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The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part Two

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

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Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger as a mercy to the worlds. As for the following… we are pleased to present, through Islamic children’s stories, a wonderful model for Arab Muslim women., in response to those who oppress Islam, and claim that the Arab woman under Islam is only fit for the home, and that Islam prevents women from Participation in public life and work, and here we present the life story of Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her.

* The ideal Arab girl in her morals, love for her family, and obedience to her parents, thus earning their love and respect, and even the respect of everyone around her.

* The working woman who entered the labor market to manage her money efficiently and competently, thus surpassing many men in the field of trade and management.

* A loyal, loyal, and patient wife who stands by her husband in good and bad times, gives him love and affection, removes his worries, and shares his struggles and struggle.

* A mother who raised her daughters well and raised them so that they could be like her in bearing responsibilities and honoring their country. In fact, she went beyond that and focused on raising Muslim sons and daughters to be a mother to all believers.

This woman, may God be pleased with her, in this world and the hereafter. In this world, she was the wife of the master of all mankind (Muhammad), may God bless him and grant him peace. She bore with him the burden of promoting the call, so she stood by him when the people abandoned him, and she helped him with her money when the people deprived him of it, and the difficulties that stood in his way were made easy for him.

She endured hunger and thirst with him, and she was rich and luxurious. She had a merciful heart, a tender chest, a sound mind, and beautiful patience. In the afterlife, her Lord – Glory be to Him – gave her good news of a palace in Paradise because she is the mistress of the women of Paradise.

In conclusion, we turn to God – Glory be to Him – to pray for her, and that her life will benefit our sons and daughters…

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

Part Two: Determination and skill. . .

Khadija, may God be pleased with her, gave her husband what a rational, understanding woman grants (she obeyed him, respected him, encouraged him, and opened her heart to him). He found in him kindness that he felt comfortable with and felt comfortable with, and tenderness in which he found the happiness he hoped for, so he was reassured by her and gave her from his heart. Like what she gave him from her heart, He did not hesitate to consult her about the matters he was doing.


The year passed, and the house became more joyful, with a baby girl who strengthened the bond of love between the spouses, and her father’s attachment to her intensified, as she greatly resembled her mother Khadija, may God be pleased with her, with wide eyes, long hair, and a round face. The night of the photo, the window of views, heralds a bright future that pleases the heart of her parents. .

The happy couple did not know that fate had written a few lines on the page of the survival of this marriage. It was not until the middle of the second year that Atiq died, leaving in the heart of Khadija, may God be pleased with her, a wide wound, and in her soul… She was deeply saddened, as she lost a satisfied, faithful and loyal husband. Even if he left her and her daughter a huge fortune, including money, trade, and vast estates.

Khadija, may God be pleased with her, was deeply saddened by her husband. Days, months, and years passed, and Khadija, may God be pleased with her, had no other concern than taking care of her daughter and managing her business, which she took charge of after the death of her husband, Atiq. Her father came in one day to tell her about Al-Nabash bin Zurarah Al-Tamimi’s request to marry her.

Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, who devoted herself to taking care of raising and caring for her daughter, was perplexed and told her father about it, but her father began enumerating for her the noble qualities that the Nabash possessed until she finally agreed to marry a second time and submitted her matter to God.

Al-Nabbash found in Khadija, may God be pleased with her, a loyal, rational and devoted wife, so he became devoted to her and gave her his heart just as Atiq had given her his heart before.

She found in him a sincere, compassionate husband who was kind to his family, so she returned his love for love, and loyalty for sincerity.

This husband was wise, courageous, generous, had a lot of money, and had extensive trade, so she shared her sound opinion with him, just as she shared with an old man. She advised him, he consulted her and he was convinced of her opinion, and she made their home happy, which is the home of a rational, understanding couple who love and respect each other.

Her love and appreciation for him increased, the generosity she found in him in his treatment of her orphan daughter. He loved her, and gave her a place in his heart like a child, playing with her, making her laugh, carrying her on his shoulder, kissing her, fulfilling her desires, and only returning with a gift for her that would make her happy and more. They became attached to him and Khadija increased, may God be pleased with her He expressed her appreciation for him, until many people no longer knew that she was an orphan in his house, and they had no doubt that she was his dear daughter.

A year had not passed until the bonds of that love between the spouses intensified with the bond of a child, whom the Arabs love and marry frequently for.

Their son “Hala” became the apple of their eye, and Khadija, may God be pleased with her, was able to take care of him with her daughter, and she became a role model in Mecca in raising children, as she is. An example of caring for husbands.

This calm state increased Al-Nabash’s activity and love for life, so his goodness increased, his work expanded, and money flowed to him, in addition to his abundant wealth and goodness, and Khadija, may God be pleased with her, began to call him Abu “Hala,” and Al-Nabash loved this name.

Then the year rolled around and the second year came, witnessing a second son, whose father named him “Hind,” and he almost flew with joy at what he had been granted of God’s bounty. He gave to the poor, bestowed on the needy, generously provided for the needy, held lavish banquets for the nobles and the nobles, and extended his hand on the Day of Aqeeq. It was loud, and people saw it The colors of generosity and welcome they had never seen before, and he went around the House, thanking his Lord who had given him more than one child, and his attachment to Khadija, may God be pleased with her, and her daughter increased.


The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

But Khadija, may God be pleased with her, was afflicted with the sudden death of Abu Hala, and Khadija, may God be pleased with her, once again lived without a husband, and she tasted again the widowhood she had tasted before (the loss of a husband).

Abu Hala’s death was a wide wound on top of an old wound, so her tears did not dry up, and her pain did not ease.

After a while, her father, Khuwaylid, died, and Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, mourned the loss of her father just as she mourned the loss of her husband.

But she overcame her sadness with strong determination, and decided to advance her business and invest the money that her husband and father had left her. So she hired men who would travel with her business, and she conducted that business, as it had been during the lives of her husbands and her father, making them Her children, her money, and her extensive business.

Khadija’s trade, may God be pleased with her, went on as her husband’s trade went, and as the Quraysh trade went on, and many began working for her, and they did not find any objection in serving her, but rather they were proud that they worked for this lady, the wise manager. The wise woman, who understood the principles and subtleties of trade, and knew what was often said about it. Demand is in one area, and demand is less in one area, and many close trade connections have been established in all countries.

She became very opinionated about money matters, and many of the major merchants were not too arrogant to ask her, listen to her directions, and act on them, because they had tried her opinions and directions and were convinced of their success.

The commercial house of Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, became one of the large houses in Mecca, and her warehouses became among the largest and most famous, and her money and trade were distinguished by what was lawful and true, no decrease, no decrease or increase in measure and balance, and none of this money was in the way of usury. That was common The middle, and it became widespread and continued by many, who were seeking vast wealth, even if they had shed blood for it.

She also knew the rights of the poor and needy, so she gave it with a satisfied soul and a good heart, happy with what it provided, with what it relieved of need, and relieved of distress.

One day, Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim, the master of Mecca, went to her, and she met him with respect, and they sat talking about matters of caravan and trade, profit and loss, and the useful effort that hard workers put in, and the depression that negligent and lazy people bring about in goods, so Abu Talib asked her :

– What do you think, Khadija, about Muhammad bin Abdullah, my nephew? Do you think he is fit to do some of your work in the Levant caravan, which is preparing (preparing) to leave?

(Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace) had filled the ears with his honesty, sincerity, and sincerity in his work, and his distance from the evil ways in which the youth of Mecca walked. Chastity and purity. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, said with a smile: :

– Like Muhammad, Abu Talib, he received trusts and was trusted with all confidence, but he had not tried the path before.

He reassured her that he knew the way; Because he was his companion in it when he was ten years old, and he understood it and was aware of it, more than others who are older than him realize, and he is strong and able to withstand travel and its hardships, and he has experience in trade and its affairs, and he has sense. He is skillful, thoughtful and thoughtful. Herding sheep has taught him precision, patience, and good management of affairs. .

Khadija, may God be pleased with her, said:

– I am satisfied, Abu Talib. If you had asked this man who is far from you, we would have responded. What do you think of Muhammad, your relative and beloved?!

Abu Talib repeated his thanks to her, then asked permission to leave, to break the news to his nephew, and he quickly went to the house of (Muhammad bin Abdullah) (may God bless him and grant him peace), very pleased with what he had achieved.

When the day of departure came, she handed him her money, provided him with her advice, and sent with him a servant of hers called “Maysarah.” She ordered this boy to obey him and carry out his orders, and she bid him farewell as she bid farewell to other departed people. Then she stood looking at the caravan as it moved away until it was out of sight.

Going to the north, (Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace) on his camel, and Maysarah next to him on another camel. The caravan was making its way between the mountains and sand, and (Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace) was happy with that departure. He spent the night looking at the sky, contemplating the work of God and His ability, and the order of this spacious, high area, and the lamps in it that shine here and there, as if they were eyes. See some of them To each other.

He spends his day contemplating the vast desert with its fine sand and the mountains that surround the road, as if they were huge guardians keeping the earth from moving.


The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

Lessons learned from this part of Lady Khadija’s story. .

_ In pre-Islamic times, Arab women had their own financial rights and freedom to dispose of their wealth, and they also practiced types of economic activity such as trade.

_ Arab women respect and preserve marital life and family stability.

_ The sensible Arab man shares his wife’s opinion and consults her about his work and family affairs.

_ Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, had an opinion in matters of finance and trade, and she was also an example in raising her children.

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