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intelligence of the chicken and the trap of the cunning fox

intelligence of the chicken and the trap of the cunning fox

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The story of the intelligence of the chicken and the trap of the cunning fox trap is a fun story presented to you by the 10books website, which is known for containing the most wonderful children’s stories.

The story of the chicken’s intelligence and the cunning fox’s trap tells of the intelligence and courage of the little red hen, and how she confronts the challenges and dangers that threaten her, and how she uses her intelligence to survive and live happily after everything. So what happened? This is what we will learn together in this story below.

intelligence of the chicken

Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived in a house on a farm alone and she worked all day to keep her house clean and organized and to gather food for herself.

And the hen’s house was not very far from the house of the cunning fox and his wife who lived in their cave.

The fox was very clever and was always hunting to please his wife with delicious meals, and their eyes were directed towards the little red hen.

One day, the cunning fox decided to catch the little red hen to eat for dinner.

The fox carried his bag and said to his wife: “I am going to catch the little red chicken for dinner. You must prepare and boil water in the big pot until I return with the chicken.”

The cunning fox said that and went to the red hen’s location. The fox’s wife was very happy with this decision and began preparing the ingredients and put the large pot on the fire to heat the water.

While the little red hen went to the farm to collect seeds for dinner, she did not notice the sly fox who was hiding behind the tree.

When the hen was out of sight, the cunning fox quickly rushed towards the hen house and made a plan to catch her when she returned.

After some time, the little red hen came home with the basket full of seeds for dinner.

The hen entered her house and closed the door behind her. Unfortunately, when the cunning fox saw that she could not escape from this situation, he suddenly attacked her with a large open bag to catch her.

The little red hen was so frightened that she dropped her basket full of seeds and flew away over a beam in great fear.

But she quickly regained her balance and said to the fox: “You cunning fox, what are you doing in my house? Do you think it will be easy for you to catch me?”

The fox said: “Do you think you will stay where you are for a long time?”

The fox said this, but he knew that it would not be easy to catch the chicken now. While talking to the chicken, an idea came to the fox’s mind, and then the fox said to the chicken: “I will catch you and I will eat you for dinner tonight, so I cannot break my promise to my wife.”

The cunning fox began to revolve around itself and run in a circle, while the fox was circling around the hen as if trying to catch its tail.

The hen kept watching until she felt dizzy and could not maintain her balance and fell into the bag that the fox was holding.

The cunning fox carried the bag on his shoulder and started walking towards his cave, happy and imagining what the chicken would taste like. While he was walking, he felt very tired from trying to catch the chicken.

But the fox noticed that there was still time before nightfall, so he decided to take a break. He put the bag aside and leaned against a rock for a while, and then fell asleep quickly.

At the same time, the little red hen woke up and somehow succeeded in opening the bag and taking her head out.

The hen was surprised to see the cunning fox sleeping, so the hen decided to get rid of the fox cleverly. She collected some heavy stones and quickly dropped them into the bag, then quickly fled to her house. Of course, she was very tired.

The fox did not know what happened while he was sleeping, so when he woke up he carried the bag again on his shoulder and walked towards his cave.

When his wife saw him and went out to greet him, she asked him: “Did you bring the little red hen?”

The cunning fox replied: “Yes, did you boil the water as I told you?”

The wife shook his head and licked his lips excitedly.

Then the fox opened the bag and into the bowl filled with boiling hot water, he threw the stones in the bag without noticing what was inside the bag. As a result of the stones rushing into the bowl of boiling water, many drops of boiling water came out of the bowl and fell on them.

Because of this event, it led to the death of the cunning fox and his wife, after which the little red hen never saw the cunning fox again and lived happily and peacefully after that.

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