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Three Soldiers wonderful story suitable children

Three Soldiers wonderful story suitable children

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The story of the three soldiers is a bedtime story for children. This story tells about three soldiers who are expelled from service without a reason, but fate compensates them with magical items. So what happened? This is what we will know in the story below.

The three soldiers and the disguised soldier

One day there were three brave soldiers who fought in many battles and won for their kingdom, but after the battle the king did not reward them and expelled them from the kingdom without reason.

The soldiers had to search for a long time for a place to stay until they finally reached the forest.

The forest was so dark that they could not see anything and at this time the three agreed that one of them would guard two others in turn, then two of them went to sleep and the third went to collect wood to light the fire.

The awakened soldier was about to sit down next to the fire he had lit, but suddenly a dwarf appeared in front of him, emerging from the flames.

The dwarf was wearing a red coat and his head was covered with a red scarf. He asked the soldier: – Who are you?

The soldier said: I am a poor soldier. Please sit with me. I want to talk to you.

Then the soldier sat with the dwarf and told him his story. The dwarf felt sad when he heard it, so the dwarf said: Don’t worry, take this coat. It can cover you from your head to your feet.

The coat was not clean, but the soldier smiled, but the dwarf whispered something in the soldier’s ear. Then the soldier looked at the coat in amazement and turned around to thank the dwarf, but he had disappeared.

When morning came, the soldier told his friends the story of the dwarf and made them take a look at the coat.

The two replied that this coat was very dirty and had a strange shape, but the first soldier proudly told his friends that this was not an ordinary coat, but that if he wore it, all his wishes would come true.

The two soldiers were astonished, and another soldier told the story of his meeting with a dwarf who gave him a magic wallet when he was also guarding them. This wallet contained a lot of gold coins, and it did not matter how much he spent because it would never be empty.

Then the third soldier told his story and showed them his magical musical instrument, which anyone would be amazed if they heard it and would dance and sing to its music.

They were very happy about getting these gifts from the dwarf, and then the first soldier with the coat thought they should try it all.

Immediately he put on his coat and made a wish and said: “My dear coat, we have no place to live. Bring us a big, beautiful palace, please.”

Suddenly a thunderstorm broke out and the wind blew strongly and loudly, and suddenly a large palace appeared in front of them.

There was a beautiful garden and in front of the gate stood four to five horses ready to pull a comfortable golden carriage behind them.

The three soldiers sat in the carriage and headed to a nearby kingdom, and suddenly they found the Arabs stopped in front of the king’s palace.

The king knew of their arrival and welcomed them happily. The three soldiers at this time were handsome and dressed in luxurious clothes. The king asked them to stay in the palace for a few days.

The king did not know them yet, and the king thought they were princes from a distant kingdom, and that it was possible for him to marry his daughter to one of them.

One fine evening, one of the soldiers was walking with the princess in the garden. She noticed the wallet with the soldier and the princess asked him where he got it from.

The soldier did not hide anything from her and told her the story of the dwarf who gave him this wallet one night.

But he was not wise to tell her that story because the next day she mixed some sleeping pills into his drink, and when he fell asleep, she replaced his wallet with another, non-magical wallet.

After a few days, he realized that the princess had cheated on him and stolen his wallet. At this time, the three soldiers became angry.

The soldier who owned the coat said that she must be taught a lesson, so he put on his coat and said, “My magic coat, take me to the princess’s place.”

The princess was counting the gold coins and when she looked up, the soldier in the magic coat was standing in front of her.

The princess screamed and said: “Thief, there is a thief.”

The soldier was afraid and jumped out of the window. As he fell, his coat got stuck in the tree and the poor soldier lost his coat as well.

When it was the third soldier’s turn, he played his musical instrument, and he had a large army of soldiers and surrounded the entire palace.

Then he sent a messenger to the king who told him everything and asked him to retrieve the coat and wallet, but the deceitful princess demanded two days.

So the princess disguised herself as a maid and went to explore the soldiers’ camp. She had a lot of food to eat, and when she approached their camp, she started singing.

At this time, everyone began to hear and enjoy the princess’s singing, and even the soldier with the magical musical instrument came out to listen to her.

At this time, the princess asked her maid to steal the musical instrument from the soldier, and she was able to bring it to the princess.

Then the princess and the maid returned to the palace and were very happy, but the poor soldiers became homeless again and returned to live in the forest, but one of the soldiers said, “Let us separate and see what happens.”

Indeed, the three soldiers separated. The soldier with the wallet walked a long distance, and when he felt exhausted, he sat under a tree to rest.

This was an apple tree. He took an apple and started eating it, but he was very hungry so he picked another one and started eating it.

He was about to eat the third apple, but he started to feel dizzy, so the soldier said in fear: – What is happening to me?

The soldier’s nose began to grow and continued to extend to the point that he could not see the end of his nose, and then he fell asleep because he was feeling very dizzy.

The other soldiers were walking until they bumped into something, and one of them said: What is this?

The other said: It looks like someone’s nose.

They decided to walk in the direction of the man with the nose, and when they reached the end, they were amazed and sad because this man with the long nose was their friend.

Suddenly the little dwarf appeared in front of them and said to them: – Do not worry, my friends. If anyone eats from this tree, his nose will return to how it was with time, and I suggest that you take this fruit to the princess and teach her a lesson.

After recovering, the soldier who ate this apple disguised himself as a gardener and went to the princess’s palace. When the princess saw the fresh red apples, she was very happy.

Indeed, she ate two apples, and when she started eating the third, her nose began to grow so large that it reached the garden.

The king was afraid and spread the news throughout the kingdom that he would reward whoever would treat his daughter with a large reward.

The next day, the two soldiers disguised as doctors put apple juice in the medicine and gave it to the princess.

Her nose began to swell more and more, and today they gave her medicine mixed with other fruit juice.

Her nose seemed to return to its normal size, then the soldiers thought about giving the princess a harsh lesson, so they gave her the medicine mixed with red apple juice again.

Then the princess was afraid because her nose began to grow again, and one of the soldiers who claimed to be a doctor said to her: “Princess, I think you have stolen someone’s things. I know this magic and I can notice it, and if you do not return those things, this condition will continue forever.”

But the princess did not want to return these items and denied what she had done. The doctor said: “Okay, as you wish.”

After days of this strange situation continuing, the king tried to convince her and said to her: – You must return these stolen things immediately.

So the princess agreed. She was tired of that long nose, and she actually summoned the three soldiers and gave them their stolen magic items.

Then the soldier disguised as a doctor began to stop mixing the juice of this red apple with the medicine until the princess’s nose returned to its natural shape.

The three friends returned to their palace and lived happily ever after.

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