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predatory ghost who loves to work

predatory ghost who loves to work

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predatory ghost who loves to work This story is classified as a fairy tale for children, presented to you by the 10books website. This story is one of the funny children’s stories that can be counted as a children’s bedtime story, which draws happiness on your child’s face and helps him sleep peacefully.

predatory ghost

A man was passing through a forest. He was tired and sat under a tree to rest. There were some bushes near the tree. Suddenly the man heard a whistle. The man got up and went to look between the bushes. He saw a bottle lying in the middle of those bushes. The sound of the whistle was coming from inside the bottle.

The man opened the bottle to look inside and was amazed. Suddenly, a lot of black smoke came out of the bottle immediately when it was opened. Smoke rose high into the sky. Then the smoke turned into a ghost. It was an extremely huge ghost and was as tall as a tree.

The ghost was red. He had red eyes, and big gold earrings in his ears. The ghost spoke, saying: “Give me some work or I will eat you.” The man was very afraid. The ghost asked: “What kind of work do you want to do?”

The ghost spoke, saying: “What work do you want me to do? You let me out of the bottle, so you have to give me jobs to do.” I have to keep working day and night. The moment you stop giving me work, I will eat you up.”

“Take me home,” the man said. The ghost picked up the man. In half a second, he arrived at the man’s house. Again, he said, “Give me some work to do or I will eat you.” The man said, “Make me a big palace.”

In a few minutes the palace was ready. The ghost said again in a loud voice: “Give me some work or I will eat you.”

The man said, “Bring me a lot of gold and jewelry.” In a few seconds, gold, jewelry, and treasures were filling the place around the man. The ghost spoke, saying: ”I want some work to do if you don’t want me to eat you.”

A man said to a ghost: “I want to get nice clothes to wear.” Immediately the ghost brought the clothes. “Give me some work or I will eat you,” said the ghost.

The man said to the ghost, “I want to get some food.” In one second, the man found the table full of delicious foods. He tried to eat, but he didn’t have time. The ghost spoke again, saying: “I want some work now so that I don’t devour you.”

The man kept giving work to the ghost over and over again. He couldn’t eat at all. When night came, the ghost did not let him sleep. The ghost spoke, saying: ”I want some work to do if you don’t want me to eat you.”

The man became very worried. How can he eat? How can he sleep? If he does not find more and more work, the ghost eats him.

Then the man thought of an idea. The man said to the ghost, “Make a long pole that reaches the sky.” And be quick to implement.”

In a few minutes, the ghost returned and said: “The column is ready.” “Now give me some work or I’ll eat you up.”

“Now listen carefully,” the man said. Climb the pole until you reach the top. Then go down until you reach the ground, then go up and then return to the ground again. And keep doing this until I tell you to stop. And remember to be careful not to waste time.”

The ghost was very happy, because he now had a lot of work to do. Go up the column, go down, go up, go down. And keep doing it.

He watched the man for a while. Then he went inside and ate the food that the ghost brought. After that he went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning and quickly got up and went out. He saw the ghost going up and down the pole all the time. The man was very happy.

Several days passed. The ghost’s shadow continues to rise and fall. A month later he was still doing it. He felt a little tired now. He said to the man, “Please, sir, may I stop now?” “I went up to the top and then down the pole for a month.”

The man said to the ghost in a loud voice, “How can you stop?” “You can’t stop until I tell you, so keep going up and down until I tell you something else.”

Another three months passed. The ghost was now really tired. The ghost said: “Master, I can no longer do this. I have to stop now.”

The man said, “You can stop on one condition. You must go away from here and never come back again.”

“I promise,” said the ghost.

The man said: “Very well, then stop now.” Remove this column and take it in your hand as you leave. “

The ghost picked up the pole and ran away, and the man was never seen again.

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