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The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Part Three

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

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Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger as a mercy to the worlds. As for the following… we are pleased to present, through Islamic children’s stories, a wonderful model for Arab Muslim women., in response to those who oppress Islam, and claim that the Arab woman under Islam is only fit for the home, and that Islam prevents women from Participation in public life and work, and here we present the life story of Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her.

* The ideal Arab girl in her morals, love for her family, and obedience to her parents, thus earning their love and respect, and even the respect of everyone around her.

* The working woman who entered the labor market to manage her money efficiently and competently, thus surpassing many men in the field of trade and management.

* A loyal, loyal, and patient wife who stands by her husband in good and bad times, gives him love and affection, removes his worries, and shares his struggles and struggle.

* A mother who raised her daughters well and raised them so that they could be like her in bearing responsibilities and honoring their country. In fact, she went beyond that and focused on raising Muslim sons and daughters to be a mother to all believers.

This woman, may God be pleased with her, in this world and the hereafter. In this world, she was the wife of the master of all mankind (Muhammad), may God bless him and grant him peace. She bore with him the burden of promoting the call, so she stood by him when the people abandoned him, and she helped him with her money when the people deprived him of it, and the difficulties that stood in his way were made easy for him.

She endured hunger and thirst with him, and she was rich and luxurious. She had a merciful heart, a tender chest, a sound mind, and beautiful patience. In the afterlife, her Lord – Glory be to Him – gave her good news of a palace in Paradise because she is the mistress of the women of Paradise.

In conclusion, we turn to God – Glory be to Him – to pray for her, and that her life will benefit our sons and daughters…

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

Part Three: Motives for engagement. . .

It was time for the travelers to return from the Levant, and Mecca rose and prepared to receive them, and (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her) began to think about her money and her trade, among the thoughts crowded in her chest.

When the good news came to announce the approach of the caravan, people became more interested, and movement increased in the homes.

Readiness in merchants’ homes to receive their stores and calculate their profits or losses.

And readiness in the homes of the porters, who transport these stores for a fee.

He watched in the homes of the helpless and the poor, who were accustomed to receiving good things on such occasions, and for people with kind hearts to show favor to them when their trade returned to profit.

Until tomorrow morning, the noise became louder in the streets, the movement intensified in the homes, and many went out to the gates of Mecca to receive the caravan.

And (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her and her satisfaction) is preparing as people prepare, and her maids are happy, telling each other about the expensive gifts that their mistress promised them if her business returns profitable, and everyone in her company returns safely.

(The Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) and Maysarah walked to the house of (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her), and she received them with joy and kindness, and he greeted her. Then he went to his house, and sat to receive his uncles, relatives, and lovers, who came to wish him well. .

As for Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, she went to her stores and examined her merchandise, then she stood looking in great astonishment and said:

– What is this huge profit that Muhammad brought back?! What are these many goods that he returned with?!!

– How did he buy all these goods?! And with what money did he buy it?!

She was astonished by the types of goods and their value, so she exclaimed softly in amazement:

– What did you do, Maysara?! What is all this profit?! How did you get it?!

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

Then Maysara hurried over, smiling, saying:

– Muhammad’s blessing, ma’am! We had hardly reached the city of Busra and entered the market with the convoy when the buyers gathered around us. Our goods delighted in their eyes, as if there was no other or similar market in the market!

Madam, Muhammad showed great skill and dexterity in selling, until we finished our goods in a short time, and the merchants around us were looking at us in astonishment, and some of them could not contain what they were in, and they began shouting in astonishment:

– What is this, Maysarah?!

– Goods other than ours, or ways other than ours? Or an agreement before we arrived?!

Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, said with even greater astonishment:

– But the prices of our goods that you sold will not be worth the prices of what you bought, even if you sold them for double the price, or for three or four times the price!!

Maysara responded, saying arrogantly:

– Muhammad’s blessing, my lady!

– God was with him when buying, just as He was with him when selling. He did not enter the market as a buyer, until the sellers called him and gave him their goods, as if they wanted to offer them to him without any price!

– He did not offer a value but they accepted it, and people were confused, wondering about this merchant who preceded the merchants, and the owner of the face that attracted hearts.

– Our merchants are confused about the matter of Muhammad, who sold high and bought cheap, to the point that some of them said in great astonishment:

– What happened, Maysara?!

– We said that you had agreed with the buyers before our arrival, so did you also agree with the sellers?!!

Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, became more pleased, and she said gently to Maysarah:

– Tell me, Maysarah, about everything that happened during the coming and going. Do not leave anything out without telling me, for I have seen that you have great admiration for (Muhammad)!

Maysara said with a happy face:

– Muhammad’s situation is strange, my lady!

– I told you about buying and selling, and the success he (Muhammad) achieved in them. People may say that this is luck that sometimes flows to some people, and they may say that it is (Muhammad’s) skill. So what do you think, my lady, about the wonder of the sky?!

The weather was scorching hot, and the sun’s rays were intense, as if they were a burning fire. We did not leave Mecca until we took shelter from it with turbans, doubling them, and with whatever umbrellas we could that protected our heads alone.

– As for (Muhammad), the sky shaded him, and spread over him and his camel a shadowy cloud. It traveled wherever the caravan was going, and did not leave us until we reached the Levant. It stayed with him from morning to evening, and then gathered around him again, when he fell asleep. The sun rose again.

Maysara was silent for a while, looked at his mistress, who was overwhelmed with astonishment, then he continued, saying in astonishment:

– Madam, the people were in great astonishment at the matter of this cloud that surrounded Muhammad with its shadow. If Muhammad moved, it moved with him!

Then Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her, woke up from her thinking and said to Maysarah Basima:

– What did Muhammad do in the Levant, Maysara?

– He was pleased with its trees, its waters, its orchards, its gentle atmosphere, its people, and everyone in it?!

Maysara quickly confirmed:

– Muhammad did not participate in what the merchants did there, my lady, nor did he enjoy anything that attracted the people. Rather, he spent all his time looking at the kingdom and marveling at God’s creation and what He had done for mankind, and the ripe plants and plants that He had thrown into the earth. He ran straight, and he did not run in it Water and rivers, and how He created our country a barren desert with no plants or water, and He created in the Levant gardens of fava, grain, grapes, barren trees, olives, and overwhelming gardens.

– My lady, he was always thinking. He let people go wherever they wanted, and he stayed where we stayed, contemplating and thinking, until time passed and we prepared to leave.

Maysarah’s words about (Muhammad) settled in the heart of (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her), and she could not expel his image from her mind after she saw him and heard about his noble qualities and morals, and what her servant Maysarah told her about, and she wished for (Muhammad) to be her husband.

When she could not get this thought out of her mind, she decided to take the initiative on her part, so she sent a servant of hers called Nafisa, to seek the opinion of (Muhammad) and present to him the idea of marrying (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her and her satisfaction).

When evening came, Nafisa wrapped herself in a night gown, and walked from the house of (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her) to the house of (Muhammad), and asked permission for him, then entered, and found him lying down, thinking, and it seemed to her as if she had never known him before.

She saw a handsome man, of moderate build, neither short nor tall, with a large head, with straight, very dark hair, with straightened eyebrows, wide eyes, and a dazzling light radiating from his face. So she greeted him and confided to him some words, from which he fell in love. Acceptance and satisfaction.

Then she left quickly, and went to (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her) and entered upon her with great joy, and brought her the good news of (Muhammad’s) acceptance. (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her) kissed her and hugged her several times, then she got up to She ran into her stores and chose some precious gifts. I presented it to her gladly.

The story of Lady Khadija Mother of the Believers

Lessons learned from this part of Lady Khadija’s story. .

_ Before his mission, the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, demonstrated skill and ingenuity in trade, buying and selling.

_ The sincerity and honesty of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, were among the reasons for his success in business and among the factors behind people’s love for him.

_ The cloud that shaded the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, on his journey to the Levant is a sign of his prophethood.

_ Noble morals and a praiseworthy biography are among the most important reasons for (Mrs. Khadija, may God be pleased with her) attachment to the character of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, and her wish to marry him.

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