tensed when he heard the last phrase. He hated and still hates everything that leads to destruction, and he often wonders why some people create tools of destruction. He quickly expelled his thoughts and tension to follow the Commander-in-Chief as he continued to explain the mission, saying:

_ Somehow, despite the extreme security precautions in the laboratories affiliated with the scientific apparatus, the secret of this apparatus was leaked, and one of the project workers sold the secret of the apparatus to a dangerous gang.

The Commander-in-Chief exhaled sadly as he continued:

_ All workers on the project have been placed under careful surveillance and interrogation, and suspicions have been limited to three of them. You will find their names and jobs in the videotape that will be delivered to you when you leave here, and it contains all the other information that you may need in your mission.

The important thing is that this gang has I sent a warning to use this terrible radiation to destroy the greatest modern facilities in all the countries of the Middle East unless seven hardened criminals who were imprisoned in a private prison on the surface of the moon were released . The gang gave us five days to surrender to their demands, otherwise they would carry out their threat, and two full days were wasted. During the interrogation, and several failed attempts to find the gang headquarters, you only have three days left.

The Commander-in-Chief paused for a moment to swallow his saliva, and Nour was silent until the Commander-in-Chief resumed:

_Know that your mission is very difficult. You have to look for a needle in a haystack. We have not yet reached the gang’s headquarters or limited its number. I have left you the freedom to develop a plan, choose the individuals and the means, and you will have all the capabilities you ask for. What is important is success. Have you heard? Success, lieutenant, may God grant you success.

Nour answered with one word:

_God willing.

Then he gave the military salute, turned around, and walked towards the door, and the Commander-in-Chief stopped him, saying:

_ Remember that our work is very secret, and if you fail, the whole world will know about your failure, but if God guides you to success, no one will know about it.

Nour smiled and replied:

_I will work hard to ensure that no one knows about this, Mr. Leader.

Then he gave the military salute again, and left the room through the door that he closed quietly behind him.

The story of death rays, the first novel 3

2_The team. . .

In a large room on the second floor of the Scientific Intelligence Department building, First Lieutenant Nour stood contemplating the members of his small team. “Mahmoud: a young man of twenty-one years old, a genius in radiology and the art of using it. Small in body, delicate features, wearing small medical glasses.” “Ramzi: A doctor specializing in psychology, thirty years old, tall, thin. Finally, Salwa: a twenty-three-year-old young engineer who, despite her young age, is distinguished by her extraordinary genius in dealing with monitoring and tracking devices.

Nour broke the silence and said:

_ First, I welcome each of you. You have been chosen quickly and accurately to perform a very secret mission, which requires the skills of each of you. In short, we will search for a needle in a haystack.

The three looked at him with a question and amazement and said with a smile:

_ Let me begin by explaining the matter in detail.

As soon as Nour finished explaining the topic, Salwa exhaled in surprise, and Mahmoud whistled in surprise, and Ramzi remained calm, even if his eyes widened, and Nour said:

As I said before, we must find the needle from the haystack in no more than…

Then he looked at his watch before continuing his conversation:

_Only two days and nine hours, meaning a total of fifty-seven hours from now, and with the first chimes of fifty-eight, our mission is of no use.

Salwa sighed and said:

_ If I were looking for a specific skyscraper in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt alone, it would take longer, but!

Nour asked her carefully:

_ but what ?

Salwa hesitated for a moment, then said:

– I mean that there is a method, a theoretical method, I mean the theory of exclusion. If we exclude the places where gang members cannot be present, then the places where they can be confronted will remain.

Here, Ramzy said:

_I think I have a better, faster way.

Nour looked at him with interest, so he continued saying:

_ It is a method we use in psychology, and without going into complex scientific details and terminology, I can say briefly that it is similar to the game “What would you do if you were in my place?”

Salwa looked at him questioningly, and Nour shouted, his eyes sparkling:

_ Understood.

Ramzi continued, saying:

– I will simply ask myself, “If I were one of these destroyers, what would be the best place from which I could direct my rays, anywhere in the Middle East?”

Nour interrupted him and said:

– Exactly. In this case, special conditions must be met in this place.

Mahmoud shouted:

– Of course, three conditions in particular. “First: It should be in a central location from which all directions can be easily reached.” “Second: It should be far from clear.” “Third: It should be alone and not surrounded by buildings.”

Nour frowned and said:

_ If we agreed to this theory and I find it completely reasonable, the most suitable country in terms of location would be Egypt. If we looked at the last two conditions, we would find a new puzzle before us, but!

Then he turned to Salwa and asked her:

-You say that you are an expert in communications. Can you track a wireless or laser signal, no matter how weak it is?

Salwa answered with confidence and pride:

– Of course, even if the senders themselves were unable to capture it.

Nour smiled and said:

– Well, I think you guys have a reasonable plan.

3_ Confrontation. . .

In a large, spacious hall, there were three men standing very tensely, and silence fell over their heads, and none of them were speaking, although the features of the three of them expressed great concern.

The oldest of them, an electronic engineer named Atef, was large, with thick eyebrows, and was pacing back and forth in obvious tension.

The second was an x-ray technician named Abdul Sattar. He was short, skinny, and thin-faced, rubbing the tip of his nose in a noticeably nervous manner.

As for the third, an electronics technician called Hamed, he was tall, somewhat plump, and had sharp features. He was moving his head right and left, and rubbing his palms in another nervous movement. The three suddenly turned as Nour entered the hallway.

Nour smiled as he saw the tension on their faces, then he quietly leafed through several papers in his hands, intending to unnerve them, then he raised his head to them, and looked at them for a while in silence before he said:

_ Hello, I apologize at first for summoning you at such a late time, but… I had to confront you together to tell you the latest information that we have obtained.

The three fidgeted with a questioning look on their faces, so Nour said to them:

– The three of you know, of course, about the leak of the secret of the new x-ray device that you were among those working on the project, and it is not hidden from any of you, of course, how dangerous the leak of this terrible secret is, and you also know that there are those who threatened to use this secret to destroy some modern facilities in all the countries of the Middle East. .

Then he was silent for a while, contemplating and humming before saying:

_But what none of you know is that we have obtained some serious information about… . . .

Nour stopped talking, and began watching the faces of the three men, trying to read the effect of his words in them, then Foula:

_About the spy who sold this secret.

Astonishment appeared on the faces of the three, but none of them spoke until Nour threw his bomb, saying:

– Gentlemen, I regret to say that this traitor is one of you.

The three shouted angrily, and the engineer (Atef) shouted at him:

Listen, Lieutenant, your superiors may have granted you some powers here, but that does not include the right to insult any of the workers on this project or accuse them of treason….

Nour interrupted him calmly and said:

_Excuse me, sir, I am not just one of you, and I do not necessarily mean you, but perhaps…

Here Abdul Sattar shouted angrily:

_maybewhat? Maybe it was me, right? Or do you mean (Hamid)… Listen, young man, I have not for a moment felt remorse for working in this scientific research center, but if you continue your impudence, I will… . .

Nour continued his speech, interrupting Abdul Sattar and ignoring his remark:

– Everyone’s condition has been examined since the beginning of work on the (death ray) project: the physical condition, the social condition, the moral condition, and I’m sorry when I say: the family condition as well. Everyone has also been investigated, and we have used, for the first time, the frequency psychoanalysis device, and this has resulted in Careful research that the spy must be one of you.

Hamed jumped from his place, shouting:

– Woe to you!! Do you dare accuse us?!

Here, the calm look in Nour’s eyes changed, and was replaced by a stern look, to which the three froze. He raised his arm, signaling them to be silent, and said in a powerful, frightening voice:

– Hey, gentlemen, I don’t have time for niceties, but rather facts, and only facts, and there is too little time to waste on such quarrels, so let the three of you listen to me without interrupting.

The three remained silent, and Nour continued saying:

_I have gathered you here to tell you only one thing. We have almost reached the hideout of the gang that threatened to destroy them, and it is only a few hours before they will be in our grip. At that time, the traitor will fall, and then no one will have mercy on him. I came to make a generous offer. Let the traitor confess, and I will guarantee that he will be satisfied with his transfer. Or just exclude it, otherwise. . .

The threat was clear, and yet none of the three men moved, even though signs of anger appeared clearly on their faces. Nour waited for a while, and did not find a response from any of them. He gestured with his hand indifferently and said:

_Okay, then each of you should go back to your room, as I no longer need you.

He turned around and left the hallway, leaving them exchanging looks with a mixture of astonishment, anger, and disapproval. Then the three went to their rooms in silence and anger. As soon as each of them closed the door to his room, one of them started running around the room like a wounded lion, with a storm of anxiety in his head, and he started talking to himself:

_Do you think what this lieutenant is saying is true?

_Or is the whole thing nothing more than a hoax?

_but why ?

_It would have been better for efforts to focus on finding out the gang’s headquarters rather than searching for who sold the secret, but.. He says that they have almost found the hideout. It is absolutely impossible. They cannot find the hideout that easily. I spent a whole month thinking about the most suitable places until I came to this place. It is undoubtedly a trick. Then why did he tell us that?

_Maybe it was actually a negotiation on his part. No.. No.. It is a trick, a clear trick, and what awaits us, I wonder? The whole thing is strange. He was supposed to hide his information from us. So it is a trick. If it is true that they have reached the gang’s hideout, then this will lead to ruin, unless the gang escapes before they arrive.. So this is what he wants, for me to warn them, but how did they reach the gang’s hideout so quickly? The Middle East extends from the ocean to the Gulf, and searching for a device the size of a (death ray) device is impossible.

The man looked at his watch. There were only about fifty hours left until the appointed time. He walked to his bed, then quickly wiped his left leg with his hand and lay down on the bed. He tried to sleep, but his thoughts were heading to the same thing despite him, and he spoke to himself again:

_It’s a trick, I almost swear on it. It’s impossible to reach the hideout in this short time. It’s more than the time it took for you to choose the hideout. But if we assume – just assume – that what this lieutenant says is true, then this would be extremely dangerous. ; It will be the end for me.. No.. No.. It is a trick. A genius like me cannot fall for a trick like this, even if it is not a trick? Well, let me calmly rearrange the information… damn it!! I am very nervous and my mind is very confused.

The man stood up, then removed a small inscription on the left side of the bed. It moved, revealing a small hole the size of half a shark. He took out a small coin from it and moved it between his fingers hesitantly, saying to himself:

– What if it was a hoax? But what if it was real? Anyway, it is impossible to pick up the signals from this precise device, it is my masterpiece, uploading sound to alpha rays, ultra-short waves, then I must warn the comrades.

But he put the device back in its place and closed the subscription, then he walked back around the room nervously, his mind screaming:

– It’s a hoax, no doubt it’s a hoax.

The story of death rays, the first novel

4- Ambiguous reference. . .

Salwa yawned boredly, and said, addressing Nour:

_I am beginning to doubt this plan of yours, Commander. Ten hours have passed while I have been waiting for this signal. He must be too smart to be deceived by a plan like this, despite its plot.

Nour answered her while walking nervously in the room:

– I agree with you.. Ten hours is a long time, but the criminal is the criminal, and I did not place this period as a burden. I completed the investigations into the suspects, and I reached a good result, as I completely ruled out one of them.

Ramzi interrupted him and said:

– I can rule out two… Did you know, Commander, that this frequency psychoanalysis device is wonderful? The time has come for security personnel to trust psychoanalysis as evidence against any of them or as a defense for him… If you had studied the psychological life of a particular man or woman, you would have been able to be certain about it. Confirming the possibility of committing an act, or the possibility of not committing it.

Nour had held his chin with his left hand while listening to Ramzi, and there were signs of deep thought on his face. Then he interrupted him, saying:

You have alerted me to a very important point, my dear doctor. Indeed, psychiatry is a wonderful science. I believe that I can limit the suspicion to… . .

They were interrupted by a faint buzzing sound and a cry of victory from (Salwa), and everyone rushed to the small monitoring device placed on the edge of the window, and (Salwa)’s voice rose with joy:

-The point has come, here is the awaited signal.

Then she quickly walked in front of the device, and her fingertips started fiddling with its buttons and keys, and intense interest and concentration appeared on her features. The sound of the signal became clear after everyone fell silent, and there was nothing left but the sound of the small buzzing of the device.

After about six minutes, the buzzing stopped. Salwa turned to the three men and said in a low voice, as if she was afraid to break the wall of silence in the room:

The story of death rays, the first novel

It is a secret code, without a doubt, and the type of signal itself is strange. It is not wireless or carried on laser beams, it is carried on particles!

Mahmoud quickly said:

– Perhaps you mean a type of particle ray, alpha rays, for example, or beta rays. I think I know the type of this signal. It is a dream for many of us.

Then he turned to Nour and said:

– This signal is carried on alpha rays, Commander. I almost swear to that.

Nour moved towards a television screen on the wall and said:

– What is important now is to solve the signal code.

Then he pressed a small button next to the screen, and a thin face appeared on it, and Nour gave an order:

– I have a message in code and I want to know its content as quickly as possible.

The young man whose image appeared on the screen replied:

– The computer department will analyze it immediately, sir, on the latest computer to solve the code, and if necessary, it will.

Nour interrupted him, shouting:

-I don’t care about the details. What matters is the message. I will pass it on to you immediately.

Nour turned to Mahmoud and Salwa to convey the message, and said:

– During the past ten hours, I have assigned you to study everything related to (death rays)… Do you think you can find a way to prevent its effect?

Mahmoud scratched his head thinking, and said:

The nature of these rays is particle nature, such as alpha and beta rays, and not positive like gamma rays or Roentgen rays. Particle rays have an important characteristic, which is that they always contain an electromagnetic charge, so they can be either negative or positive, and as for (death rays) In particular, it carries a strong negative charge, and I believe that the best way to prevent it is.

Nour interrupted him with a firm question:

-Do you believe or are you sure?

Mahmoud smiled and said:

– Well, I am certain that the best way to prevent it is the presence of a strong positive magnetic charge around the area where it is located. According to the theory of attraction of opposites, particles (death rays) will be attracted to the positive charge, especially if it is stronger than it.

Nour moved without any comment to the television screen hanging on the wall, and pressed another button. The face of an old man with solemn features appeared on the screen, and Nour said with interest:

– I think we need a simple device very quickly.

The old man smiled and asked quietly:

Details, Lieutenant.

Nour hesitated for a moment, then said:

-I need a very strong magnet, especially its positive charge. I mean, I need some device that produces a kind of positive charge, so strong that it attracts negative (death rays). I don’t know whether my statement seems clear, or should I explain it more?

The old man said with signs of seriousness on his face:

– Wonderful.. Wonderful, Lieutenant.. What a simple idea, even if it indicates innate intelligence!! But have you discovered the gang’s hideout?

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment as he answered stammeringly:

Once this device is finished, we will have found the hideout, sir.

Then he quickly added:

We have reached the beginning of the thread, and it has only been a few hours. . .

The old man interrupted him firmly:

– As soon as our team of scientists finishes making this required device, it will be in your hands, Lieutenant. May God grant you success.

Nour stood upright in front of the screen until this face disappeared from it, then he exhaled nervously and remained silent for a while, then he moved towards Salwa and asked her:

-From which room was this signal issued?

Salwa replied in a whisper:

-From the third room.

Nour shook his head and said:

– So the traitor has fallen.. He will regret that he did not bargain with me in the offer I made to him.

5- A difficult decision. . . .

This sign had a completely different effect in another place in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It was received by a fat, bald man with thin eyebrows. His colleagues called him (the barrel), but in official circles he was called (Hassan)… This fat man received it with tremendous horror, and read it while he was He dried the profuse sweat pouring down his face, then shouted to his (tall) thin colleague in panic:

-What did this idiot do? Doesn’t he know what would happen if they succeeded in tracking this signal?

Al-Tawil was standing in the corner of the small room. His features were sharp. He had a long nose with a heavy mustache at the bottom, and a sharp chin. He was called Hammad. His obese colleague answered with a wave of his hand and calmly:

-Impossible. Such a signal cannot be traced. The leader is truly a genius.

Then he straightened up and said, with a serious look on his face:

But, what causes him to send a signal like this? We agreed not to send any signals unless absolutely necessary.

Hassan said very nervously:

– Do you think he fell into their hands?

Hammad shouted, shaking his arms vigorously as a sign of denial:

– No.. No.. He is much smarter than that. What worries me is the content of the message.

Hassan dried the sweat pouring down his face, and said in confusion:

– Do you think they will actually reach our place?

Hammad was silent for a while, thinking, then he waved his hand in denial and said:

-Impossible. This place could not have occurred to the most intelligent people. Remember. How long did it take us to locate this place? Rather, how much time has passed while we have been preparing a solid plan to enter it? You know, of course, that entering this place has been prohibited since the earthquake in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight. I assure you with complete confidence that reaching us is impossible.

Hassan swallowed his saliva, dried the sweat from his face, and said:

-Should we respond to his signal then?

The story of death rays, the first novel

Hammad hesitated for a moment, then said:

The leader has confirmed that it is impossible to track this type of signal, but I do not want to take any risks. No, I will not send any responses.

Hassan shook anxiously, then said:

– But… perhaps he thought that because of our lack of response, we had not received the message, and perhaps he sent it again, or perhaps he thought that what they were saying was true… I think we must send a response.

Al-Tawil stood up and began to walk nervously around the narrow stone room, thinking about it. Then he suddenly stopped, hit the wall with his fist, and shouted:

-The humidity of this place is suffocating me, it is breaking my nerves.

Hassan dried his profuse sweat and said:

-And the heat!! The heat is almost killing me, even though we are in the last days of December.

Hammad said, easing the tension:

– Rather, it is your obesity that will kill you.

Hassan shouted in objection:

– I don’t know why the comrades chose us in particular? This narrow room is killing me. They know that I can’t handle the heat at all. why not…?

Hammad interrupted him with a sharp cry:

– Shut up and let me think… Damn you!!

Then he looked at his watch and said:

– It is impossible for anyone to know our location, and even if they knew, we have (death rays), and if someone tried to break into the place – and this is impossible – we would be early in the time of destruction.

Hassan asked nervously:

-Are you sending the signal then? Do we respond to his signal?

Hammad held his chin in thought, and was silent for a while before answering:

– Let me think a little before I decide.

6- An exciting surprise…

Salwa looked at her watch, then yawned, and asked Nour:

– Do you think they will respond to the message, Commander?

Nour smiled and said, pointing with his hand to Ramzi:

– Direct your question to our psychiatrist.

Ramzi laughed as he answered:

-I must first study their psychology, but! If we take into account that they are carrying out an illegal act, and if we apply to each of them the psychology of the ideal criminal, we would say that it is natural for them to respond to the message of their leader, or their agent .

The criminal is naturally inclined to doubt and stress. Because he knows that his work deserves punishment, he is always afraid of falling under the penalty of justice, and this tension within him always pushes him to commit actions that contradict the principle of logic or caution.

Salwa said boredly:

– I cannot understand these expressions, but I know very well two things: the first: that there are only thirty-five hours left until the scheduled appointment, and the second: that drowsiness and boredom have taken over me.

The three looked at her with concern, and she laughed and said: I also know that I am the only communications expert here. So I will resist drowsiness until I receive the signal, if they send it.

Mahmoud turned to Nour and said:

– Let’s talk so we don’t get sleepy. Read to me again the content of the message after the computer has analyzed the code.

Nour straightened up and extended his hand to a small table next to him, and picked up a piece of paper from above it and began reading what was on it:

– Important information of questionable authenticity. They say: They almost reached the hideout. Be careful.

Mahmoud laughed and said to Nour: A small message that contains both doubt and certainty.

Salwa said proudly:

One letter from her was enough for me to track her down.

The three men laughed, and that angered Salwa, so she said:

– What arrogant men you are!! I am the greatest expert in… . .

She suddenly stopped at the sound of a buzzing emanating from her device, and the three jumped next to her, and she turned to the device, adjusted it carefully, and listened.. Nour stifled a cry of victory, and waited until the device finished buzzing after only three minutes, and he jumped into the air, screaming with joy, and everyone cheered. With joy, Ramzi said:

The plan worked..wonderful!! Nour quickly went to Salwa and said:

– Determine the coordinates quickly.

Then he turned to (Mahmoud) and (Ramzi) and shouted proudly.

-We succeeded.

Ramzi shouted, his eyes expressing admiration:

-You are a genius, Commander.

Mahmoud shouted happily:

– I do not envy these wretches when a man like you fights them.

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment at this praise, and Salwa saved him from embarrassment when she said in a confused voice:

– I have obtained the coordinates, Commander, but they are!! .

Nour asked eagerly:

– But what?

She answered, extending her hand to him with the paper:

But it’s strange, they are really smart.

Nour took the paper from it and read the coordinates, then raised his head in astonishment, and went to a map hanging on the wall and looked at it, then said with astonishment:

– How smart! Mahmoud and Ramzy rushed to him, and he pointed to the coordinates of the place on the map, and astonishment appeared clearly on their features. Nour slipped to the television screen hanging on the wall, and pressed a single red button next to it, and soon the image of the Supreme Commander of Intelligence appeared on the screen. Scientific, Nour stood his military stance, and said with respect:

– Sir, the plan has succeeded, and we have reached the destroyers’ hideout.

The Supreme Commander exclaimed, abandoning his dignity:

– amazing!! Great, lieutenant! ! Tell me: Are you confident about this result?

Nour responded immediately and in a confident tone:

– Completely confident, sir. A clear look of admiration appeared in the eyes of the Supreme Commander, and he shouted (Nour):

– amazing! ! You are really what we needed, Lieutenant, now what are you waiting for? Destroy the bunker immediately.

Nour swallowed his saliva and said hesitantly:

– I do not think that destroying this hideout is that simple, sir.

The Supreme Commander shouted angrily:

– What? I will destroy him even if he is on the moon, lieutenant.

Nour answered nervously:

-Maybe I had a better plan, sir.

The Supreme Commander shouted angrily:

– Tell me, Lieutenant: How do you refuse to destroy the hideout of a gang that wants to destroy all our modern facilities?

Nour quickly answered:

– Because of the nature of the hideout, sir.

The commander-in-chief shouted:

– I told you to destroy it, Lieutenant, even if it was the General Command building itself.

Nour quickly told him the hideout, and the Supreme Commander did not succeed in hiding his astonishment when Nour told him the gang’s hideout, but he was silent for a while, then said:

– Well, I will give you my trust until the end, Lieutenant. You must prepare whatever plans you deem appropriate, but remember… you only have thirty-four hours left.

Nour gave the military salute, and said before the face of the Supreme Commander disappeared from the screen:

– I know that, Sada.

Then he quietly moved to the window of the room, pulled down its curtains, and looked at the lofty monument that was located nearby. Then he said to himself in an audible voice:

– Seven thousand years and you are still standing tall…how amazing you are!

Mahmoud, Ramzi, and Salwa approached him, and Salwa said:

-It was really impossible for me to think about this place.

Mahmoud continued:

-So they’ve been here the whole time?

Nour said, pointing with his hand to the huge monument:

– Yes, here all the time in the Pyramid of Khufu, the Great Pyramid.

7- Careful preparation. . .

Preparations were being made in full swing in the Scientific Research Building of the Intelligence Department.

At one end of the huge lobby, Nour was standing with one of the building’s heads. He was a large, broad-faced man wearing a pair of medical binoculars and a white coat. He was called Dr. Abdullah. They were silent, contemplating the strange pink wires being loaded inside the huge air transport vehicles. .

Nour looked at his watch and it was one in the afternoon on the last day of December, and they still had twenty hours before the scheduled time. Dr. Abdullah asked him:

– Don’t you see, my dear Lieutenant, that the men of this gang are so intelligent that they choose the Great Pyramid as their hideout?

The story of death rays, the first novel

Nour answered calmly:

– Of course, sir. They threaten to destroy modern facilities throughout the Middle East, but who dares to try to destroy the Great Pyramid to eliminate them?

The head of research responded with admiration:

– Exactly, Lieutenant. In addition, the Great Pyramid is impossible to destroy except by using at least an atomic bomb.

Nour laughed and said to Dr. Abdullah:

-You have a very strong memory, sir. You still remember atomic bombs.

The President smiled proudly, saying: I read about it in the history of science book, Lieutenant, and I also studied it as an example of primitive bombs that rely on nuclear fission. It is of course not comparable to the modern genetic bomb, but at the time of its discovery…..

Nour interrupted him with a frown, saying:

– Sorry to interrupt you, sir, but I cannot bear to hear stories of wars and destruction.

Dr. Abdullah laughed and patted Nour on the shoulder and said:

-You change quickly, cheerful, from joy to frowning. Wouldn’t it be better for you to join the acting academy?

Nour smiled as he watched the last bundle of pink wires placed at the end of the pneumatic cars:

– After the last days, I think I hope so, sir.

The president laughed and patted Nour on the shoulder and said:

– I too have often wished for this. Let’s go. The gift has been shipped, and we have to prepare how to deliver it.

The president walked down the long corridor that ended with his room, and Nour walked next to him and the president asked him:

But you have not told me yet, Lieutenant. Why was the traitor not arrested, despite your knowledge of his personality?

Nour replied:

– I feared, sir, that he might have agreed with his men to send a special signal, for example, on a regular basis, and if he were arrested, his men might know about it because the signal did not arrive, and the destruction would begin before we were fully prepared to confront him.

President Nour looked at him with admiration, and said to him teasingly:

– Excellent, Lieutenant. At first, I was amazed at your superior ability to resist drowsiness. While your companions took advantage of our preparation of the wires to enjoy a period of sleep, you were awake, continuing to prepare them, and here I find something new in you. Have you not ever thought about joining the group of our scientists? I am confident that you have an excellent scientific and analytical mentality.
Nour laughed and said:

-Do not rush, sir, with this offer. If this plan fails, I will find myself forced to accept this generous offer.

Dr. Abdullah patted Nour on the shoulder as he laughed, and anyone who saw them together would never imagine that they were preparing a plan to save the countries of the entire Middle East.

8- The plan. . .

The red light was on on the door of the head of the production unit’s room in the Research Administration building, and this meant that he was holding a very secret meeting. Inside the room, Nour was looking at his watch. It was four in the afternoon. They only had sixteen hours left, and he said: Nour, in the face of his conversation with Dr. Abdullah:

– Let us recall the elements of the plan, sir. The clock now indicates four, and exactly one hour and two minutes later the sun will set, and thus we can work from six o’clock exactly as planned.

The president cleared his throat and looked at Salwa, Mahmoud, and Ramzy before saying:

– The implementation of the plan will begin at exactly six o’clock, and it is summarized as follows: “The area surrounding the pyramid will be evacuated within a radius of one kilometre, then the men will begin to surround an area with a radius of five hundred meters with special wires connected to an accurate atomic device, and the men can establish this network in about two hours.” Taking into account all possible, even abnormal, possibilities.

At approximately eight o’clock, or before or shortly after that, and this depends on the speed of setting up the network, energy will flow through the wires, and here a strong electromagnetic field is created that surrounds the pyramid. This network was designed so that its positive charge is inward, that is, towards the pyramid, and its negative charge is outward. And so that the charge is of maximum strength, so that it attracts (death rays) to the walls of the internal network and prevents it from crossing outside, due to the presence of the strong negative charge that will, of course, repel the radiation , preventing its exit.

The important thing is that this situation cannot continue for more than forty minutes, otherwise the repulsion occurs between the internal walls of the network, which carry an identical positive charge, will destroy the wires, and also because the neutralization that the negative (death rays) ) will cause with the positive walls will lead to a weakening of the positive charge. .

In short, you only have this period of time.

Nour said, addressing his small group:

– That is, we only have forty minutes to reach the saboteurs and arrest them, otherwise the plan will fail completely.

Then he pointed to Salwa and asked her:

– What did the thermal analysis of the pyramid result in?

Salwa replied while reading a paper in her hand:

– Since there are no living creatures inside the pyramid, with the exception of insects, reptiles, and destroyers of course, the thermal analysis is supposed to give a negative image, and since living bodies radiate heat, of course, unlike the cold stones of The pyramid, the thermal radiation emanating from them appears clear in the image taken, and given that… . .

Here, Nour interrupted her firmly:

This is not the time to explain or review information. I just want the result.

Salwa furrowed her eyebrows and said briefly:

Thermal analysis resulted in the presence of only two people inside the pyramid, and the location of the radiation emanating from them indicates their presence in the upper room.

Mahmoud whistled sharply and said:

-Only two people? What audacity! ! So this gang, which threatens to destroy the entire Middle East, consists of only three individuals.

Dr. Abdullah commented:

– These three vital positions occupy only, young man. How do we know about the number of members of this gang outside these positions?

Ramzi said:

– I do not think it will increase much, as their strength is not in their abundance, but in this dangerous device that they possess.

Salwa said:

– But I bet that there are at least three people watching the pyramid for fear of surprising their companions.

Nour interrupted her, pointing to Ramzi:

– What do you think, our psychiatrist?

Ramzi replied:

– I think this is reasonable, as the nature of the criminal requires him to always be cautious, perhaps exaggerated at times, and this excessive caution is often the mistake that leads to the criminal falling into the hands of justice.

Nour listened to him carefully, then turned to Salwa and asked her:

– Since the last signal from which we learned about the destroyers’ hideout, have any other signals been sent from or to them?

Salwa answered confidently:

-Until now no.

Nour pointed to Mahmoud and asked him:

-You say that the signals are carried by alpha rays. Can you prevent them from reaching the pyramid?

Mahmoud thought a little, then answered:

I think I can.

Before Nour could speak, Mahmoud laughed and said:

– I mean… I am certain that I can. I will simply use (beta) particles, as they are different in terms of charge to (alpha) particles.. Yes, I can, Commander.

Nour said with interest:

– This is very important, as we must prevent any signal from reaching the destroyers inside the pyramid before starting to set up the network, otherwise they will hasten to release (death rays) before we are sufficiently prepared to prevent them.

Dr. Abdullah was following Nour, with looks of admiration appearing in his eyes, and he said:

– Didn’t I tell you, Lieutenant, that you have an excellent scientific and analytical mind?

Nour said as if he had not heard the last phrase:

-This means that the plan must be modified a little, sir. Mahmoud will precede us there to prevent any signals from arriving, and then we will follow him with the wires.

Then he looked at his watch and said to (Mahmoud):

– Can you set up the loudspeaker before six o’clock?

Mahmoud replied:

– Of course I have one.

Nour smiled as he said:

– You must act now, then, and make sure that your plan is successful and that you will be helped (Salwa).

Then he turned to (Ramzi) and asked him:

What reaction do you expect, our psychiatrist?

Ramzi replied:

– If we take into account the psychological state that the two terrorists will be in, especially due to the sudden effect of radiation, then I think that they can surrender as soon as they are warned.

Nour thought for a while, then said:

– I cannot rely on this possibility. As soon as the energy is transmitted to the protective network, its wires will glow, as if the morning has broken. I expect that the two destroyers will begin using the (death ray) device as soon as they feel this, and then they will not surrender, and their fate is known.

Salwa said questioningly as she prepared her gear to go with Mahmoud:

– But the corridor leading to this room is so narrow that it will only accommodate one man. Who would agree to put himself in this trap?

The president interrupted her, saying:

– I can get a volunteer in just ten minutes, young lady.

Nour pointed to him and said:

-You don’t need a volunteer, sir.

Salwa said:

-But who could….

Then she suddenly fell silent, looking at astonishment like the others at Nour, who said raising his head:

– Yes, I.. The Supreme Commander assigned me this mission, and I alone bear the burden of completing it to the end.

A drop of tears fell from Salwa’s eyes, and she hurried out for fear that someone would see her tears.

9 – The giant and the dwarf…

In a large hall inside an isolated villa in the Haram area, five people sat in a state of tension and anxiety. They were calmed down by an ugly-faced dwarf sitting in front of the television screen watching a 3D movie. As the largest of them, he was the most nervous. He said while looking at his watch:

– There are only fifteen hours left, and no one responded to the alarm. Damn them all!!

The dwarf answered him calmly:

– Did you forget the leader’s orders? . Countries always respond at the last minute. You must be patient.

One of the other men said:

But I noticed suspicious movements in the area about a quarter of an hour ago. Several giant air transport vehicles belonging to the Scientific Research Center passed by on their way to the pyramid.

The dwarf jumped from his seat and shouted:

– What an idiot you are!! Why didn’t you tell me right away?

The man answered stammeringly:

-I thought, I mean I…

The dwarf jumped up and slapped him, cursing angrily and saying:

-You idiot, it will lead to the arrest of all of us. I will not return to the moon prison again. Send an urgent signal to the leader in the scientific research department, and try to alert (the monster) and (snara) in the pyramid.. Hurry.

Then he started walking back and forth in the room cursing and cursing, then he became petrified when a man’s voice came to him saying in horror:

-The signal device is not working.. We are finished.

In one jump, the dwarf was in front of the device. He tried to turn it nervously, then kicked it angrily and shouted:

-We fell! ! No, I will not return to the moon prison again. I will come back alive. The big man rushed towards the door of the villa, shouting to the men:

– Come on, we should try to escape immediately before the opportunity is lost.

The men rushed outside, and quickly lined up inside a jet car and one of them took off, and this was the mistake they made. The men guarding the air transport vehicles saw them, so they rushed after them. It was a terrible chase between the jet car driven by the five criminals at its top speed. of five hundred kilometers per hour, and among the light scientific intelligence vehicles, which can travel at speeds of up to six hundred metres.

The five men quickly fell, and the dwarf collapsed crying when he found himself in the hands of justice, as if he did not know that crime was not beneficial, and while the policemen were leading the criminals to where they were being investigated, the men of the Scientific Research Center were working in full swing to establish the protective network with the fastest means. Possible, and between them sit (Mahmoud) and (Salwa) following the Shushra for any signal that might reach the destroyers inside the pyramid.

10- A struggle within the pyramid…

Hassan shouted with a mixture of surprise and anger:

Damn, what’s going on here?

Hammad approached the small screen placed in front of the fat man, and his facial muscles tensed as he said:

– I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s strange.

Hassan shouted while trembling:

-They discovered our hideout… Didn’t I tell you? lhave…

Hammad slapped him hard, shouting at him:

-You coward, I told you it is impossible. It must be repairs to reopen the pyramid… but!! …

Hammad was silent, thinking, and Hassan urged him nervously:
– But? but what ?

Hammad hesitated for a while, then said:

But, what drives them to work at night? Then why do they work in the dark? Why don’t they turn on the lights?

Hassan shouted in horror:

– They know where we are, let’s destroy them with this x-ray device. Come on. Come on.

Hammad shouted as he pushed him away:

-Shut up, you coward. Let me think. No, I cannot make this decision. I must consult the leader. Send him an urgent signal. Come on.

At the same moment, Nour had finished wearing his protective uniform, and turned to a man next to him and asked him:

– How much time remains to finish this network?

The man replied:

-It is almost finished. The men succeeded in establishing it in approximately fifty minutes less than the scheduled time, and here it is, with only ten minutes remaining until its completion. Nour sighed and said:

– May these minutes pass without trouble. The past fifty minutes have passed like an entire eternity.

The man smiled and said reassuringly (Noor):

– Rest assured, sir. We will succeed, God willing.

Nour said, pointing to the pyramid:

– According to the established plan, I will enter the pyramid at the same moment that energy begins to be transmitted through the wires, so I think I should head to the entrance now.

The man said with an encouraging smile:

– May God grant you success, sir.

Nour moved towards the pyramid, and the man looked at him with admiration and said to himself in a whisper:

-What a hero!!

Inside the upper room of the Great Pyramid, Hassan was drying his professor’s sweat, and his tense fingers continued sending signals to the leader to no avail. He turned to Hammad and said:

-What will you do? The signals are very confused. Something is strongly obstructing the transmission.

Hammad said in a shaky voice as he watched the screen in front of him:

– It’s clear. They knew the hideout. They must have caught (the leader). I will destroy them all. I will never fall into their grip. They will never be able to…

The words stopped in his throat when the screen screamed with a powerful, dazzling light, and a sharp whistle was emitted from it… Hassan screamed, stood up, cursed, and headed towards the (death ray) device, screaming:

– I will destroy them.. I will destroy everyone.

Then he suddenly stopped, pointed to a special light on the wall, and shouted:

– See the alarm, they have entered the pyramid.

Hammad rushed to the wall, snatched from it a small pistol that fired deadly laser beams, then headed to the entrance of the room, shouting, overcome with anger:

-I will kill them all. No one will enter this room except over my dead body.

Then he turned to Hassan, pointing to the death ray machine, and shouted to him:

Destroy them, destroy them all, destroy them.

As soon as he passed the stone entrance to the room, he was frozen in place when he heard the fat man shouting in extreme terror:

– the curse!! Oh the devil! ! The rays are dissipating. They surround us with a barrier that absorbs the radiation. What a horror! ! We are done! ! We are lost! !

Hammad jumped into the device and said in a tone filled with panic:

-impossible!! impossible!! They won’t catch me alive. Release the radiation with maximum force.

Hassan shouted:

The device will not be able to handle…

Hammad punched him nervously and shouted at him:

– I told you to shoot with maximum force.

At these moments, Nour was advancing through the narrow corridor with caution, and the buzzing sound of the (death ray) device reached his ears, and he saw in front of him from a distance a glowing light, appearing through the entrance to the small room on the right side of the end of the corridor.. Nour became silent and shouted at Its depths:

– They are emitting radiation at maximum energy, how crazy they are!! The device will not tolerate this powerful feedback energy. It will…..

Suddenly his thoughts stopped as he jumped. (Hammad) crossed the door of the room, and stood still in front of (Nour) about seven meters away. The light coming out of the door of the room made it clear to (Nour), who stopped moving, and even stopped breathing, taking advantage of the darkness of the corridor, hoping that the tall man would not spot him before He took out his gun, but was surprised by it and said sarcastically:

-one man? What a farce!! They send one man to eliminate us?! Keep your hand off your weapon, you idiot, or I will turn you into a pile of ashes.

The story of death rays, the first novel

Nour was stunned for a few moments, then he realized that the tall man was wearing infrared glasses, and this was what made him see in the dark. Nour tried to buy time and was hurried to say:

– What benefit do you get from being killed, buddy? The pyramid is surrounded by security men, and no two will be able to resist the security men.

The man said in a voice full of wonder:

-What? How did you know there were only two of us? Answer before I shoot you with radiation.

Nour said deceitfully:

Your leader has admitted everything, I advise you to surrender….

The man pointed his gun at Nour angrily, and Nour’s arm moved quickly, trying to take out his weapon when a terrible explosion rang out that shook the corners of the Great Pyramid. Nour saw golden fire rushing from the exit of the room and pushing the tall man to the wall forcefully, and he felt his ears explode, then he disappeared. About awareness.

11 – The head of the snake. . .

The commander of the forces stood outside the pyramid, watching the metal grid as it destroyed the “death rays.” Concern appeared clearly on its features. One of the men approached him and asked him:

-The radiation is very strong, Mr. Commander, I don’t think so. The network will handle more than twenty minutes more. What do you think?

The leader answered nervously:

– I think so too, and this is what worries me. They are releasing radiation at the maximum possible energy, and if this situation continues, I fear that…

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a muffled bang, and the Great Pyramid shook so violently that everyone feared it would collapse, but it soon stabilized and calmed down, stood tall and the radiation stopped, as it had been done for centuries. Everyone was silent for a moment, then the leader shouted:

The device exploded, without a doubt. The network survived. We succeeded, men. We succeeded.

Then he stopped shouting and said, his anxiety returning to him:

– But.. Lieutenant Nour.. Oh my God!!

Then he rushed past the net towards the pyramid, with a number of men behind him. Nour was lying in the middle of the corridor that was filled with thick smoke, so the leader pulled him out of the corridor with difficulty. As soon as everyone was outside, the leader began coughing violently, then he put his ear on Nour’s chest. And he shouted:

– His breathing is weak… God! !

A man rushed out of the crowd and shouted to the leader:

– Leave it to me..

This man was none other than (Ramzi), who began pressing his palms on (Nour’s) chest with regular movements, then with his mouth he pushed the air into his chest, and again pressed on his ribs, until (Nour) coughed, and Here the leader breathed a sigh of relief and shouted happily:

The story of death rays, the first novel

-Thank God! He’s alive.

Ramzi gasped and said while wiping the sweat that was pouring down his forehead despite the cold weather:

-What a hero!!

Only thirty minutes had passed until Nour was standing among them, with a small device in his hand, from which he spoke to the Supreme Commander:

We won, sir, without any losses on our part. The device was destroyed and the destroyers inside the pyramid were eliminated, and the pyramid did not sustain any significant damage.

The Commander-in-Chief’s voice was full of joy and admiration as he said:

– This is wonderful.. More than wonderful, Lieutenant Nour.. I can hardly believe this success, it is like old movies.

Nour smiled as he said:

– Exactly, sir. Please allow me to take the last step before I head to the Supreme Command headquarters to submit my report.

The commander-in-chief quickly replied:

– Of course you can.. You can do that.

Nour turned to Ramzi after he cut off the call and said:

We have eliminated the tails, and the moment has come to cut off the head of the snake.

12 – The traitor. . .

Nour entered the room of Dr. Abdullah, head of the Scientific Research Center, who greeted him and his colleagues with congratulations. Salwa could not contain herself from joy, so she burst into tears. As soon as everyone finished congratulating Nour on the success of his plan, he turned around. To Dr. Abdullah and said:

-Is he in his room?

Dr. Abdullah answered with a smile:

– Yes, I do not envy him for the coming moments.

Nour asked:

-Does he know the news of the arrest of his gang members?

Salwa replied:

no not yet.

In one of the building’s rooms, a man was walking nervously, talking to himself:

– What is the secret of the suspicious movements that take place in extreme secrecy inside the research building? Does this have anything to do with the “death ray” incident? .. He has not received any signal from his men for more than five hours.. What is the secret? …

His thoughts suddenly stopped when the door of the room opened violently. The man turned around in horror, and his eyes widened in horror when he saw Lieutenant (Nour) in front of him, and behind him (Ramzi), (Mahmoud), and (Salwa), and next to them was his boss, Dr. . (Abdullah). Everyone’s features did not indicate friendliness. There was silence for a while, during which the man regained his calm and began to say:

What is this happening? How do you break into my room like this?

Nour interrupted him in a calm voice:

-I lost the deal I offered you. It has fallen into our hands.

The man said, trying to control his nerves:

-What do you mean? Have you gone crazy?

Dr. Abdullah smiled and said to the man in a firm tone:

– There is no longer any use. Your men whom you placed in the pyramid villa have been arrested, and (the dwarf) has made a full confession. Unfortunately, the x-ray machine exploded, and the two men whom you placed in the upper room of the pyramid were killed. . Sorry, but there is still no room for denial. . It’s over.

The facts spoke alone. There was no room for doubt. The plan had failed, and the men had surrendered. His matter was over. The man claimed with tears pouring from his eyes:

– Mercy…mercy!!

Nour responded coldly:

– There is no mercy for those who create destruction… How I hate even the mere words… You had the opportunity to win mercy, but you are like all criminals. Stupid.. Since I received your reference to your colleagues, I knew immediately who you were. Do you think you are a genius? Perhaps, but you did not succeed in investing your genius. If you had presented your invention of transmitting messages carried on particles (alpha rays) to the research department, you would have been of great importance today. But, what should I say? ..

-You are a mass of evil, but you have revealed yourself with this invention of yours. Who among the three can come up with such a revelation? He is undoubtedly the most experienced in the field of radiation.

The man shouted:

– No one has ever appreciated my talents. They always put me in the lowest rank. I am better than your greatest scientists.

Nour interrupted him with disgust:

– Be silent. You may be the smartest of them, but you are the worst of people. If you had thought about doing good, you might now have become one of our scholars, but this is what evil did to you. You will join your comrades in the Moon Prison. Know, you scoundrel, that crime does not pay. .

Then Nour sat down and turned to the collapsed man and said:

Isn’t this true, Abdul Sattar?

The man lowered his head and did not answer.

13- Conclusion. . .

Salwa shook Nour’s hand proudly and said:

– How much I enjoyed working under your leadership, Commander.

Nour’s face turned red from embarrassment and she said with a smile:

– Always nice to see you all.

Ramzi asked him carefully:

– I don’t understand, Commander. If Abdul Sattar is so smart, and has the secret of an extremely powerful invention, why doesn’t he use it to ask for something important instead of releasing some criminals?

Nour smiled and replied:

This was a smart goal, my dear doctor.

The release of these criminals, despite their danger, indicates the extent of governments’ fear of the device that Abdul Sattar possesses, and their willingness to provide more. It also guarantees him the loyalty of these criminals, and thus he has the human and technological power.
Ramzi said while looking at Nour with admiration:

– I can say that you are the greatest person I have ever studied psychology, Commander. How I always want to work with you.

Mahmoud laughed and said as he was about to leave the room:

– Goodbye, our brave leader. We are at your service at any moment.

Salwa grabbed her bag and headed towards the room door to bid Nour a warm farewell. As soon as she left, Nour sighed, yawned, turned to the atomic clock hanging on the wall, and smiled deeply inside.

He had not slept since the first moment the Commander-in-Chief assigned him this mission. Nour collapsed on a nearby seat and closed her eyes. She quickly opened them again and turned to Salwa, who had returned to the room. He heard her say:

– Imagine, Commander, I forgot to congratulate you.

Then she smiled when she noticed his sleepiness, and said as she was about to leave the room:

-You deserve the Christmas gift the Supreme Leader gave you. You deserve it well. See you, Captain Nour. Congratulations on your promotion.

Nour smiled and waited until Salwa closed the door and fell into a deep sleep.



This was done, thank God


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