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Umm Sharik whom God brought down from heaven

Umm Sharik whom God brought down from heaven

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Umm Sharik is one of the distinctive stories that belong to the classification of Islamic children’s stories presented to you by the 10books website. This story is one of the distinctive stories that will affect the religious side of your child’s personality and he will develop a love of faith and obedience to God after he learns from this story that God does not forget the worship of believers. And he always supports them.

Umm Sharik

Umm Sharik, a venerable companion, converted to Islam at the beginning of the spread of the call. This venerable companion had a very high determination to spread the Islamic call.

She used to go to the women of Mecca and talk to them about Islam and call them to monotheism. She was distinguished by a very beautiful style in her call to Islam, with her sweet smile and good morals. Thanks to God, many women converted to Islam through her. After that, the husbands of these women began to feel the change in their wives’ conditions and knew that their wives had converted to Islam, and the reason for this was that she was the mother of Sharik.

So the polytheists began plotting against that venerable companion. If that companion had not been from a large tribe known to the Arabs for its strength, they would not have spared her life. Therefore, the polytheists thought of getting rid of her by returning her to her tribe again.

So they ride her on a camel without a saddle, that is, directly on the camel’s hump (back), and this is with the intention of harming her. The person in this riding position is exposed to a lot of swaying, and this leads, after a period of riding, to great fatigue and exhaustion of the body, and in order for these polytheists to ensure that you do not escape from them while traveling. They tied her with ropes on the back of a camel without mercy and deprived her of drinking water.

While traveling, with the heat of the sun in the desert, I felt extremely thirsty, and when the polytheists who were tasked with returning Umm Sharik to her tribe stopped to rest, that venerable companion and their luggage piled up far away from them in this heat and under the sun without anything to shade her, and they went to seek shade and rest themselves.

So that great companion began to pray to God Almighty and complain to Him because she felt that she was going to die of thirst. Then she heard a voice from the sky and looked and found a bucket of water tied to a rope coming down from the sky. Umm Sharik was very happy and began to drink and quench her thirst, thanking God. She drank a second time and a third time and left a lot of water, so she sprinkled water. She covered her body with the remaining water to relieve her of the intense heat and moisturize her body from the sun. She thanked God a lot and thanked him for his blessing.

After the polytheists traveling with her had rested and taken their share of rest, they returned to her to continue their journey. They found this distinguished companion soaked in water, full of energy, and feeling joyful. The polytheists accused her of untying the ropes that tied her to the camel’s back, and she descended and took some of the water that they had left with their luggage.

So I told them that God was the one who gave her water and provided her with a bucket from heaven, and I drank until I had enough and emptied the rest on my body. These men replied that if this is what really happened, then your god is better than our gods. So they went back to get their belongings and take the water and found it as it was, with nothing missing from it at all. They were certain that it was on the truth, so they all converted to Islam with the blessing of this great woman and venerable companion, Umm Sharik.

This is one of God’s blessings for the worship of believers, and this is the story of the great companion who was known as Umm Sharik, and her real name is Ghaziyah bint Jabir bin Hakim Al-Dawsiyya, from Bani Dus, and the circulation of her story in books. Saying that she is the companion whom God led and sent down a bucket for her from the sky to drink.

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