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the three brothers wonderful story suitable children

The story of the three brothers

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The story of the Three Brothers is one of the long bedtime stories. It tells about three brothers. The first goes on a mission and does not return. The second follows him and does not return until the younger brother goes and completes the mission. But what are the details and what happened? This is what we will know in the story below.

The Three Brothers and the Golden Bird

There was a king who had a unique apple tree that produced fruits of gold. The gardener counted the apples every day and informed the king of their number. One day the gardener went and said to the king: – An apple has run short, my lord, the king.

The king was very angry when he heard this news and said: I will not leave this thief.

In the evening, the gardener assigned his eldest son to guard the apple tree, but he fell asleep and in the morning another apple was missing, so the gardener said: I will assign the second son to guard the apple tree at night.

As soon as midnight came, the second son also went to sleep, and once again he ate an apple in the morning.

So the gardener’s youngest son offered to the king to guard the tree that night. The king agreed, and at exactly midnight the gardener’s youngest son heard the sound of a bird in the air.

A bird with a pure gold feather appeared, and while it was presenting the apple with its beak, the gardener’s son jumped and shot the bird with an arrow, but it did not hit it. Rather, it dropped a golden feather from its tail and the bird flew away.

The gardener presented the feather to the king, and the council was held. Everyone agreed that it was more valuable than all the kingdom’s wealth. The king then said: One feather is not enough. I want the whole plane. Whoever has the courage to bring the golden bird.

The gardener’s eldest son volunteered for the mission, and the eldest son went out to look for the golden bird, and when he arrived in the forest, he saw a fox sitting in the road.

So he took out the bow and arrows and prepared to shoot him. Then the fox spoke and said: “Don’t kill me, and I will give you good advice. I know that you are on a mission to find the golden bird.”

Ibn Al-Bustani Al-Akbar said: What is the advice?

The fox said: Listen to me. In the evening, you will reach a village with two hotels opposite each other, one of which is wonderful and looks beautiful, and the other looks despicable and cheap, and you have to spend your night in the despicable hotel.

The son spoke to himself, saying: How did he know the matter? How could this animal know such a thing? So he shot the arrow at the fox, but he missed and the fox fled into the forest. Then the gardener’s son continued on his way and arrived at the village with two hotels. People were celebrating, dancing, and singing in one of them, and the other seemed poor and unclean.

The gardener’s son said to himself, “I will be stupid if I choose the despicable hotel.” So he went to the beautiful hotel and started eating and drinking until he forgot about the bird and forgot his country as well.

Time passed and he did not return to his country, so the second son traveled and the same thing happened to him. He met the fox and gave him advice, but as soon as he reached the two hotels, his older brother called him to the beautiful hotel, so he went to him and forgot about the bird, forgot about his country.

Another time passed and the younger son asked to look for the golden bird and said to his father: Please, Father, allow me.

The father felt afraid and said: – I have lost two of my children.

The younger son said: – But you will not lose me, trust me.

The gardener finally agreed, so the son arrived in the forest and met the fox. He listened to the same advice and the fox said to him: – Listen to him. If you want to find the golden bird, you have to stay the night in the old hotel.

The younger son said: Thank you for the advice, wise man.

The fox spoke, saying: If you want to arrive quickly, ride now on my tail

The younger son rode on the fox’s back and soon arrived at the village and went to the despicable hotel and spent the night and the morning.

The fox returned and gave him another piece of advice and said to him: “Now continue until you reach a palace. In front of it you will find a group of soldiers deep in sleep. Do not pay attention to them. Enter the palace and you will find a room containing the golden bird in its wooden cage and next to it is a beautiful golden cage. Do not try to change the cages or you will regret it.”

Then the fox straightened his tail well and the young man rode on it until he reached the palace gate. The younger son entered the palace and found the room as the fox told him.

Then the younger son said: It would be funny if you returned with a bird like this in this despicable cage.

But as soon as he opened the cage door to change the cages, the bird screamed loudly and woke up the guards who arrested him, and in the morning a trial was held for him.

After a lot of talking, he was sentenced to death, and the youngest son of the king of this kingdom said: O merciful king, please forgive me.

The king said: I will pardon you on one condition. Bring me the golden horse that precedes the wind, and I will pardon you and give you the golden bird.

The young man began his journey and met his friend the fox. The fox scolded him and said to him: “Did you see now what happened when you did not listen to my advice?” But you are a good young man, so I will help you find the golden horse. Continue until you reach a castle and find the horse standing in its stall, and next to it you find a groom sleeping and snoring. Take the horse quietly, but make sure to put the old leather saddle on it and stay away from the golden saddle.

As soon as he saw the horse, he said to himself, “I will put a golden saddle on it. It suits it.” As soon as the golden saddle was lifted, the horse neighed until the groom woke up and screamed loudly. The guards came and put him in prison and sentenced him to death.

But he begged them again to pardon him, and the king of this kingdom said to him: If you can bring me the beautiful princess, I will pardon you, and you will get the horse and the bird as well.

So he continued on his way again, where he met the fox and said to him: – If you had listened to me, you would have gotten the bird and the horse, but I will help you again. Continue on your way and you will find a castle. Come quickly run up to this beautiful princess and give her a kiss. You will find her in her suite at midnight and she will agree to come with you, but be careful, do not make her go to say goodbye. Her father and mother never.

The youngest son arrived at the castle and what the fox said happened. He met the princess in the middle of the night and gave her a kiss. The princess agreed to run away with him, but she tearfully begged him to say goodbye to her father until he finally agreed.

But as soon as she reached her father, they arrested him again and the king said to him: “You will never get my daughter until you demolish the hill that blocks the light from my window in eight days.”

The hill was so large that all humans could not demolish it. After seven days, the youngest son had accomplished little, so he sat down in despair, and his friend the fox came to help him again.

The fox said: “Go to sleep and I will work for you.”

And the hill disappeared in the morning, and the happy king gave it his daughter, and the young man left with the princess and met the fox again, and then the fox said to him: – You can have everything, the prince, the horse, and the bird.

The younger son said: Really, how?

The fox said: – Listen carefully. Go to the king and present him with the princess. Then he will be very happy with her and will offer you the golden horse. Then you will extend your hand to shake their hands, but shake hands with the princess after the king, then catch her and lift her on the horse

then run away as quickly as possible, then go to the castle where the bird is, and I will wait for you with him. The princess is at the door and present the horse to the king who will bring you the bird and tell him that you want to see it to make sure it is the real one, and as soon as you catch it, run away.

Everything the fox said happened and he did exactly as planned, and the younger son said to him: Thank you, my friend, for your precious advice. I owe you a lot.

The fox said: “Really, if you do me a favor, please end my life.”

The younger son said in amazement: “What?” I would never do that to you my friend.

The fox said: “Okay, as you like, but I will give you some advice: Beware of two things on your way: never free anyone from the gallows and never sit next to the river.”

The young man and the princess rode the horse and reached the village where he left his brothers. There he heard noise and cheers and saw two men on the gallows. He approached them closer and found that they were his brothers.

They turned into two thieves. Take all my money and leave them, please. After he saved his brothers, they all arrived at the forest in which they met the fox. Then the brothers said: Let us sit by the river until we rest and eat and drink.

The younger son agreed, not remembering the fox’s advice, and sat by the river and did not suspect anything until a brotherhood came and threw him into the river.

The two brothers took the princess, the horse, and the bird and returned to the king of their country. The eldest son said: Your Majesty, we have promised you a lot. We have obtained all of this with our work.

The king was very happy, but the horse refused to eat and the bird refused to sing, and the princess kept crying.

As for the younger son, he was fortunate that he fell in a dry place in the river, but the side of the river was steep and he could not get out until the fox came again.

The fox spoke, saying: This would not have happened if you had listened to me, and I will not abandon you because you are my friend, and I will give you you my tail for you to hold on to.”

He took him out of the river and the fox said to him: Your two brothers have decided to kill you if anyone finds you in the kingdom.

The youngest son dressed as a poor man and sneaked into a king’s hall. As soon as he reached the door, the horse began to eat and the bird began to sing and the princess stopped crying.

Then the youngest son went to the king and told him of his brothers’ fraud. The king ordered his brother to be punished with imprisonment and restored the princess again. After the king’s death, he inherited the kingdom from him.

After a long time, while he was walking in the forest, he met the fox again, who begged him with tears in his eyes to end his life. The fox said to him: – Please, my friend, it is my only request, do this.

The younger son agreed while he was sad, and as soon as he killed the fox, he turned into a man and turned out to be the princess’s brother, who had lost track of him many years ago.


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