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The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

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The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

Somewhere in the land of (Egypt), and in some era of the future, there is the supreme leadership of the Egyptian Scientific Intelligence, where work takes place in complete calm and absolute secrecy, in order to protect scientific progress in (Egypt), and in order to preserve scientific secrets. Which is the true measure of the progress of nations.

For these goals, the scientific intelligence man, Nour El-Din Mahmoud, works at the head of a rare team, chosen with complete care and extreme precision. . .

A special team, facing the dangers of a new era, and challenging scientific ambiguity and future mysteries. .

It is a glimpse of hope for a coming generation, a glimpse of the world of tomorrow, and a new page of the eternal file. . .

_ Future file

Dedicated to the soul of Dr. Nabil Farouk.

Future File series

Novel (the disappearance of a missile)

The novel (the disappearance of a missile) from the (Future File series) series of novels

  • How does a huge missile disappear without leaving a trace?
  • Where does the missile go after it disappears?
  • Do you wonder… Will Nour succeed in solving this mysterious puzzle?

Read the exciting details…and participate with Nour in solving the mystery.

1_ The missile…

The small rocket car, driven by Captain Nour, rushed over the paved road that extends through the vast desert on the western side of the Nile facing the city of Luxor, and passed the Temple of Hatshepsut, at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.

Its commander was leading it with great skill and skill, even though his thoughts were revolving around his meeting last night with the Supreme Commander of the General Directorate of Scientific Intelligence.

Captain Nour glanced at the Valley of the Kings as he recalled the conversation that took place between him and the Supreme Commander, when the latter asked him:

– Do you believe in the curse of the Pharaohs, Captain?

Nour was surprised by the strangeness of the question, but he answered:

I do not believe in it, of course, sir.. Is there anyone who still believes in this myth in the twenty-first century?

The Supreme Commander smiled and said:

– Many, Captain, more than you can imagine.

Then the Supreme Commander paused for a moment to press some buttons in front of him, and said while pointing to the television screen hanging on the wall:

– Look at this picture, Captain. It is a picture of the first Arab missile prepared to be launched from outside the borders of this room in which we live. For the first time, our scientists use amino fuel, which brings the speed of the missile to nine-tenths of the speed of light, which is the highest speed that can be achieved.

The image on the screen changed, following a small press by the Supreme Commander on a green button in front of him, and he said:

– As for this picture, it represents the secret space base that was established in the Western Desert, five hundred kilometers west of the city of Luxor. Its workers were chosen with great precision, and the security procedures are so precise that sand itself cannot enter this base without knowledge. Its security personnel.

The Supreme Commander turned off the screen, turned to Nour, and said with a smile:
– I think you are very interesting to know the reason for which I invited you, and its relationship to the curse of the Pharaohs?

Nour replied respectfully:

– Exactly, sir.

The Supreme Commander straightened his seat and said to Nour:

– Since your amazing success in the (death ray) case, I have learned that you are exactly the man we need in extremely mysterious cases.

The Supreme Commander leaned forward, then said:

– The launch date of the Arab missile (Al-Fateh No. 1) was the day before yesterday… and for a mysterious reason, confusion struck all the devices in the space base, which knocked the missile off course, and it fell before it crossed the atmosphere of the planet Earth, two hundred kilometers south of the base. .

Although the surveillance team had determined its exact location, when they arrived at the site, they found no trace of the missile.

Nour’s eyes widened in astonishment, but he did not say a single word, and the Supreme Commander continued to say:

Amino fuel was the only secret element in the missile, but the search for the lost missile did not prevent the construction of another missile. You know that advanced technology in this era made building a missile a task that did not require more than twenty hours, and then launching the missile had to be done quickly. ; Because this matter is related to the movement of planet Earth around the sun.

– The important thing is that the launch of the new missile (Al-Fatih No. 2) will take place the day after tomorrow, and I have taken strict security measures at the base, and I will assign you a double task: First: You must monitor the launch of the missile (Al-Fatih No. 2), for fear of similar confusion occurring.

– Second: Search for the missile (Al-Fateh No. 1) and destroy it. Do you think you can do this mission?

Nour answered confidently:

– Perfectly believed, sir.. but?

The Supreme Commander straightened up and said:

But what, Captain?

Nour hesitated for a moment, then asked the Supreme Commander:

But what does this have to do with the curse of the Pharaohs, sir?

The Supreme Commander smiled and said:

This mysterious defect in the base’s equipment, and the strange disappearance of the missile, inspired some of the workers to launch a rumor saying that all of this had happened because of the curse of the Pharaohs. This belief was aided by the presence of the base near the Pharaonic temples west of Luxor.

Nour smiled and did not comment…

Captain Nour pressed the brakes of the missile car, and its speed dropped immediately when he woke up from his memories, as soon as he saw a sign warning those arriving not to continue or speed, because there was a military zone..

He quickly approached a huge gate in front of which stood five soldiers, each carrying a deadly laser rifle. Nour stopped in front of the gate, then got out of the car, approached the highest-ranking soldier, and introduced himself to him, saying:

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

– Captain Nour El-Din Mahmoud from Scientific Intelligence.

The man gave the military salute, then said:

We have orders to bring you in, sir, but will you allow us to verify your identity?

Nour nodded to him in the affirmative, and the man took him to a small room next to the gate. The room was bare except for a piece of pure crystal, fixed horizontally on the wall, and a small blue screen, fixed vertically above it. It was Nour. He knew the procedures, so he placed his palms on the crystal panel, waited for thirty seconds, then a buzzing sounded in the room and the blue screen lit up with specific words.

Nour’s full name, his rank, and two photographs, one of his face and the other of his side. Nour raised his palms, and the guard said while giving the military salute:

– You can enter now, sir. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nour drove his rocket car through the gate, thinking about what he might find inside the huge space base.

2- The mysterious disappearance. . .

The huge missile was standing tall in the middle of the launch base, and a large number of workers were busy preparing the final touches before its launch. On a distant balcony, Captain Nour stood next to the Egyptian scientist, Dr. Sami Salem, director of the space base, following up on the work. Dr. Sami was He was the first to speak and said:

– In less than half an hour, this missile will be launched, Captain. I have personally reviewed all the steps and devices.

Then he turned to Nour and said angrily:

– I don’t know what prompted them to send a policeman like you to monitor the missile launch. We have the greatest scientists in Egypt and even in the entire Middle East.

Nour cleared his throat in confusion, then answered:

– I’m sorry if I cause you some distress, sir, but the matter is not limited to scientific knowledge only. Perhaps it required some police experience.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Dr. Sami’s face, and he said:

– So… Do you think, Captain, that we will find the reason for the confusion of the devices and the disappearance of the missile (Al-Fateh No. 1)? ..Do you think you are more competent than our scientists?

Nour gave him a sarcastic smile and answered, deliberately teasing him:

– Maybe…what’s the problem?

Dr. Sami furrowed his eyebrows, then turned his head to face the glass barrier, and was completely silent as he watched the workers move away from the launch base of the huge missile. Nour smiled deep inside, then he realized that the countdown to the launch had begun.

Nour’s nerves became tense as he continued counting. He was asking himself:

– Will the missile be launched successfully this time? If this happens again, he will have a difficult adventure ahead of him.

He saw thick smoke filling the launch base, the huge missile preparing to launch into the depths of space, and the countdown approached zero.. Nour’s tension increased as the launch approached, until the number zero reached his ears, and strong fire was emitted from the bottom of the missile, which trembled for a moment, then he took It rose slowly at first, then its speed increased little by little.

The ghost of a triumphant smile appeared on Dr. Sami’s face, and before Nour let out a sigh of relief, the whole place was filled with a powerful, deafening buzzing. Dr. Sami’s eyes widened in astonishment, then he rushed to the many screens that filled the wide hall behind them…

Nour hurried after him, and quickly stopped, astonished. The machines were all screaming and the screens were all white, as if some madness had struck them.

Nour quickly looked at his atomic watch and noticed that it was also white… So there is something… a force that paralyzes all the machines in this area…

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

Dr. Sami was running here and there, trying to save the situation, when the buzzing suddenly stopped, and all the devices returned to working normally..

The technicians rushed to work, and Nour saw signs of astonishment on the faces, and concluded the matter before Dr. Sami said to him sadly:

The missile disappeared. It evaporated. We could not find any trace of it.

Before Nour could say a word, one of the technicians shouted:

– A message from the monitoring team: The missile fell…just as it happened the first time, but this time two hundred kilometers west of the base. We have the exact coordinates.

Only minutes passed until the search team, led by Captain (Nour), was cutting through the desert with missile cars, towards the site of the missile fall (Al-Fateh No. 2)… but when the team arrived at the coordinates, there was no trace of the missile.. despite the team conducting a comprehensive survey of the area. .

Nour felt suffocated… How could a missile of this size disappear without a trace?

On the way back, bitterness was filling his heart when one of the men said to him:

– I tell you the truth, sir. It started with the curse of the Pharaohs. I think this mystery requires an archaeologist.

Nour was silent, thinking, then said in a low voice:

– Rather, it requires a research team.

The man turned to him in astonishment when Nour continued:

– A special kind of team.

3_ Team meeting. .

The luxury missile car stopped next to the temple of the Pharaonic Queen Hatshepsut, and its driver slowed down and said to the passenger next to him:

– How happy I was with the letter I received from Captain Nour, inviting us to participate with him again.

The passenger – who was none other than Mahmoud, the young engineer and radiology expert – turned to him and said with a smile:

– I see that mysterious detective work has drawn you away from your work, psychiatrist.

Ramzi, the young psychiatrist, laughed and said:

– As for me, I think she attracted all three of us, my dear.

Then he said without turning around:

-Isn’t that so, princess?

Salwa, the communications and tracking expert, smiled, admiring this title that Ramzi gave her, and did not answer.

The car quickly crossed the Valley of the Kings and approached the huge gate of the space base. The three passed the personality verification tests, then crossed the gate into the base. Captain Nour welcomed them warmly, and everyone sat reminiscing about their recent meeting in the past, in the case of (death rays)…

Then Nour began to explain to them the reason for their summoning. As soon as he finished, silence fell over everyone, and Salwa interrupted him by saying:

– This is like a collection of magic stories. It is not easy to believe that a huge missile would disappear like this, without leaving a trace of its previous existence.

Nour said, smiling:

– So do I.. but we have a reality before us.. What do you think, Mahmoud?

Silence prevailed for a while, and all attention turned to Mahmoud, who said after a period of thought:

– Well.. If I had thought about causing confusion for all this number of devices at once, my thinking would have been limited to only two ways: first: to surround the entire area with a strong magnetic field, and second: to use high-frequency sound waves.

Ramzi raised his eyebrows in surprise and repeated:

– Sound waves ?

Mahmoud answered, trying to simplify his theory:

– Yes… you know that the relationship between sound waves and light is strong… and several years ago, scientists benefited from this energy in inventing video devices, which depend on recording the image in the form of magnetic tapes, just as was happening with recorded audio tapes, and since that time it has developed. Devices that depend on this relationship are a wonderful development. About five years ago, a scientist achieved what we used to call a dream, which is the creation of light images using high-frequency sound waves.

Nour asked him carefully:

-What does this have to do with hardware confusion?

Mahmoud laughed and said:

– You always prevent me from reviewing my information, Commander. Well… if I were to send high-frequency sound waves, approaching the frequency of light waves, then all devices that rely on sending or receiving both sound or light waves would be completely confused.

Silence prevailed for several seconds, then Nour said:

Do you think this applies to atomic clocks as well?

Mahmoud answered immediately:

– Of course, atomic clocks depend on regular radiofrequency.

Before anyone could speak, a small lamp lit above the door of the room, emitting a faint buzzing. Nour smiled and turned to his companions, saying:

– We have a visitor, comrades.

Then he went to the door and pressed a small button next to it. The door opened quietly, and Dr. Sami entered the room, who stood silently contemplating the members of the small team. Then he smiled sarcastically and said:

-So this is a terrible team! …

Then he turned to Nour and said:

– So these are the geniuses I sent for!! Do you think we will establish a training center for young people?

Everyone exchanged looks, then Nour said:

– I have not yet presented to you the members of my small team. First, I present to you Dr. Sami, the world-class Egyptian missile expert and commander of the space base in which you are honored to reside now.

Silence prevailed in the room, and looks focused on Dr. Sami’s face, who seemed ashamed of this polite manner in which Nour addressed him. Everyone was quietly introduced, then Nour said, directing his speech to Dr. Sami:

– Sorry, sir.. but our engineer friend (Mahmoud) has a theory that explains the confusion of the devices.

The sarcastic smile returned to Dr. Sami’s face as he said:

-Theory? .. This young man put it? …

Then he turned to Mahmoud and said in a sarcastic tone:

– Okay, little genius, give me what you have.

Mahmoud was silent for a while, and signs of anger began to appear on his face, but Nour gave him a subtle signal to explain his theory. Mahmoud cleared his throat and then began to explain the theory in a calm, orderly manner, and Ramzi’s eyes focused on Dr. Sami’s face. …and the sarcastic smile quickly disappeared from his lips as he followed (Mahmoud). As soon as (Mahmoud) finished explaining his idea, a complete silence prevailed. Dr. (Sami) had a rigid expression, looking absent-mindedly. Then he suddenly said, as if he had woken up from a dream. Tam long:

– amazing !! Could you tell me your age, young man?

His tone had changed completely, and there was no sarcastic tone in it anymore. And before (Mahmoud) answered him, he turned away his hands and said:

– No.. No.. This has no importance.

Then he took quick steps towards the door of the room, and before leaving it he turned to (Mahmoud) and smiled a smile full of admiration, then closed the door behind him. (Ramzi) immediately chanted:

-What a wonderful man!!

Everyone turned to him in astonishment, so he continued:

– He is knowledgeable… truly knowledgeable. He did not feel upset; Because a young man of his son’s age had solved a riddle that he was unable to explain, but he felt impressed that he was a real scientist… If his reaction had been different, I would have felt upset with him.

Nour laughed and said, teasingly:

– They say in old proverbs: The piper dies while his hands are playing. You also know my dear (symbolic), from the top of your head to the toes of your feet.

Then he turned to Mahmoud and said:

– You made us win this round, Mahmoud. I think that the treatment of Dr. Sami will change completely from this moment.

Everyone laughed, then Mahmoud came back and said:

But I will not feel comfortable until my theory is confirmed, even if I do not know how?

Nour turned to Salwa and said:

– What do you think, communications expert?

Salwa waited a little, then said:

– I actually don’t know.. All monitoring and tracking devices will suffer the same paralysis and confusion, with the presence of these high frequencies.

Everyone was silent, thinking, then Salwa rushed in and said:

– Tell me, Commander.

Nour turned to her and continued:

Didn’t the monitoring team accurately determine the location of the missile’s fall on both occasions? .

Nour replied:

– Yes. The team resides in an area about one hundred kilometers north of the base, and its mission is to follow the launch of the missile until it passes the Earth’s atmosphere.

Salwa asked:

– So… the monitoring team’s devices were not paralyzed or confused, while this happened to all of Al-Qaeda’s devices.

Nour was silent for a while, then said:

– Smart remark, Salwa.

Then, after another period of silence, he said:

– We will visit the monitoring team together tomorrow.

4 – Control center. . .

Salwa boarded the missile car next to Captain Nour, who pressed several buttons in front of him, then grabbed the steering wheel in preparation for launch. Salwa tightened her seat belt around her waist, and the car took off.

Nour said while driving the car skillfully:

– I think that the feminine curiosity inside you needs some information about where we are headed, my dear (Salwa).

Salwa smiled, nodding her head in the affirmative, and Nour continued:

The place we will be heading to is called the Ground Control Center. It is a small building containing a limited electronic mind, which monitors the launch of the missile from the time it leaves the base, until it crosses the atmosphere of the planet Earth. This electronic mind is operated by only two men.

Salwa interrupted him by saying:

– And you call them the surveillance team!

Nour laughed and said:

– This term is old, when the matter needed a number of men, but now, with the development of electronic minds, the matter no longer requires more than them… One of these two men, who is the highest in rank, is called (Murad), a left-handed young man. I worked with him during my graduation from… Police College, characterized by seriousness and commitment.

The other is a newly employed sergeant called (Khairy)… The building is surrounded by an electronic security circle, which we will pass in three minutes from now.

Salwa said wonderingly:

– Tell me, Commander.. Why is the missile not monitored by satellites, especially after the tremendous progress in this field in the last ten years?

Nour said while watching the road carefully:

This particular progress is what prevents its use, Salwa. The space base’s operations must be kept strictly confidential. Because many foreign countries are always working on spying to follow our development… This is done, of course, through advanced satellites… Therefore, it was necessary to surround the base with a field to interfere with the satellites, to prevent them from getting images and information. If this interference had stopped for a fraction of a second, this would have succeeded. Satellites help reveal the secrets of Al-Qaeda. Therefore, it was necessary not to rely on our satellites to monitor and follow up on the launch of the missile, except after it has crossed the Earth’s atmosphere.

Salwa pursed her lips and said:

Why is a specific frequency not set, a very secret one of course, that allows our satellites to escape this confusion?

Nour smiled and said:

– A funny suggestion. I will present it in your name to the officials. Get ready. We have reached the electronic security belt, and we will stop for a while so that its devices allow us to pass.

Captain Nour pressed his foot on the brakes of the car, which quickly decreased in speed and stopped in front of an iron column standing alone with a faint, moving light above it. Nour got out of the car and headed to the column while taking something out of his belt.

Salwa asked him while he was walking:

Where is this seat belt? ..I only see a single iron column.

Nour laughed as he took out a small card and inserted it into a small hole in the column. The light at the top of the column intensified, then dimmed, and stopped moving. Nour returned to the car, then drove off, passing the security belt next to the column.

Salwa said while looking at Nour:

– Let me guess… This column is part of a series of columns, sending regular waves between them, forming an impenetrable barrier… Is my conclusion correct?

Nour laughed as he skillfully stopped in front of the small building, and said briefly:

– completely .

The two got out of the car, and were greeted by Second Lieutenant (Murad Abdel Haq), who shook hands with them and said:

Captain (Nour El-Din Mahmoud) and Engineer (Salwa Mansour), I have orders to receive you here.

Captain (Nour) smiled and patted Second Lieutenant (Murad) on the shoulder, and said:

– Hello, my friend. We have not met for more than a year.

Murad looked at Captain Nour, then said briefly:

– Exactly, more than a year ago.

Then he turned into the building and said:

– The building is at your disposal.

Nour felt embarrassed by this lukewarm reception, but he made way for Salwa, who entered the building. Then he followed her and they headed to the Electronic Mind room, where they met Sergeant Khairy, who shook hands with them warmly and then stood silent. Nour contemplated. The huge mind, then said in a formal tone, directing his speech to Second Lieutenant (Murad):

– How is this device being worked on, Lieutenant?

Murad approached the device, extended his right hand to a small circle and touched it, and the electronic brain lit up. Murad took two steps back and said in a brief tone:

– It’s working now, sir.

Nour clenched his teeth, but then he said in the same official tone:

– How do you track the missile? ..And how can you accurately determine the location of its fall?

Murad said in an indifferent tone, as if he was explaining the matter to one of the wealthy tourists:

– We follow it on this radar screen, which determines the angle of launch of the missile, and when it falls, this small screen on the right of the device lights up, and determines the angle of fall, and when it reaches a state of stability – and this means exactly its stability on the desert sand – the coordinates are precisely determined through several tools. Complex mathematical operations.

Nour said, and that indifferent tone made him angry:

-Do you think those coordinates could be wrong? .

Murad smiled sarcastic and said:

– Not when someone is working on it who understands it, sir.

Nour turned to Sergeant Khairy and asked him:

– Did any kind of malfunction occur while monitoring the launch of the missile (Al-Fateh No. 1) or (Al-Fateh No. 2)?

Sergeant Khairy looked at him in amazement and said:

– Of course, sir. They both fell.

Nour said angrily:

– I mean, has there been any malfunction here with this device?

Sergeant Khairy hesitated, then said:

– Actually, I cannot say for sure, sir, as my knowledge of this device is limited.

Nour shouted angrily at him:

– Tell me, Sergeant, what do you do here?

The man was confused and stuttered, so Second Lieutenant (Murad) saved him by saying:

– Administrative work only.

Nour turned to Murad coldly and asked him:

– Well… the same question is directed to you… is there an answer?

Murad smiled and said with the same coldness:

– No, there was no malfunction of any kind.

On the way back, Nour was silent the whole time… and Salwa respected his silence. She did not speak until they approached the space base, and she said in a low voice:

– Sorry, Commander.. but I hope that this lukewarm reception from Second Lieutenant (Murad) does not bother you to this extent.

Nour did not say anything more:

– No, my dear.. This is not actually what is on my mind.

Then it returned to complete silence until they reached inside the base. Ramzi was waiting for them in the room prepared for the team, sitting in front of a small computer. Nour greeted him when they entered and said:

– Hello, our good psychologist. Have you finished reviewing the psychological reports of all employees of the base?

Ramzi replied while stretching:

– Yes, Commander… and it is really hard work.

Nour asked him carefully:

– Did you review the file of Second Lieutenant (Murad Abdel Haq)?

Ramzi said:

– naturally .

Then he leaned over to the device and pressed a series of buttons in succession, then he began reading the information that appeared on the device’s screen out loud:

– Murad Ahmed Abdel Haq.. Second lieutenant, serious about his work, committed, his reports are all excellent, polite.

Salwa laughed out loud, then said:

– I think the computer made a mistake in this last statement, Ramzi.

Nour interrupted her while speaking to Ramzi seriously:

What does his psychological analysis say?

Ramzi said confidently:

His psychological analysis confirms that he is above suspicion.

Their conversation was interrupted by Mahmoud entering the room. Nour asked him:

– Where were you ?

Mahmoud replied, smiling:

– Dr. Sami invited me to a meeting with Al-Qaeda scholars, to discuss the theory I told him.

Everyone asked him with interest:

-And what are the results?

Mahmoud said in a tone that was not devoid of boasting:

– Everyone agreed to it, of course.

5_ The tour…

Somewhere in the desert, thirty feet below the surface of the earth, two men sat, and it was clear from their features and language that they were foreigners. One of them said in a triumphant tone:

– You are a genius, Mr. Simon. We will certainly be able to send this amino fuel to our great country very soon.

Simon replied solemnly:

– Not too soon, my dear John… We must wait until the issue calms down completely.

John asked carefully:

– Do you think they will try to launch a third missile soon?

Simon leaned back in his seat and said confidently:

Not soon, of course. The disappearance of the missiles will distract their attention for quite some time.

Then he leaned forward and said, winking his eyes at John:

– Then our client is very skilled… and this is what made the matter a puzzling mystery for them.

John laughed out loud, and said while patting Simon on the shoulder:

– This indicates your extraordinary genius, Mr. Simon. An agent in such a sensitive position has a great impact.

Simon smiled and said:

– The important thing is that he does not commit a foolishness that exposes his situation.

At this same moment, Nour was walking in the corridors of the space base next to Dr. Sami, whose treatment of the team members changed significantly, following the theory put forward by Mahmoud. They were heading towards the missile guidance room at the base when Dr. Sami said:

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

– I am happy for you to get to know Dr. Mounir, the Egyptian global guidance expert. This base includes a number of the greatest scientists in the world in the field of space, most of whom work in foreign countries. When work began on the space project in the Arab Republic of Egypt, they all agreed to work. here .

Nour furrowed his eyebrows and asked Dr. Sami:

– Was Dr. Mounir working in a foreign country?

Dr. Sami replied:

– Of course…but he did not hesitate to work for his country when the need arose.

Dr. Mounir received them warmly, and said to Nour:

– They say: You are an intelligent young man, policeman, and I think they are not mistaken in a matter like this… the signs of intelligence are clear in your features.

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment as usual whenever he heard someone praising him. Then he asked Dr. Mounir:

– How I long to know how to direct a missile. Should I not burden you by asking for a simplified explanation of that?

Dr. Mounir responded warmly:

Yes, but that makes me happy. Come on, look at this screen. You will find it divided into two perpendicular axes, one of which is vertical on the side of the screen, and the other is horizontal at the bottom. Before the missile launch, it is represented here on the screen by a vertical line passing through its center, and it must represent The missile is at a right angle with the horizontal axis before it is launched… Before launching, a plan is drawn up to guide the missile until it reaches its target.

Then he pointed to several buttons arranged under the screen, and said:

Using these buttons correctly requires a lot of experience. Of course, the missile’s path is controlled, so that it launches at the same angle you need. In this case, it is represented on the screen by a vertical slanting line, making the desired angle with the horizontal axis.

Nour asked him carefully:

– Don’t you think that using a computer definitely achieves better results when implementing the plan?

Dr. Mounir replied with a smile:

But I prefer to use the old methods.

Nour said while examining Dr. Mounir carefully:

– Of course…it allows control of the missile’s guidance, even if the established plan is not followed.

Dr. Mounir’s face turned cold, then he looked away and said in a tone devoid of friendliness:

– I think I have a lot of work to do. I won’t be able to spend more time with you, policeman.

Dr. Sami felt embarrassed, but Nour smiled and left the room, followed by Dr. Sami. The two walked in silence for a while, then Dr. Sami exploded, saying angrily:

– Do you think that your presence here on a government mission allows you to treat the elite of our scholars in this tasteless manner?

Nour answered calmly:

– Necessity has provisions, sir.

Then he pointed to a high antenna in the middle of the base, and asked Dr. Sami:

– What does this antenna do in the middle of the base?

Dr. Sami said briefly:

– It is affiliated with Al-Qaeda’s internal radio.

Nour looked at the antenna for a moment, then said:

-I think we should visit the workers at the internal radio station.

After a short while, the two were entering the station, and Dr. Sami said, while carrying out the introduction task:

– This is the only worker at the station, Captain (Nour). I present him to you.. Corporal (Rida).

Corporal Reda gave the military salute to Captain Nour, who said while looking at the station’s limited equipment:

– Are you working here alone, Corporal?

The corporal replied:

– Yes sir .

Nour asked him while carefully examining his features:

– Were you working here at the moment the two missiles (Al-Fateh No. 1) and (Al-Fateh No. 2) were launched?

The corporal replied respectfully:

– Of course, sir. This is one of my job tasks. I report the news of the launch to the control center first and foremost.

Nour smiled as he left and said:

– Well, Corporal, we will have another meeting.

Nour walked next to Dr. Sami in silence, then Nour asked him:

– I think the missile contains a computer, of course.

Dr. Sami replied:

– Yes, and I know that you will ask me about who prepared the program for this computer. He is a young scientist also returning from a foreign country called Dr. Fouad. And of course you will ask to meet him. Well, we will go to him together.

Then he suddenly stopped walking, turned to Nour, and said angrily:

– But I warn you, he is a very polite young man, and if you treated him in this provocative manner, I would… . .

Nour interrupted him, smiling, and said:

– Relax, sir.

Dr. Sami said as he turned left:

– Well, let’s meet him.

Dr. Fouad was really polite. He received them with a warm welcome, prepared a light drink for them, and started talking about his work. Nour interrupted him by saying:

– Have you prepared the two missile programs, Dr. Fouad?

Dr. Fouad answered stammeringly:

– Yes.. I know that the launch failed both times, but the two programs were… . .

Nour interrupted him, saying:

– Have you prepared a lot of programs, Dr. Fouad?

Dr. Fouad smiled and said proudly:

– More than I can remember. I spent my whole life preparing it.

Nour said while looking at his face:

-Has any of them failed?

Dr. Fouad stuttered again as he answered:

– Only once, and I got my reward. The device exploded, and my face was completely disfigured.

Nour examined Dr. Fouad’s face with astonishment and asked him:

– Deformed? I don’t see a single scratch on your face.

Dr. Sami laughed and said while looking at Nour with a sigh:

– Cosmetic surgery has advanced amazingly, policeman, since the invention of artificial leather in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four. Have you seen how young you are?

Nour ignored Dr. Sami’s condescending tone and asked Dr. Fouad:

How can the face be restored to its natural shape with such precision?

Dr. Fouad answered:

– It’s not that difficult…but in my case, due to the severity of the deformity, the doctors used a 3D image of my face before the deformity.

Dr. Sami laughed and said to Nour:

– I told you: You are young, Captain.

They left the programming room together, and Nour shook hands with Dr. Sami as he left, saying:

– Thank you for your interest in following up on the matter with me, Dr. Sami.

As soon as Dr. Sami left, Nour himself said:

– It’s time to discuss everything I have with my comrades.

6_ Who is the culprit?

The whole team gathered in the private room at the space base. After Nour explained his tour of the base with Dr. Sami, Ramzi said:

– So, you have limited your suspicions to four men, and they are precisely those who occupy the four sensitive centers, which influence the deflection of the missile, send high-frequency waves, or determine the coordinates of the fall.

Nour said:

Exactly, let us start from the moment the missile was launched… Dr. Mounir could have changed the launch angle of the missile, so that it would deviate from its path immediately after launch… It was also possible for Dr. Fouad to place a different program via the computer inside the missile, so that He heads to a different angle after its launch, especially since he knows that the missile will disappear, and the different program will not be found inside it. Also, Corporal Reda could simply broadcast high-frequency waves, through the internal radio antenna, using a special device..

and he supports this. The theory is that the control center’s devices will not be confused, given their presence outside the base. Also, Second Lieutenant (Murad) could report wrong coordinates.

Mahmoud said, knitting his eyebrows:

– So, each of these has the appropriate means to cause damage to the missile.

Nour answered, pointing to Mahmoud:

– Exactly… but which of these has the motive?

Salwa said:

– We learned from (Ramzi) that the reports of the four are excellent.. Couldn’t the person responsible for this be from outside the base?

Nour was silent for a while, crossing his arms, then he said:

– Yes, but the project is surrounded by extreme secrecy, and this is what led me to believe that there must be an agent inside the project. Otherwise, why would the devices be disturbed at the right moment?

Nour returned to his silent thought, then said hesitantly:

– Then…then there is something, I mean some event…I don’t know.

Ramzi asked him carefully:

-Do you mean that something caught your attention?

Nour hesitated, then said:

– Not exactly. I don’t know how to explain it. There is something I heard or noticed that lit a red light in my mind. I feel the heat of this light, but I don’t know exactly what this thing is. Do you understand me?

Ramsay said warmly:

– Of course.. I know this feeling well.. It is exactly like what happens to a person who takes a fleeting glance at a room that he used to see up close, and then he is overcome by a strong feeling that he has seen a difference in this room, but he cannot determine exactly what this difference is, but his mind The subconscious mind refuses to let go of the matter, and keeps insisting on its eyes constantly. The conscious mind often suddenly becomes aware of the type of difference.

-This may happen when seeing something similar, such as a person seeing, for example, a bouquet of flowers, and the scene of a painting representing a flower that was hanging on a bouquet of flowers jumps into his conscious mind. side in the room, then its location changed..

Psychiatry also sometimes uses hypnosis, which produces wonderful results in this field.

Nour waved his hand and said:

– Well… let us leave this matter now, and let us think together about how we can find the agent. I believe that setting up the agent is the first step in uncovering the mystery of the disappearance of the two missiles.

Salwa said:

If the suspicions were limited to only these four, we could monitor them, hoping that one of them would make a mistake that would be exposed.

Mahmoud said:

– I do not believe in the success of this plan. It is difficult for an agent to make a mistake in a sensitive location like this. Moreover, this may take a long time, which will disrupt experiments using amino fuel to invade galaxies.

Here Nour said: Unless…

The three turned to him and asked (Salwa):

-Unless what?

Nour said without hesitation:

-Unless we launch another missile…

7_ The third missile…

Dr. Sami shouted at Nour:

– A third missile! Impossible… This cannot be risked before the puzzle is solved… Do you know, policeman, how much it costs to launch a third missile?

Nour said calmly:

– I know exactly, sir.. but this is the only way to quickly detect a spy.

Dr. Sami shouted angrily:

-Spy!! .. Here in my base?! Don’t you think you’re giving yourself broad powers, Captain? . I trust every one of our scholars.

Nour interrupted him calmly:

– The matter is so dangerous that I do not find time for such pleasantries, sir. This agent must be caught, otherwise we would not be able to launch our missile successfully, even if necessary…

Dr. Sami shouted interrupting:

-If necessary? Who do you think you are, young man? You are here at a base that I head. Would you like to take command for me?

Nour said, beginning to lose his calm:

– I didn’t mean that, sir, but…

Dr. Sami interrupted him sharply:

– but what ? Since your presence with this team, you have been trying to do whatever you want… but I will not allow…

Nour shouted, fed up with the matter:

– It does not concern me whether you allow or not allow this, sir. I am entrusted with this matter by the Supreme Commander of Scientific Intelligence. I will issue an order to prepare the third missile, and you will implement this order.

Dr. Sami almost went crazy from this conversation, so he shouted:

-Are you threatening me, Captain? . Well…this missile will not be prepared…let’s see…

Nour left Dr. Sami’s office, extremely angry, and said to himself:

– What a style!! This man will make me lose my mind. We must talk to the Supreme Commander.

Nour headed to the internal radio room, and Corporal Reda greeted him. After he sat down, Nour said to him:

– I have a very secret message. It will be sent somewhere, Corporal.

The corporal extended his hand to the transmitter and said:

– I am at your disposal, sir.

Nour said sternly:

– I say top secret, Corporal.

Corporal Reda looked at him carefully, then stood up and greeted him formally, and said as he left the room:

– At your disposal, sir.

Nour looked at him until he closed the door behind him, then he went to the transmitter that works through laser beams, and tuned it to the secret wave of the Supreme Commander, and soon he received a response.

Nour explained the whole matter to the Supreme Commander until he reached the point of launching a third missile, and here the Supreme Commander was silent for a moment, then he said:

– Do you know how much this matter costs, Captain Nour?

Nour answered, and it bothered him to hear the same phrase for the second time:

– Yes, sir… but it is the only possible method, as I explained.

The Supreme Commander said after a while of thought:

– Well, I will do my best…but try not to put the administration in a shameful light.

Nour swallowed his saliva and said:

– I hope I don’t, sir.

The Supreme Commander said, shaking his head:

– Let it be what it is, may God grant you success, Captain.

Nour turned off the device, sat next to it, and started talking to himself:

– What is this thing that worries me? ..Is it something you saw or heard? . Oh, if I could remember when or where I saw or heard this thing? !

Then he went to the door of the room and opened it, and found Corporal Reda standing in front of the door, with his back to it. Nour thanked him, then descended the stairs in front of him. As soon as he descended two stairs, he hurried back to the room and stormed into it in a sudden manner that made Corporal Reda He jumped from his seat, and Nour rushed to the transmitter, then turned the radio switch to the astonishment of Corporal Reda.

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

Then he returned to his calm, exhaled with relief, and left the room after greeting the astonished corporal. When he landed, he blamed himself for leaving the device at the command of the Supreme Commander, despite its secrecy, and headed to his room quietly. As soon as he passed Dr. Sami’s room, he opened this device. He went to his room and looked at Nour with distress… Nour looked back at him, and Dr. Sami responded by saying:

– Where did you go, policeman, after you left my office? .

Nour smiled and said:

– To the radio room.. Why?

Dr. Sami said as he returned to his room:

– This is what I expected.

Nour grabbed his arm and asked him:

– Why do you ask me, sir?

Dr. Sami let go of his arm from Nour’s hand. He said narrowly:

– It seems that your relations are strong, Captain.

Nour came back and asked him:

-What do you mean, sir?

Dr. Sami said angrily before closing the door to his room:

– The Prime Minister told me now, they have decided to risk launching the third missile.

8_ Intelligence conflict. .

John looked at the huge tank filled with amino fuel, then turned to Simon and said:

– I still wonder, how will we be able to transfer this amount to our country?

Simon answered confidently:

The time has not yet come, and we do not need to transfer all of this. It is enough for us only to fill a small bottle, then our distinguished scientists will analyze it and produce millions of tons in record time.

John smiled and said, looking at Simon with admiration:

– You are the pride of our country, Mr. Simon. Our intelligence has chosen well.

A ghost of a smile appeared on Simon’s mouth as he said:

– There is no doubt that our intelligence is the greatest agency in the entire world.

John laughed and said:

– Yes, and you are the best example of that. How did you come up with that genius plan?

A hint of pride appeared clearly in Simon’s tone as he said:

– It is a simple plan despite its ambiguity. This bunker, for example, belonged to the secret command of the Allies for many years during World War II. And since the Egyptians were unaware of its location until now, it was excellent for hiding. Then, cutting the missile into small parts after emptying the amino fuel It only takes forty minutes, using advanced laser beams.

John said with admiration:

But your genius is evident in devising a plan that allows you to obtain these chips, in addition to the chips needed to transport fuel and hide the missile parts.

Simon leaned forward and said seriously:

– Don’t forget that our client there had the greatest credit for the success of this plan.

At this moment, one of the men entered the room and handed a paper to (John), who read it with his eyebrows furrowed, then handed it to (Simon), saying:

– An incoming message from our client there, containing extremely dangerous information.

Simon took the paper and read it coldly, then returned it to John, saying quietly:

– Not that dangerous.

Then he smiled arrogantly and said:

– Do you think that a young man from scientific intelligence is scaring Simon or even influencing his plan?

John replied, the tension evident in his tone:

He must be one of their strongest men, otherwise they would not have sent them on a mission like this.

Simon smiled and said calmly:

– Rest assured, it is a battle of wits, and my Egyptian will not defeat me in it.

Simon did not imagine that at that moment, the young scientific intelligence officer was holding a secret meeting with his team, to prepare a plan to uncover the mystery of the missile’s disappearance. Captain Nour was saying to his comrades:

– As we agreed, guys, our suspicions were limited to four men, and the plan depends on monitoring these four men during the test launch of the third missile, and each of us will watch the man who suits him.

Ramzi interrupted him, saying:

– So, (Mahmoud) will monitor Dr. (Munir), because of the experience of both of them in dealing with radiology, but (Salwa)!

Nour asked him:

– What about Salwa?

Salwa laughed and said, while giving Ramzi a friendly look:

– I understand what (Ramzi) means, Commander. He means that the only place that suits me is the observation center… but that means being alone with two men, one of whom may be the spy.

Nour was silent, thinking, then said:

He has every right. Well, one of the four men does not need supervision while launching the missile.

The three looked at him questioningly, and he said:

– He is Dr. Fouad.. Not because I excluded him as a client, but because his work is done before the missile is launched and not during it.

Mahmoud said:

– In this case, I suggest that both (Salwa) and (Ramzi) follow up on the control center… and as long as I take over the command of Dr. (Munir), the only thing left for you, Commander, is Corporal (Rida).

Nour said calmly:

– Exactly… and the idea of launching a third missile was very successful… If the launch had failed like the previous ones, we would have found the agent, through which the process of confusing the devices or deflecting the missile would be carried out… And if it had not failed, we would have succeeded in launching the missile, and then we could announce The secret of amino fuel for the whole world.

Ramzi said:

– What if the missile launch failed, and none of these four were responsible for that?

Everyone was silent and Nour said:

– We have failed, guys.

Silence fell over everyone again, then Ramzi broke it by saying:

– Commander, you previously told us about the surgical operation performed on Dr. Fouad.

Nour asked him:

-Do you mean plastic surgery?

Ramzi said:

– Yes, isn’t it possible that this man is not the real Dr. Fouad?

Complete silence prevailed, and all eyes turned to Nour, who said shortly after:

– It is a dangerous possibility, my dear doctor. It is known that the progress that has occurred in plastic surgery has become similar to magic. I will investigate this immediately.

Salwa asked him before he left the room:

When will the third missile be launched, Commander?

Nour smiled and said:

– Tomorrow at seven in the morning, unless something happens to prevent that.

This was not a secret to Simon, who received a new message from the client. He smiled after reading it and said to John:

– So, they will risk launching the third missile.

John said nervously:

– This is what I was afraid of.

Simon laughed and reprimanded John:

– You are underestimating me, my dear John. They will help us greatly by launching this missile.

John’s eyes widened in surprise and asked:

– how ?

Simon said calmly and arrogantly:

Our client will follow the usual plan, and the launch of the third missile will also fail. Then we will take advantage of the opportunity to transfer the amount of fuel we need outside the area.

John asked him carefully:

– Help us? . How is that ?

Simon laughed and said:

– Didn’t I tell you that you are underestimating me, my dear (John)? Didn’t we have two goals for this plan? . Obtaining a reasonable amount of amino fuel, and preventing the launch of the Arab missile. Well, we will prevent the launch of the missile.. Due to the security precautions taken during the launch, we will prevent planes from flying in the area, and the road will be clear for us to receive our advanced missile car, and we have in our possession a huge bottle filled with amino fuel. In the meantime, our men will cut off the third missile, which will of course fall.

John smiled and said in a tone full of admiration:

Didn’t I tell you that you were a genius, Simon?

Simon leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes, and said coldly:

– I know that.. I know that, friend.

9_ Another failure..

Preparations were being made in full swing to launch the Al-Fateh No. 3 missile. Nour stood with his team members watching what was happening. Nour said, addressing Salwa and Ramzi:

– You must now go to the control center.

Then he took out a laser gun from his belt and handed it to Ramzi, asking him:

-Do you know how to use this?

Ramzi took the gun in his hand and said:

– Yes… to a great extent… but do you expect some violence?

Nour said briefly while turning to Mahmoud:

Perhaps you, Mahmoud, should carefully monitor Dr. Mounir while directing the missile. But remember, do not interfere in his work at all, unless the missile deviates or the devices become confused.

Everyone headed to their designated positions, while Nour headed to the private room of the base’s internal radio station. Corporal Reda greeted him with an official military salute, and Nour sat next to him and asked him:

– Are you ready to broadcast the news of the start of the launch, Corporal?

Corporal Reda said:

– Of course, sir.

Then he looked at his watch and said:

– Ten minutes from now, sir.

Nour looked at his watch in turn, then turned to the devices to examine them, and wondered to himself:

– Will Mahmoud be able to follow Dr. Mounir accurately?

At this moment, Mahmoud was sitting next to Dr. Mounir, who said to him annoyed:

– Do you expect me to succeed in directing the missile, young man, while you are sitting here next to me, watching me?

Mahmoud felt embarrassed, so he said, trying to hide his position:

– I do not watch you, sir, but rather I learn from you. Isn’t it a rare opportunity to have the honor of following Dr. Mounir, the greatest scholar in Egypt, and indeed the greatest scholar in the entire world in the field of guidance?

Dr. Mounir smiled sarcastically and said:

– Do you think you will deceive me with these sweet words, young man?

Mahmoud said honestly:

– never ..

Dr. Mounir said as he watched the countdown to the launch:

– Well, I said… I do not think that a young man, at least twenty years younger than me, would imagine trying to deceive me.

(Mahmoud) did not pay attention to this phrase, but rather continued in anticipation of the countdown, indicating the approaching launch of the third missile. In the control center, (Salwa) was following the count with the same tension, and next to her (Ramzi) and in front of them was Second Lieutenant (Murad), examining the huge electronic brain in front of him. Ramzi asked her:

Didn’t you notice that Sergeant Khairy was not there?

Salwa looked around and said in a whisper:

– Yes, that’s right. Where is he?

They stopped thinking when the countdown reached zero. Everyone watched the first moment of the missile’s launch, and while Ramzi was busy monitoring the launch, Salwa’s voice came to him screaming:

– Oh, my God !! What are you doing man?

Then he felt a huge noise that deafened his ears and his head spun, then he fell to the ground and lost consciousness…

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

At the same moment, Mahmoud was watching Dr. Mounir skillfully direct the missile, when all the devices in the room screamed in one moment, and the image disappeared from the screen. Dr. Mounir rushed, pressing the buttons in anger, and Mahmoud was astonished to the point of astonishment. The buzzing was filling the room and even the entire base, and he heard Dr. Mounir say:

– the curse !! No.. the launch experiment will not fail this time?

Mahmoud did not know what to do in the face of this complete confusion in the entire Al-Qaeda apparatus, then he wondered what his companions were doing at this moment? This same question was filling Nour as he saw the small radio station’s equipment getting so confused. Nour tried to help Corporal Reda in ending the confusion to no avail. Then he heard Corporal Reda shouting:

– I will not tolerate this annoying buzzing, sir. I will turn off the devices.

Then he saw him rushing to the main atomic transformer, which supplies energy to all the station’s devices. Nour rushed after him, shouting:

– You idiot, the station will explode… Stop.

Then he jumped with a strong jump, surrounded the corporal with his arms, dropped him to the ground, and fell on top of him, then gave him a strong slap, shouting at him:

– You fool, control your nerves. You are a disgrace to the police.

The corporal screamed in pain as he held his right hand, which was dangled in a hideous way:

– Yes !! You broke my hand, sir!!

Nour shouted angrily at him:

– Rather, it was destroyed by your foolishness!!

Then Nour’s features suddenly changed, and the signs of anger disappeared from his face, and were replaced by signs of astonishment, and he heard the Corporal (Rida) say:

Your hand!! .. Oh, my God !!

The buzzing stopped suddenly, and complete silence prevailed, disturbed only by the sound of Nour’s feet, who rushed out of the room and quickly descended the stairs, chanting:

– His hands!! How did I not notice that? . What a fool I am!!

The corporal’s astonishment was no less than what happened to the space base’s guards, who saw Nour rushing to his rocket car, boarding it, and driving off very quickly, passing the huge gate of the base, and heading toward the control center.

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

10_ Kidnapping. . .

As soon as the confusion of the devices began, Simon smiled in his underground room and said, addressing John:

– You should prepare the rocket car. My devices recorded the confusion at the space base. I will bring the bottle containing the amino fuel, and it will take off immediately.

John hurried to prepare the car, and Simon headed to the fuel room, where one of his men met him and asked him:

-Do you intend to leave, sir?

Simon answered tersely:

– Do not interfere in what does not concern you, man.

The man hesitated, then said:

-Does that mean you’ll leave us here?

Simon laughed and said:

– Rather, it means that the plan for which we all came is about to be completed, man, and with complete success.

The man said:

– I don’t quite think so, sir.

Anger appeared on Simon’s features as he said to the man:

– What do you mean, man?

Instead of the man answering him, he handed him a paper containing a message from the client. Simon snatched it and read it, then threw it on the ground and said angrily:

– the curse !! This idiot’s actions will lead to the failure of the entire plan.

Then he turned back to his room, where John met him, saying:

– The car is ready. Will it start immediately?

He was startled by seeing the anger on Simon’s face, so he asked him nervously:

-What made you angry? . What happened ?

Simon shouted, losing his calm for the first time:

This idiot, our agent in the project, has captured a young man and a girl who are members of the scientific intelligence officer, who is seeking the failure of our plan, and says that he intends to bring them here.

John shouted angrily:

– Stupid, fool.

Then he said nervously:

-But what will we do?

Simon said, turning away his hand:

-And what do we have to do? . This idiot ruined our entire plan with his clumsy act, but!

John asked him eagerly:

– but what ?

Simon said, his eyebrows furrowed in thought:

But we can escape quickly with the bottle containing the amino fuel. If we were able to reach the embassy of our country, we could immediately send him with a political expulsion to our superpower.

John asked anxiously:

-What if we don’t succeed?

Simon stood up and headed to the room where he put the fuel, saying:

– Rather, we will succeed.

At the same moment, Nour was driving his car to the control center. He was driving the missile car with great skill, until he reached the security belt. He stopped it forcefully, then got out of it, and quickly inserted the small card into its hole, then returned to his car, and passed the belt, heading to The surveillance center…

He was soon next to it, and rushed from the car into the center. The place was empty except for the body of a man wearing a formal suit lying on his face in front of the huge electronic brain. Nour rushed to him, turned him onto his back, and was disgusted by the sight of the distorted face. But he glanced at his rank, then stood up and said:

– Poor thing!! He was a victim of the client.

Then he hurried to his car and took out a small cylindrical device. He placed it in front of his eyes, and soon he saw a small thermal line heading east of the center. Nour returned the cylindrical device to the car, then got into it, and drove off forcefully, following the thermal line. He said to himself:

– If I were able to save (Salwa) and (Ramzi), I would be grateful to scientific progress, which allowed me to use this device, which tracks the dust left behind from the nuclear fuel that modern cars drive, relying on the heat left behind by this fuel.

Then his thoughts stopped when he noticed Ramzi’s luxury missile car in the distance, moving at its maximum speed. Nour set off after the car with determination, and its driver quickly spotted him. He let out a devilish laugh and said, speaking to Salwa and Ramzi, who were sitting behind him. He tied them to the seat:

– Here he is, your passionate leader!! He’s trying twice as hard to catch up with me… well.. I’ll let him catch up with me then…..

He again let out his terrible laugh, which terrified Salwa’s heart, and she became afraid that this agent would attack her leader, Nour.

It was only a matter of moments before Captain Nour’s car was driving alongside Ramzi’s car, driven by the traitorous agent… and a powerful maneuver began between two skilled commanders… and soon a vision came to Nour’s mind saying:

– Then you are clever, traitor.. Well, let us play a game together called (Coward).

Then he swerved his car to the left, forcing the driver of the other car to swerve in the same way, and drove alongside him until they faced the gate of an ancient Pharaonic temple… Here, Nour slowed down the speed of his car, then returned to his first speed, after he started driving behind the other car. Exactly.. The driver of the other car saw the temple gate approaching..

He knew that it was so narrow that it would not allow his car to pass.. And he tried to swerve to the right, but (Noor) created a barrier that prevented him from what he wanted, and the same thing happened when he tried to swerve to the left.. He had no choice but to crash into the temple or stop. The car driver shouted angrily:

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

– the curse !!

Then he pressed the car’s brakes hard, and it spun around and stopped a few steps before it collided with the temple. Nour stopped his car with the same force, then jumped out of it with the radiation gun in his hand, and headed towards the other car and opened its door, but he was confronted by a devilish laugh, and he saw a scene in front of him that froze. Blood in his veins… The agent was placing the muzzle of his weapon facing Salwa’s head, in whose eyes the branch appeared clearly, and the agent said sarcastically:

Tell me, oh spirited leader, which one is more important to you? ..Your friend or your country?

Nour was still pointing his weapon at the agent, so he took a quick look at Salwa’s face and said:

– What do you think, our psychiatrist?

Ramzi said firmly:

– Rather, the homeland, Commander

Nour smiled and asked Salwa:

And you, Salwa?

Salwa looked at the muzzle of the terrible weapon pointed at her head, then her features changed and calmness replaced the panic on her face, and she said to (Nour) calmly:

– Motherland .

The client’s eyes widened in astonishment, and he shouted:

-Are you crazy? Will she sacrifice her head for the sake of the country? What fools you are!!

Nour said as he aimed his pistol at the agent’s head and prepared it for firing:

– Rather, on all of our heads if necessary, you filthy one.

The agent saw the determination and resolve evident on Nour’s face, so he dropped his weapon and shouted loudly:

– No.. No… If you are fools, then I am not.

Nour laughed and said as he threw the man’s weapon away:

– I failed twice in the game (Coward).

Then he started tying him to the seat, and Salwa burst into tears from the intensity of the moments she had suffered, with the radioactive gun pointed at her head. Ramzi started chuckling and said to Nour:

– The psychiatry lessons with you have paid off, Commander.

Nour laughed as he untied Salwa and said:

– Of course. I knew that he would surrender immediately if he felt that we were serious about shooting him in the head.

Salwa looked at Nour and said:

Do you mean that you were confident that he would not fire his weapon?

Nour laughed and said as he finished untying Ramzi’s ties:

– Of course, my dear Salwa.

Before Salwa could express her happiness at knowing that, Ramzi shouted:

– Look, Commander, there is a rocket car moving at an insane speed.

Nour said as he ran to his car:

– Let my arm be cut off if this car does not contain the solution to this whole puzzle…

Nour quickly drove his car after the car, which increased its speed to the point of danger. The speed of the car was faster than the speed of Nour’s car, while its driver laughed. The passenger next to him said:

– This idiot is chasing us… How does he think he will catch us with this weak car?

The passenger, who was none other than John, said:

But, my dear Simon, our escape was supposed to take place in secret.

Simon laughed and said:

– You’re always nervous, John. If we get this to our embassy, no one will be able to catch us.

John was following the road anxiously when he noticed the gate of the bridge leading to the eastern side of the Nile. He shouted to his companion:

Slow down, Simon. We’ll cross the bridge.

Simon shouted at him firmly:

– Impossible.. The other car will catch up with us. Impossible.

John shouted as he saw the post indicating the security belt around the bridge:

– Be careful, Simon. Slow down. You will…

It was impossible to slow down the speed of the missile car.. A huge, deafening explosion rang out, reaching the ears of Nour, who slowed down his car and swerved it sideways, avoiding the fragments that scattered from the explosive vehicle..

Nour stopped his car and looked at the burning flames and the rescuers rushing to the site of the wrecked car, in a miserable attempt to stop the flames. Nour thought to himself:

The story of disappearance of a missile the second novel

What a horrible death!! What’s worse is that the amino fuel they were carrying with them certainly led to an increase in the violence of the burning fires… How I hate destruction!! But this is what they definitely deserve.

Then he drove his car back to the space base, where he left Salwa, Ramzi, and the buffalo… not knowing that those he spoke about in a group style were nothing but two men from the intelligence services of a superpower.

11_ Medal from the Prime Minister. .

Nour said, speaking to the Supreme Commander through the radio station at the space base:

– Everyone surrendered, sir. After the spy made a full confession, he directed us to the secret hideout that was exploited by this country’s intelligence men. Inside we found all the missing amount of amino fuel, except for that small amount that was ignited during the explosion of the missile car that carried it. Simon and John, the two intelligence men who led this case.

The Supreme Commander did not need to hide his admiration when he said to Nour:

– I was not disappointed in you, Captain. You and your squad did a wonderful job. The Prime Minister has bestowed upon you the highest honor in the country, and he invites you all to meet him upon your return.

Then he asked carefully:

– By the way, when are you coming back, Captain?

Nour replied:

– As soon as the new missile is launched, sir.

The Supreme Commander smiled and said:

– Well, Captain… of course you know that the new missile carries (No. 1), and the failure of the other missiles will remain a secret.

Nour said:

– Of course, sir.

The Supreme Commander asked him before he ended the conversation:

– You told me at the beginning of the conversation that you had an observation, dear man, didn’t you?

Nour said with interest:

– Yes, sir. In fact, I was upset by the presence of so many intelligence men in the hideout, and I think that means reconsidering the security methods here.

The Supreme Commander smiled and said:

– Of course, of course, Captain… By the way, please accept my condolences for what happened to your friend, Lieutenant Thani (Murad).

Nour said, feeling very sad:

– He was martyred for the sake of duty, sir.

The conversation ended and Nour sat next to the transmitter, and called the Corporal Reda, who entered the room with his right arm placed in a cast of pink material. Nour laughed and said to him:

– I’m sorry for what I did with your hand, Corporal, but you can be proud that your hand had the first credit in uncovering this mystery.

Nour laughed again at the sight of the astonished expression on the Corporal’s face, and he stood up and said:

– You will understand everything soon, my friend.

Then he left the room, heading to Dr. Sami’s room, who received him warmly, and shook his hand while saying in a friendly tone:

– Welcome hero!! I apologize for everything I said before about your team.

Blood rushed to Nour’s face as usual whenever he received praise, then he turned into the room, where his small team and the scientists (Mounir), Fouad, and the others sat. Everyone was very eager to hear Nour talk about how he arrived at the solution to this puzzle. The doctor (director) asked him eagerly:

Tell me, young genius: How did you discover the solution?

Nour smiled and went to an empty seat, sat there, and looked at them until Salwa shouted to him:

– I will not bear it, Commander. Tell us, your Lord.

Nour laughed and then said:

– Well, let’s start with my first visit to the surveillance center. I was astonished at that time by the lukewarm reception with which you received Second Lieutenant (Murad), and then his hostile manner in explaining how the surveillance device worked. Do you remember, Salwa, how silent you were when we returned from the center in That time?

Salwa said:

– Yes, I thought it was because of this reception.

Nour laughed and said:

– Never, but it was because of a scene I saw in the center, and I could not remember it or recover it, even though it started nagging inside me, alerting me that something was wrong. Then I returned here and met Dr. (Munir) and then Dr. (Fouad), both of whom control a sensitive center that allows… He had to work on deflecting the missile.. Despite that, this scene remained on my mind..

– Do you remember, Ramzi, the day we talked about that, and you said that the scene would jump into my memory when a similar event occurred?

(Ramzi) nodded his head in agreement, but did not speak, wanting to hear (Nour)’s explanation, who continued:

This event did not happen until the night the third missile was launched. I was with Corporal Reda in the radio station room when the equipment became confused, and a loud buzz was emitted that the Corporal could not bear, so he tried to cut off the atomic transformer, and when I tried to stop him, he fell and I fell on top of him. Which led to the shattering of his right hand.. And here the scene jumped into my mind, just as you, the genius psychiatrist, predicted, and another conversation that took place in Dr. Fouad’s room jumped into my mind, when we talked about the amazing progress that plastic surgery has made in recent years.. .

– And so suddenly, without any introduction, the solution to the whole puzzle jumped into my head.

Dr. Mounir sighed and said distressedly:

Notice that you haven’t told us anything yet, young man. Nour laughed and said:

– You have to be patient, Dr. Mounir. I will tell you everything. Do you remember, Salwa, when I told you about Second Lieutenant (Murad), when we went to the center for the first time? Do you remember that I said that he is a left-handed young man, meaning that he uses his hand? He used his left hand constantly, but when we asked him to show us how the device worked, he automatically extended his right hand to the circuit that starts the device’s work…

-This is the scene that confused me… It is known that when a left-handed person is doing something, he automatically extends his left hand… he did not This scene comes to my mind only when Corporal (Rida) Al-Yamani’s hand was shattered. If we link these events together, we would know that the man who met us at the observation post was not Second Lieutenant (Murad), but rather a lookalike of him, an ordinary man who agreed with him in body and voice. He had a successful plastic surgery, which turned him into an exact copy of Murad, after the original Murad was eliminated because he refused to cooperate with the spies. This explains the lukewarm reception and aggressive style.

Dr. Fouad asked him with interest:

How did you explain the disappearance of the missile?

Nour smiled and said:

The presence of the spy in the control center explained everything. It was easy for him to inform us of wrong coordinates, far from the real coordinates, and while we were looking for the missile in the wrong place, the spies had cut it up with laser beams and carried it to their hideout.

Dr. Sami asked:

-And high frequency waves?

Nour said:

– He was sending it from the monitoring center itself, and this explains why the center’s devices did not suffer from the confusion that afflicted all the devices in the area. He was taking advantage of the presence of Sergeant (Khairy), as the latter was completely ignorant of the work of this device..

-But when (Salwa) was present in the room; Because she is an expert in communications and tracking, she immediately discovered that he was sending out waves and tried to stop him. All he did was shoot her and Ramzy with loud sound waves that caused them to faint. When he tried to move them to Ramzy’s car, Sergeant Khairy arrived, and the spy shot him with a bullet from his car. The laser rays distorted his face and killed him instantly, and then it was what you know.

Silence fell over all those present, until Dr. Sami broke it with a tone full of admiration:

– You are a genius, young man. You have a completely scientific mentality. I congratulate you.

Then he got up from behind his desk and went to Nour and squeezed his hand warmly.

12_ Conclusion. . .

Captain Nour stood next to his colleagues in the glass balcony, watching the base technicians put the final touches to the missile before the countdown began. Meanwhile, Ramzi asked Nour:

– I don’t know why you told us from the beginning, Commander, that those working at Al Qaeda attribute the matter to the curse of the Pharaohs. I watched everyone and did not hear a single word indicating that.

Nour smiled and said, his eyes following the work:

– Such myths, my dear psychiatrist, fill souls and do not float on faces.

Salwa said teasingly:

– Believe me, if there is a confusion with the devices this time, I will be convinced of the curse of the Pharaohs.

Everyone laughed at her jokes, and Dr. Sami said:

– Your heroism, young man, had the greatest merit in erasing this myth from the souls of those working here.

Nour turned around and asked Salwa:

Where is Mahmoud?

Ramzi laughed and said:

– He follows up on guiding the missile with Dr. Mounir.

Then he winked and said:

– At the invitation of Dr. Mounir personally this time.

Everyone laughed until Dr. Sami pointed out to them and said, “Wait, the countdown has begun.” Everyone was following the countdown in anticipation of the missile’s launch, and Nour felt the tension accompanying him as the countdown approached zero. Then his body trembled for a second, when the word ( Zero), and he saw the flames coming from the bottom of the huge missile, which trembled like it, then it began to rise slowly, and its speed increased until it represented a line of fire making its way into outer space, then it disappeared completely, and here the base shook with shouts of victory, and Dr. (Sami) chanted happily:

– This missile is a medal of your victory, heroes.

On the evening of the same day, during the ceremony held by the base staff to greet Captain (Nour) and members of his team, Corporal (Rida) announced through the internal radio station that the radio was broadcasting news of the missile launch, and everyone listened to the following statement:

International news agencies reported today the news of the launch of the Egyptian-Arab missile (Al-Fateh No. 1). This missile is the first experiment in using the new amino fuel, which is nine times superior to atomic fuel. The missile was launched, taking its destination towards the outskirts of the galaxy. It is worth noting that this is the first time… The first in which an attempt is made to launch a missile to exceed the borders of our galaxy, and the responsible authorities announced that the launch process did not encounter any problems at all.

Upon hearing this last phrase, everyone exchanged glances, then burst out laughing



It was done, thank God


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