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About the 10books website

10books – a portal to the world of wonderful books

Introduction to the site:

In the midst of a world full of technology and rapid developments, some people may lose their passion for reading, while others search for a platform rich in books that makes it easier for them to discover new literary creations. Here comes the role of the “10books” website as a cultural portal that allows everyone to enjoy a distinctive and unique reading experience.

10books who are we?

It is a website that aims to spread the culture of reading by providing a platform rich in electronic and paper books in various fields. The site offers diverse content to suit all tastes, from scientific and historical novels and books to philosophical, religious and literary books.

10books features:

  • Diversity: The site includes a huge library of Arabic and international books, stories, and novels, giving users wide options to choose what suits their interests.
  • Ease of use: The site is distinguished by its simplified design and easy interface that allows users to browse and search for books, stories, and novels with ease.
  • Personalization: The site allows users to create personal accounts that allow them to save favorite books, stories, and novels, follow their readings, and add their ratings to them.
  • Community: The site includes an active community of readers who share their opinions and reviews of books, stories, and novels, which helps users discover new literary creations.
  • Reasonable prices: The site offers reasonable prices for everyone to purchase exclusive books and stories written by the work team, making it a platform available to everyone.


10books services:

  • Selling electronic and paper books: The site allows users to purchase electronic and paper books and exclusive stories written by the team directly from the site.
  • Reading Without Limits: The site offers a unique service that allows users to read an unlimited number of e-books, stories, and novels for free.
  • Cultural blog: The site offers a cultural blog in which various articles about books, reading, and authors are published.
  • Reading Club: The site allows users to join a reading club to discuss favorite books with other readers.


The impact of 10books on reading culture:

The “10books” website played an important role in spreading the culture of reading through:

  1. Providing a platform rich in Arab and international books, novels and stories.
  2. Facilitating access to electronic and paper books, stories, and novels.
  3. Encourage interaction among readers through an active community.
  4. Spreading awareness of the importance of reading and its benefits.



The “10books” website is an integrated cultural platform that offers a distinctive and unique reading experience. Through the diversity of its content, ease of use, and customization, the site contributes to spreading the culture of reading and stimulating the passion for reading among everyone.

محمد هوست | Mohamed Host

Mohamed Host

Digital marketing and e-commerce consultant

Muhamad Ali, an Egyptian national residing in Mahalla al-Kubra, born in Gharbia Governorate in 1990, holds a bachelor’s degree in the College of Commerce, Department of Business Administration, in addition to obtaining more than one hundred and fifty other certificates, including certificates of appreciation, courses, and international accreditations in several branches in the field. E-marketing, his experience in the field of e-marketing and business management for companies since 2014, even though he had been working as a freelancer several years before this period.

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