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The story of “Visitor from the Future”, the sixth novel

Table of Contents

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

Somewhere in the land of (Egypt), and in some era of the future, there is the supreme leadership of the Egyptian Scientific Intelligence, where work takes place in complete calm and absolute secrecy, in order to protect scientific progress in (Egypt), and in order to preserve scientific secrets. Which is the true measure of the progress of nations.

For these goals, the scientific intelligence man, Nour El-Din Mahmoud, works at the head of a rare team, chosen with complete care and extreme precision. . .

A special team, facing the dangers of a new era, and challenging scientific ambiguity and future mysteries. .

It is a glimpse of hope for a coming generation, a glimpse of the world of tomorrow, and a new page of the eternal file. . .

_ Future file

Dedicated to the soul of Dr. Nabil Farouk.

Future File series

Novel (Visitor from the Future)

“A Visitor from the Future” is a novel from the “Future File” series.

  • How did this visitor move from the thirtieth century to the twenty-first century?
  • Is he a peaceful visitor? ..or does he carry a disaster from the future?
  • What is the secret of these men who are trying to kidnap this visitor?

Read all the exciting and fascinating details…and join Nour and his team in solving the mystery.

1_ Investigation. .

Captain Nour moved anxiously, as he looked around the small, bare room in the middle of which he stood.

The room was located on the twelfth floor of the General Administration of Scientific Intelligence building… where the General Investigator summoned him for questioning, regarding his committing violations that harmed the confidentiality of work…

Nour began to ignite his thoughts, trying to remember all the incidents and cases that he had experienced since the beginning of his work in scientific intelligence, but he did not find in everything that had happened anything that could harm the confidentiality of the work.

Before he could continue his thoughts, he heard a strong voice echoing in the room:

– Captain (Nour El-Din)… Raise your right hand up.

Nour raised his hand and tried to find out where the voice came from, but he failed. Soon a green spot of light fell on his palm, and remained focused on it for several seconds. Then it disappeared. And here the voice came back saying:

The distribution of pores on your palm is positive. Your personality has been verified. Sit on the seat that will appear to your right.

Quietly, a comfortable chair emerged from the wall, designed to have soft depressions in which the sitter’s arms and head could rest. Nour moved toward the seat and sat quietly. At this point, several television cameras appeared from the ceiling of the room, and their lenses were directed to Nour’s face. ..

He knew that these (cameras) transmit a very magnified image of his face, so that all his features appear clear to the investigator, and that the innocent-looking chair is nothing but a lie detector device, accurately transmitting his temperature, pulse, breathing, and even his brain activity to the computer specialized in analyzing his statements.

Nour relaxed in the seat, reassured, and a strong voice came to him saying:

– Captain (Nour)… You are accused of committing violations that harm the confidentiality of work.

Nour answered, his nerves completely under control:

May I know her, sir?

The voice said in firm tones:

– You are accused of using civilians in highly secret operations.

Nour furrowed his eyebrows and asked again:

– I would like more clarification, sir. What do you mean by that?

The voice became louder as he repeated:

-More clarification? In the cases that assign you, you use a team of civilians, a young engineer, a young female engineer, and a psychiatrist. This harms the absolute confidentiality of these works. What are your statements?

Nour smiled as he said:

-I admit it, sir.

A clear tone of relief appeared when the voice continued:

– Don’t you see that this harms the public interest of the work, since these issues require complete confidentiality?

Nour said firmly this time:

– No, sir.

The voice was more like a scream as he said:

-So you refuse to acknowledge the damage caused by your approach.

Nour closed his eyes and said quietly:

– I completely refuse. The secret of any operation has not leaked from them until now.

The voice declared triumphantly:

– I’ve said it, so far… and what could happen next?

– Don’t you know that…

Before the voice finished speaking, Nour heard a buzzing sound transmitted through the loudspeaker machines, then he heard a small tick. It seemed that the investigator was receiving a message. And through the tiny microphones, the voice of the investigator reached Nour’s ear saying:

– Yes, Sir Commander, he is here. I am investigating him myself, Sir. Yes, regarding his use of civilians.

Then there was silence for a while, then the voice came back saying nervously:

– But, sir, the regulations… the…

It was clear that the investigator was facing a difficult situation. It was not difficult for Nour to conclude that he was talking to the Supreme Commander himself. He listened again to him saying with increased tension:

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

– Your order, Mr. Commander, we will preserve the investigation.. What? .. Okay.. I will send it right away.

Then Nour heard another tick, after which silence prevailed for a while, then the investigator’s voice came saying in distress:

– Captain Nour.. The Supreme Commander has ordered the investigation to be preserved, and he is now requesting you in his office.

Nour stood up and left the seat he returned to. He took his place against the wall quietly, and Nour said before leaving the room:

– Thank you, sir. I hope you will be careful next time. It is a mistake to leave the listening devices open when you speak directly to the Supreme Commander. The person sitting in the seat could have been a dangerous spy.

The listening devices transmitted an angry muttering to Nour’s ear before he left the room. Only moments later, he was landing in the glass tube lit in a soft violet color. This reminded him of the first time he met the Supreme Commander personally in the death rays case . Soon he was performing the military salute while standing in front of his supreme commander, and he began to say:

– Hello Captain, it is nice to see you this time… The investigator must have bothered you with his questions.

Then he furrowed his thick eyebrows as he said:

– Damn these administrators!! We face issues that threaten public security, and they talk from their offices about regulations and red tape.

He leaned forward with a smile and said to Nour:

-What do you know about time travel, Captain?

Nour was astonished by this sudden question, so he cleared his throat and said:

– All my information in this field goes back to an old theory, developed by the scientist ( Albert Einstein ) in the middle of the twentieth century, which says that time is the seventh dimension of matter, and as long as time is matter, it is possible to move through it, forward and backward… This part of the theory represents An old dream of scientists, and they have been trying to achieve it for many years.

The Supreme Commander returned, leaning his head on his seat, and said with a slight smile:

– It seems that this dream will become a reality in the thirtieth century, Captain.

Nour raised his eyebrows in astonishment as he asked:

– What makes you so certain, Mr. Commander?

The Supreme Leader’s smile widened as he said, focusing his gaze on Nour’s face:

– Because we have a visitor here, Captain, a visitor from the thirtieth century.

Nour’s astonishment turned into astonishment as he repeated:

– Impossible.. How? …

The Supreme Commander leaned on his desk and said:

– Only three days ago, this man appeared near the city of Aswan. He was wearing clothes made of a new material that is anti-combustion and anti-laser, and he was in a state of astonishment. Because of the strangeness of his situation, he was detained by our office there, and an urgent message was sent to The administration is here, and the man was brought in the day before yesterday morning..

– Using some memory-activating rays, he began to remember something of what had happened.

Nour’s senses were all alert, and the Supreme Commander continued by saying:

He told us information that is difficult to believe for the first time. He says that he was working in one of the laboratories affiliated with scientific investigations in the thirtieth century, and that this laboratory had finally succeeded in inventing the so-called time machine, or (the chronograph), and he volunteered to try it. The machine is supposed to transport him to the fortieth century, so that he can learn about some of the scientific achievements of that advanced century. But it seems that something went wrong with the machine, so it transported him to the twenty-first century instead of the fortieth century.

Signs of disbelief were clear on Captain Nour’s face, and the Supreme Commander smiled as he said:

– I used to think that amazement had become an old commodity in this era, Captain… but the expressions on your face confirm the error of this belief.

Nour hesitated for a moment, then said:

But, sir, time travel is logically unacceptable. Let us imagine that a man returned to the past and met his grandfather, for example, or one of the prominent figures in history, and then killed him when he was a child. This completely changes the events of history, and perhaps this even led to Change to this same person not having children…what happens to him then? …Does he disappear? Many perceptions completely contradict the idea, Mr. Leader.

The Supreme Commander furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– If the matter were that simple, Captain, scientists would not be studying this theory with such interest… I know that you have an excellent scientific mentality, so do not push me to change this idea.

While Nour remained silent in distress, the Supreme Commander continued to say:

Although the news of this visitor’s arrival was kept in absolute secrecy, some news leaked; That is why our man was kidnapped yesterday.

Nour’s eyebrows rose in astonishment, and he asked his commander:

-Kidnapping? Do you mean, sir, that he left the administration building alone? Why is this visitor, who claims to be from the future, important?

The Supreme Commander exhaled in distress and said:

He went out yesterday, at our request, to inspect some sites, so he could tell us what they turned into in his time, I mean in the thirtieth century. Then, the importance of this man is due to the fact that everything that is currently considered important secrets is considered to him merely history, and this is useful. The entity that receives a significant benefit from it.

Nour asked carefully:

– Why isn’t he kept here, sir?

The Supreme Commander replied with the same interest:

– Because this situation will give him the feeling that he is a prisoner, and this feeling will of course push him not to cooperate with us sincerely, and then inspecting the sites is very useful. It is important to know what will happen in a spot a thousand years from now, as this may have led to you discovering the importance of a neglected spot. At the same time, I cannot surround him with armed guards, as this instills in him a sense of fear and caution. Most important of all, we need to refresh his memory regarding a specific spot next to the city of Suez.

The Supreme Commander was silent for a while, then said again:

There is a top-secret study that has been taking place for more than a month about establishing a permanent power generator in this spot, and it is supposed to operate efficiently for at least two thousand years from now.

A new radioactive material will be used to operate this generator, and it is important for us to know whether this generator will continue to operate with the same efficiency until the thirtieth century or not. Psychologists have seen that the best way to activate the future visitor’s memory on this point is to visit The place does not feel like it is under surveillance.

– In other words, he must remain in a good psychological state. Your task, Captain Nour, is to accompany the man and guard him throughout the duration of the visit and to stimulate his memory. May God grant you success.

The last phrase meant that the conversation had ended, but Nour hesitated a little before leaving, then asked the Supreme Commander:

– Can I, sir, know the details of the kidnapping attempt?

The Supreme Commander said:

Outside, you will find a three-dimensional video tape containing sufficient answers to all your questions, Abha Al-Naqeeb.

Nour gave the military salute, then turned and headed towards the door of the Supreme Commander’s room, and before he reached it, a voice came to him saying:

– You can seek help from your team, she is the captain, and do not care about these administrators.


2_ A strange prophecy. .

Nour began driving his rocket car skillfully, deliberately slowing down its speed, to allow the young man sitting next to him to look at the road. He glanced quickly from time to time at this young man. He was wearing a simple, one-piece uniform made of a soft material. And strength, with some slight shine..

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

Only a few minutes passed until the young man said without turning to Nour:

– How wonderful this road was in your time, Captain!! You will be sad when I tell you what happened in the thirtieth century.

Nour smiled and said:

– I don’t think my life will extend this far.

The young man laughed and turned to him and said:

– You have a cheerful spirit, Captain, despite the arduous nature of your work.

Nour said while carefully watching the road:

– My work is not that hard, colleague… Tell me, will crime remain as it is in the thirtieth century?

The young man answered him as he turned again to the road:

– The color black is always necessary to distinguish the white color, Abha Al-Naqib, and crime is part of human nature, and this will not change until the end of the world.

Then he suddenly shouted, pointing to a nearby hill:

– Hurray!! Isn’t this the fifth air traffic control center?

Nour’s eyebrows rose in astonishment. This center was located underground, one of the places surrounded by absolute secrecy. How did you know this young man? Nour’s astonishment quickly disappeared, and he smiled as he said to the young man:

-Is this also mentioned in history books in the thirtieth century?

The young man smiled as he said:

Fortunately, I was interested in reading history, otherwise I would never have remembered this.

Nour said, pointing to a huge sign next to the road:

– Here we have arrived in Suez. We will meet a few friends at the Canal Hotel there, and I am confident that you will find them very friendly.

As soon as Nour got off his rocket car, Salwa rushed towards him, shouting in terror:

– Hello, Commander.. We have been waiting for you here for more than an hour.

Nour shook her hand and said with a smile:

– Hello, my dear Salwa.. It has been a full month since our last interview in the case of ( The Mysterious Bomb ).

Salwa said, as shame made blood flow to her cheeks:

– But only twenty-seven days.

Then she lowered her face in shame when Ramzi’s voice came saying:

– Hello, Commander. How nice to meet you. I wonder why you need us this time.

Nour shook hands warmly with Ramzi, and exchanged some expressions of courtesy with Mahmoud, who came from behind him. Then he turned to the young man coming with him and said:

– I am pleased to introduce to you my colleague (Medhat Mansour), the only visitor who came to our era from the thirtieth century.

Astonishment jumped onto everyone’s faces, while Salwa shook her head and said:

– It seems that I am suffering from some problems in the inner ear. Imagine that I heard you say, “The thirtieth century.”

Nour said as he moved towards the hotel reception computer:

– Perhaps these troubles have moved to your mind, my dear, when I tell you the whole story… Come on, I will meet you shortly in my room.

It was only an hour later that Nour had finished explaining the whole matter to his companions in his room. There was silence for a while, then Salwa said while contemplating Medhat:

– So you are coming from the thirtieth century… How amazing is this story!!

Medhat smiled and said while leaning back in his seat:

– There is a lot that raises astonishments in the thirtieth century, miss. I hope you will accept my apology if I say, I feel that this era is very backward. These clothes of yours, miss, are suitable for being placed in a museum.

Salwa furrowed her eyebrows and looked at him curiously. Mahmoud asked him:

– Wasn’t the fact of your coming to the twenty-first century mentioned in the history books of your time?

Medhat smiled as he said:

– Of course…but without mentioning the visitor’s name, but we thought that this would happen at an advanced stage, after the use of the time machine was widespread.

Ramzi asked him carefully:

-Do you mean that you were intending to popularize the use of the time machine?

Medhat said, shaking his head:

– Not in the understandable sense. We would have allowed it to be used to travel to the future only, while traveling to the past with it would have been prohibited, for fear of the traveler’s interference in history.

Salwa said in distress:

– So, to you, we are just the past, colleague… old, boring history.

Medhat laughed and said:

– It is never boring, on the contrary, it is interesting… It is fun to see with my own eyes what I read in history books.

Then he stood up and said:

Gentlemen, allow me to rest for a while in my room. I have forgotten to bring some activity pills with me to your afternoon.

Everyone nodded positively to him, so he left the room quietly, but he stumbled at the door, so (Nour) rushed to him, and (Medhat) stood up and pointed to (Nour):

– Don’t worry, my friend, I’m not yet used to these firm floors.

Then he left the room and closed the door behind him. As soon as he did so, Mahmoud turned to Nour and asked him:

-Isn’t it possible that this is all just a hoax, Commander?

Nour said, shaking his head in denial:

– It is difficult, Mahmoud. He told them in the administration a number of secrets that fall within the scope of extreme confidentiality, and which are kept with the utmost precision in the administration’s special microfilm room.

Then the scientists at our research center have great confidence in his story, and our mission is to guard him, so that his memory can tell us important information that we need.

Salwa said in distress:

-We guard him? What do we have to do with that? Then why do we do this?

Nour answered her with a calm smile and said:

– He was subjected to a kidnapping attempt while he was walking around the Giza area. A missile car carrying two men tried to intercept his way and forced him into the car, had it not been for the vigilance of the guard team that was following him in secret. The guard team killed one of the two men, and the second fled by car, taking advantage of The road is crowded with pedestrians.

Ramzi asked him carefully:

– There is someone who knows his story then…what should we do?

Nour was silent for a moment and then said:

– I do not know exactly, but I sent for your request. Because I needed a responsive group to share this ridiculous work with me.

Before (Ramzi) could say a word, everyone heard a knock on the door. Then (Medhat) entered, and he seemed confused as he said:

– Excuse me, isn’t today the fifth of May?

Nour answered him in a surprised tone:

– Yes.. Why do you care about today’s date?

Medhat took a quick look at the atomic clock hanging on the wall and said:

– Because it is an amazing coincidence that we came to Suez on this very day.

Mahmoud asked him carefully:

– What do you mean by that ? Does this date remind you of an event?

Mehmet replied in a sorry tone:

– Yes, unfortunately, gentlemen, after only a quarter of an hour, and exactly at five and seventeen minutes, the tank that supplies the entire city with pure drinking water will explode.

Everyone stared at him in astonishment, then Mahmoud shouted:

– Are you…are you confident about history?

Here, Nour jumped towards the video machine and hurriedly pressed its buttons. The face of a young policeman appeared on its screen. Nour quickly said to him:

– Please evacuate the area surrounding the water tank quickly. I have confirmed information that an explosion occurred at exactly seventeen minutes.

The policeman said anxiously:

– Who are you, sir? Where did this dangerous information come from?

Nour shouted at him:

– I am Captain Nour, from the Scientific Intelligence Directorate. Consider this an order, policeman. The area must be evacuated immediately.

Then he hung up the phone and turned to Medhat, saying:

– Why didn’t you remember this incident before?

Medhat shook his head sadly as he said:

– I remembered him when I saw the light fixture hanging in my room, and I rushed here immediately.

Ramzi said:

– If you had only remembered him an hour ago, the matter could have been avoided.

Medhat shook his head forcefully, pointing with his finger and saying:

– Impossible. You cannot change the past, young man. This is impossible.

Nour said sharply:

What about the future? Isn’t this explosion in the future for us?

Ali Ashah (Medhat) held his hand in distress as he said:

But it is my past, and it is impossible to change it.

Salwa pointed to the atomic clock hanging on the wall, and said to stop this potential quarrel:

Let us stop talking about this. Look at the time. There is only half a minute left until the explosion occurs.

Everyone’s eyes looked to the atomic clock, and complete silence prevailed, to the point that (Salwa) thought she could hear their heartbeats clearly… Tension was hanging over the room, while everyone kept track of the time… There were five seconds remaining… four… three. .two ..

Suddenly, a severe explosion rang out, shaking all of Suez, followed by the sounds of police helicopter horns, and the air was filled with thick smoke.

Salwa raised her hands over her ears and shouted:

– Oh my God !! The country has not witnessed such an incident for at least five years.

While the sounds of commotion rose from the road, everyone turned to where Medhat was standing, who crossed his arms in front of his chest, and smiled despite the horror of the situation, and said:

– Didn’t I tell you, it is impossible to change the past?

Everyone looked at him in distress, while Salwa felt a lump in her throat


3_ A fierce battle. .

Nour shook his head sadly as he said:

– It is unfortunate that there is not enough time to evacuate the entire area? Therefore, a number of passers-by were injured as a result of the explosion.

Salwa closed her eyes and said:

– What a terrible accident!!

Mahmoud asked Nour with interest:

Were the police able to determine the cause of the explosion?

Nour replied:

– Yes, a highly destructive explosive device. It is a timed type that can be controlled remotely.

Ramzi raised his eyebrows as he said in astonishment:

-But, who benefits from the destruction of the city’s water tank?

Nour furrowed his eyebrows, was silent for a while, then said in a low voice:

– Yes, who will benefit from this?

Salwa said angrily, hitting the seat with her fist:

This cold visitor from the future goes to his room to sleep, indifferent to what happened.

Nour answered her, waving his hand:

To him, all of this is just history, ancient history, as if he were watching a holographic movie that he saw with his own eyes.

Then he turned to Mahmoud and asked him:

– Did you do what I asked of you in Medhat’s room?

Mahmoud replied:

– Yes, I placed a small x-ray device next to its entrance, so that it would give us an alarm if someone with a different vibration than our guest tried to break into it… and I did the same thing with the windows.

Nour smiled and said:

– Great, and you, Salwa?

Salwa pursed her lips in distress and said:

– A precise eavesdropping device is installed in a lamp in the room. Although this task bothers me, it is unfortunate that I have to protect someone as hateful as this future visitor.

Here, Ramzi raised his head and said, directing his speech to Nour:

– I don’t think I have a job this time, Commander.

Nour smiled and said:

– On the contrary, you must tell us your expectations, what the kidnappers might resort to.

Ramzi leaned back in his seat and said:

– It is clear that they do not consider human lives or facilities, and this is of course if we assume that they are the ones who blew up the tank. Their audacity is also clear in their first attempt to kidnap (Medhat). If we add these characteristics to the psychological nature of the criminal in general, we would say..

– They will not hesitate to kill us, or even blow up the entire hotel, in order to achieve their goal.

Nour pointed to him with his finger and said:

– This is very sound, except for the point of blowing up the hotel. You must keep in mind that they want him alive.

Suddenly a strong buzzing rose in the room, and Mahmoud jumped from his seat and shouted:

– Someone broke into Medhat’s room. He is being subjected to a new kidnapping attempt.

Nour shouted as he rushed towards the room door:

– Let Salwa stay here.. Let’s go.

As soon as Nour rushed from the corridor that included their room and Medhat’s room, one of the laser bullets hit the door of the room right next to his neck. There was a man standing in front of the open door of Medhat’s room, holding a new laser pistol in his hand, and aiming it at Nour. He sank with his body down, then jumped towards the man, who hit him with a strong punch with his left fist.

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

Nour staggered a little, but did not fall to the ground. He extended his hand to pull his pistol from his holster, but a precise shot hit the pistol, throwing it away, and it was charred by the deadly laser rays.

There was no one carrying a weapon except Nour and the man standing in front of the room. Nour had to fight with his bare hand in front of a deadly weapon, but he did not hesitate, and jumped headfirst. Soon his strong fist was tight around the grip of the man who tried Getting rid of (Nour)…

All this took only a minute, during which Ramzi and Mahmoud had rushed to surround the man, but Ramzi screamed loudly and fell as well, and the man quarreling with Nour took advantage of this surprise and pushed him away.

From the room, another man rushed in, also carrying a laser pistol in his hand. They quickly disappeared into the tangled corridors of the hotel. Nour rushed towards Ramzi, who was bleeding profusely after the laser bullet hit him just below the heart. Nour shouted forcefully:

– Scoundrels!! Hurry, Mahmoud, call the rescuers… quickly.

Five minutes had not passed before the emergency rescue helicopter was rushing (Ramzy) to Suez Hospital, where he was immediately admitted to the electronic operating room. In front of the room door, (Mahmoud) began moving back and forth in obvious tension, while (Salwa) sat with She covered her face with her hands, and Nour stood silent, his eyebrows furrowed.

As for Medhat, he was sitting in silence, holding his hands together and bowing his head. Nour approached Salwa and said in a whisper:

– Fear nothing, my dear Salwa. Medicine has advanced until it achieves miracles… He arrived here alive, and this calls for optimism.

Salwa’s body was trembling as she said:

– It pains me that (Ramzi) was injured for the sake of the silly future visitor.

Then she leaned over Nour’s ear and whispered in a crying voice:

– (Nour)… I feel afraid. This is the first time you have faced a direct conflict since we worked together.

Nour smiled and said to calm her down:

– Do not fear anything, my dear, as long as I am by your side… Moreover, this is not the first time… Did you attribute the day the spy kidnapped you, when we were searching for the secret of the missile’s disappearance?

Their conversation was interrupted when the doctor left the electronic operating room. Nour sighed with relief when he saw the doctor’s smile, while Mahmoud rushed to him and asked him:

– How is he doing ?

The doctor smiled and said while patting Mahmoud on the shoulder:

– Fine. If the bullet had risen one centimeter, it would have directly hit the heart, and its energy would have accelerated its speed to a fatal degree. But God Almighty wills, your colleague will survive. We used laser rays to close the wound, and it will heal in just two days. Congratulations.

(Mahmoud) shouted in joy, (Salwa) started crying with joy, and (Nour) smiled happily.. (Medhat) approached them and said:

– I knew that he would recover. History did not mention anything about the death of Dr. (Ramzi) in this way.

Everyone turned to him in astonishment, and Salwa said, looking at him:

Fortunately for you, young man, I now feel very happy, to the point that I do not feel upset for any reason.

Nour asked him while looking at him intently:

– So history has mentioned something about (Ramzi)?

Medhat said indifferently:

– And about all of you, Captain.

Nour said coldly:

Why didn’t you tell us about his injury? .. We could have avoided it.

Medhat shook his head sadly and said:

– Impossible, my friend. You will never succeed in changing the past.

Nour stood up and said firmly while holding Medhat’s arm tightly:

– Next time you will tell me, colleague… who knows? Perhaps we have succeeded in changing our future, which you call the past.

Medhat pulled his arm from Nour’s grip and said angrily:

– Have you forgotten, Captain, that any attempt to change the past may lead to changing the entire future? Perhaps this means eliminating me personally.

Nour smiled coldly as he said:

-Is this what they convinced you to do before you got into the time machine?

Medhat shouted:

– Yes, and I am very convinced of that.. I will not sacrifice my life for a failed attempt to change the past.

Nour stared at his face in distress, then turned and left the place. Medhat followed him with his gaze, then turned in astonishment when Salwa whispered in his ear:

Tell me, young man, has history mentioned anything about Captain Nour’s marriage? !!


4_ Challenge history. .

Salwa smiled as she caressed Ramzi, saying:

– I think you need some psychological treatment after your recovery, Ramzi, and perhaps I will find you a doctor who is skilled in this specialty.

Ramzi laughed and said while feeling the ligaments surrounding his injury:

– The last thing I needed was psychiatry, Salwa.

Then he asked her carefully:

Why didn’t Captain Nour come with you and Mahmoud?

Salwa sighed and said:

– They went together to an area near Mount Ataqa, accompanied by Medhat. Nour wants to finish this mission quickly, after the accident that led to your injury.

Ramzi furrowed his eyebrows and said:

It’s strange. I accompanied Nour long enough for me to become confident that he is not the type who runs away from problems. On the contrary, he is the type who is drawn to mystery, and his mind does not calm down until he uncovers the mystery.

Salwa shrugged her shoulders and said:

– Perhaps the motive for his desire was the state of danger that threatens us all.

Ramzi smiled and said while leaning on his bed:

– Are you threatening us all, or are you threatening someone in particular? …someone he cares about.

Salwa looked down shyly, and said in a whispered voice:

-You should ask him this question.

At the same moment, Captain Nour was stopping his missile car in a sharp manner, and said to the young man sitting next to him:

– Look carefully at this area, colleague, and tell me what it reminds you of?

Medhat furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– A catastrophe… a terrible catastrophe… a catastrophe unprecedented in all human history.

There was silence for several seconds, then Nour said as he left the car:

– What kind of disaster is this, my friend? What did the history books of your time say about her?

Medhat left the missile car, followed by Mahmoud, who remained silent. Medhat crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at the place, his eyebrows furrowed. Then he said after a period of silence:

– I think it was related to… a power reactor, and a new type of radioactive isotope.

Nour exchanged glances with Mahmoud, then asked Medhat:

-What type of disaster? How did it happen? And why?

Medhat held his head, closed his eyes, and said:

– I don’t remember, I don’t remember exactly.

Nour grabbed his shoulder and said coldly:

-You have to try.

After a short period of silence, Medhat said:

– The matter is related to the new radioactive material.. I do not remember exactly how it will lead to the disaster?! But the reason was related to its name or.. to its chemical composition.. I do not remember exactly.

Nour shook his head in distress, and Medhat continued saying:

– If only I had remembered its name, or even its composition… perhaps…

Suddenly, Mahmoud shouted, pointing with his hand to a distant point:

Look, a car is approaching the place very quickly. Nour and Medhat turned to where Mahmoud pointed, and Medhat smiled and said:

– Oh… if you remember… it’s another kidnapping attempt.

Nour stared at him again, then shouted:

– To the car quickly.

Before Nour got into the car, the other car stopped next to them with a strong movement, and the same man who shot Nour at the hotel jumped out. Mahmoud and Medhat had already gotten into the car, and only Nour remained. He jumped, trying to take his place in front of the car’s steering wheel, and the man fired a shot from the laser pistol he was holding in his hand, but it hit the sand next to the car. In the next moment, Nour was running his car at full speed, at the same moment that another shot was fired from the man’s pistol. She made a mistake, too.

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

The man quickly returned to his car, which immediately drove off behind Nour’s car… While Nour was focusing his eyes on the long sandy road and driving the car skillfully, he heard Medhat saying:

– I knew that this attempt would not succeed.

Nour furrowed his eyebrows in distress, then said firmly as he turned the steering wheel so that the car would turn around itself, imitating a reverse direction:

– Perhaps we could reverse the pursuit.

He rushed the car towards the kidnappers’ car. It turned with a strong movement to avoid (Nour’s) car, which was passing at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour. Then the kidnappers’ car stopped, returned and started trying to escape, while (Nour) began to chase it brilliantly.

Medhat shouted in horror as he pointed to the other car:

– What are you doing, for God’s sake? You will not succeed in chasing them.

Nour said with a sarcastic smile:

The history books of your time may have said that I would not succeed in arresting the kidnappers, but they undoubtedly said that I had tried.

Then he swerved the car violently, trying to block the road in front of the other car, which was confused by this bold move, so it swerved sharply, taking it onto a side road. Nour quickly turned his car around to continue the chase on the side road, and he heard Medhat shouting:

– You will not succeed.. You will not be able to change history.. Let us return to the hotel.

Nour ignored Medhat’s statement and performed a clever maneuver, forcing the kidnappers’ car to swerve towards the mountain, and Mahmoud shouted:

– Oh, my God !! Mountain, Nour…be careful.

The two cars were heading at incredible speed towards the rocks of the mountain, and with a clever move, Nour swerved his car, so that it was driving along the edge of the mountain… while the other car failed to make this move, and its driver tried to avoid the mountain, so he pressed its brakes hard, and the car turned. It swirled around itself, then hit the mountain hard, and exploded, causing a huge sound.

While Nour kept rushing in his car, to get away from the explosion and the stones that were flying everywhere. He quickly stopped his car, closed his eyes and sighed. He hated destruction even if it meant saving his life.

Then silence fell over those in the car for a while, while Mahmoud and Medhat contemplated the fire that broke out after the explosion. Then Mahmoud broke the silence as he patted Nour on the shoulder, saying:

– Great, Commander, you have a heart of steel.

Nour said sadly, with his eyes closed:

– Despite that, I feel sad and sorry, my dear (Mahmoud).

Then he started the car’s engine and drove silently to the city of Suez. When he passed the entrance, he turned to Medhat and said, with a sarcastic smile:

– Here we have succeeded in changing history, my friend.

Medhat’s face sank and he did not say a word.


5_ Retreat. .

In the office of the intelligence chief of one of the enemy countries, a young man with blond hair said, addressing the president:

– Our men were killed in Suez, Mr. President, after an intense chase.

The president furrowed his eyebrows. He was fat and red-faced. After a period of silence, he said:

– Every battle has its victims, my dear. The important thing is that you win in the end. We did not take all this trouble for the sake of failure. You must get what we want.

The blond young man said, as he pressed one of the computer buttons:

– Do you think it’s worth all this trouble, Mr. President?

The president said as he leaned back in his chair:

– naturally .

Then he raised his head proudly and said:

– And we will get it, and I am confident of that. Have you forgotten that we are the greatest intelligence services in the entire world?

At the same moment, Nour was sitting with his team in his room, with the exception of Ramzy, who was completing his treatment at Suez Hospital. Nour was sitting silently, while Salwa said:

– So the permanent power generator project is doomed to failure, Commander.

Nour answered her in an absent-minded voice:

– Maybe, my dear Salwa.

Mahmoud said, commenting:

But since we have succeeded in changing history once, why not try again?

It was clear that Nour’s mind was very lost, as he did not pay attention to Mahmoud’s words. He was silent for a while, then said while placing his palm on Nour’s shoulder:

– What’s on your mind, Commander?

Nour answered him while resting his head on one of his hands:

– I don’t know, my dear Mahmoud. It is true that we have known the fate of the permanent power generator, but I feel that our mission is not finished yet. There is something that worries me.

Salwa said in a low voice:

– Do you think that Medhat will be subjected to other kidnapping attempts, despite the death of the kidnappers?

Nour said, waving his arm:

– It’s normal .

Then he said, with his eyebrows furrowed:

– I have to take Medhat to the place again.

Mahmoud asked him carefully:

-Do you think he will agree to that?

Nour shrugged his shoulders and said:

-Why does he refuse? He knows what will happen, of course.

Then he smiled sarcastically and said:

-Aren’t we just history to him?

He stood up and headed towards the television set. He pressed several buttons, and Medhat’s picture quickly appeared on the screen. Nour said to him calmly:

– (Medhat), I need you here right away for an important matter.

Medhat smiled and said:

– I know that, my friend. You want to accompany me to the place again.

Nour was silent for a while, then said:

-Is this mentioned in history books as well?

Medhat laughed and said:

-Does this still surprise you?

Nour finished the conversation and turned to his companions. Salwa said:

– It is embarrassing to deal with a man who considers you just a past.

Nour smiled and said:

– On the contrary, I find it very funny.

After about half an hour, Nour was stopping his car in the same place next to Mount Ataqa, and everyone got out of the car, and Nour said:

– Here it is again, my friend. Try to remember the disaster.

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

Medhat remained fasting for a while, contemplating the place, then he said:

– All I remember is that it is related to an error in the chemical composition of that new radioactive material, but I do not remember exactly what it is.

Nour turned to Mahmoud and asked him:

– What do you know about radioactive isotopes?

Mahmoud replied:

– They are ordinary elements or of a special radioactive nature. They can be transformed by atomic reactors into what are called isotopes. This means that they still retain their chemical nature, except that they then carry a new radioactive nature, or their old radioactive nature changes.

Nour asked him with the same interest:

-Does this apply to any item? Iron for example?

Mahmoud replied:

This was difficult in the last century, but with the beginning of the twenty-first century it became possible.

Medhat interrupted them, saying:

– In the thirtieth century, my friend, this has become a very simple matter.

Nour smiled sarcastically and said:

– I think that staying in this backward era of ours will fill you with boredom, my friend. You must work to try to return you to your advanced era.

Salwa said:

– Can’t you remember anything, Medhat?

Medhat said, pointing to the place with his hand:

– Yes, I remember a lot, if only I remembered the composition.

Nour interrupted him and said coldly and firmly:

– Well.. let’s go, we’ll go back to the hotel.

Throughout the return trip, none of them spoke. Silence fell over everyone. But when they got out of the car in front of the hotel, Nour said:

– You must prepare to return to Cairo, as soon as (Ramzi) leaves the hospital early in the morning.

Everyone stared at him and Salwa asked him:

-But..the mission we came for?

Nour answered her coldly as he closed the car:

– I will inform the Supreme Commander of its failure now.


6_ The trick. .

Ramzi raised his head from the bed in astonishment and shouted:

-Mission failed? Impossible. Did Nour himself tell you that?

Salwa shook her head sadly and said:

– Yes, and he is now sending a message to the Supreme Commander, informing him of that.

Ramzi shook his head strongly and said:

– I tell you, it is impossible. This is not the nature of Captain Nour.

Mahmoud stared at his face and said with interest:

But he himself told us that, Ramzi.

Ramzi leaned his body forward and said firmly:

– Even if he said it…Listen, my friend, I delved deeply into psychiatry and loved it, to the point that I began to trust it more than my hearing and sight.

Then he leaned back on the bed and said:

– And I was close to (Nour), to the degree that made me confirm his actions in advance.. He is not the type of person who backs down in the face of difficulties, and he will not give up the mission assigned to him, no matter what happens, and no matter what the sacrifices are made.. And if he had said that he would withdraw, then This means that he is preparing a new plan, and he is by nature secretive.

Salwa said hesitantly:

But you told me before that he could retreat in order to…

Ramzi interrupted her, smiling:

-You mean for yourself? No, my dear.. I told you that he can rush to finish the mission for you, not back down from it.. Nour will not back down from a mission even if he is its victim.

At the same moment, Nour was standing in front of the hotel’s reception computer and saying:

– I want a list of all the foreigners staying in the hotel. I will give you the code for the extraordinary security personnel.

Then he inserted a special magnetic card into the small cavity next to the computer, and from a nearby slot quickly emerged a small sheet of paper with five names on it. Nour read it carefully, then said:

– Only five names. This is good. We can shorten them to three if we exclude the ambassador and his wife. They belong to a friendly country. We must therefore investigate the other three names carefully.

About an hour later, Nour was sitting in his room, when Mahmoud and Salwa arrived. Salwa said when she saw Nour sitting relaxed:

– Hello Commander, have you spoken to the Supreme Commander?

Nour said with a calm voice and a smile:

– Yes, I told him everything, but he did not believe it.

Mahmoud said while sitting next to him:

Ramzi also did not believe it when we told him about it.

Nour smiled and said:

– Perhaps I could have convinced him as I did with the Supreme Commander.

Mahmoud shook his head as he said:

– That must have made him very sad.

Nour smiled and did not comment on Mahmoud’s statement, then he turned to Salwa and asked her:

– How is our psychiatrist doing today?

Salwa said with a faint smile:

If it had not been for your decision to finish the mission, you would have been in a better position.

Nour hung his head silently, then said:

– I have now investigated three foreigners staying here at the hotel.

Salwa asked him eagerly:

– Does this have anything to do with the mission, Commander?

Nour ignored Salwa’s answer, and turned to look at the door of the room for a while. Salwa turned and stared at the door in amazement, and so did Mahmoud. Before asking Nour, he quickly said:

– One of them is called (Steve), the other (Roger), and the third (James), but I did not find anything incriminating them.. We will leave tomorrow morning, guys, as we agreed previously.

Salwa furrowed her eyebrows and began to contemplate Nour. His behavior had been strange lately. Suddenly a crazy idea popped into her mind, so she began to contemplate Nour’s facial features carefully until he asked her:

– Why are you looking at me in this strange way?

Salwa said, shaking her head:

– Nothing, nothing, my dear (Nour).

This was the first time she had called him “Dear Nour,” and yet his features did not appear to have noticed that. And here (Salwa) said calmly:

– I think you need some rest. Mahmoud and I will go to our rooms.

Nour smiled and said:

– Well, I will try to sleep a little… that is, if I can, of course.

Salwa left the room, and Mahmoud followed her… As soon as they were outside, she grabbed him by the arm and said in a whisper:

– Have you noticed Nour’s behavior recently, Mahmoud?

Mahmoud stared at her in astonishment and said:

It is natural for his behavior to change. This is the first time he has withdrawn from a mission in this way.

Salwa shook her head in denial and said:

– This is not what I mean. Have you noticed the state of distraction that afflicts him? I will tell you the idea that is running through my head, despite its madness.

Mahmoud listened to her carefully, and she whispered in his ear, saying:

– This young man sitting inside is not Captain Nour.

Mahmoud stared at her in astonishment, then laughed. Salwa furrowed her eyebrows and said in anger:

– Stop laughing, this idea may seem crazy, but…

Mahmoud interrupted her, saying while laughing often:

– But what?

Salwa said angrily:

– Well, laugh as much as you want. I will prove my theory to you. He told us that he would sleep for a while, right? You will watch the room.. I bet you he will come out of it shortly.

Mahmoud looked at her seriously and said:

– I will obey you, Salwa. To prove your theory wrong.

Salwa said as she pulled him by the arm to a hidden corner:

– It won’t be long. Here he is, the door to his room opening.

The two hid in the corner and peeked into Nour’s room, from which he left quietly, deliberately not making a sound. He walked on his tiptoes to Medhat’s room, then stood quietly fiddling with its handle… Salwa whispered to her. So (Mahmoud):

– did you see ? He is one of the kidnappers disguised as Captain Nour. You must stop him.

Mahmoud immediately rushed to the middle of the corridor and shouted:

– Don’t move.. Your game has been exposed.. It’s better for you to surrender.


7_ A new kidnapping attempt…

Nour furrowed his eyebrows and said angrily:

– What is the meaning of these childish behaviour, Mahmoud?

Mahmoud stopped hesitating, then turned to Salwa, whose face was streaming with blood, and said:

-But, this is Nour’s voice.

Nour shouted at her in his most angry state:

– Of course that’s my voice. What do you mean?

Mahmoud burst out laughing and said while holding Nour’s arm:

– Come to your room, and I will tell you everything, even though it is shameful.

Nour said in distress:

– Come to your room, Mahmoud.

In Mahmoud’s room, he explained to Nour everything that had happened, while Salwa sat silent, her face red in embarrassment. As soon as Mahmoud finished, Nour turned to Salwa and said, smiling:

-So you thought I was someone else, my dear Salwa.

Salwa was embarrassed, then Nour said again:

– Didn’t your heart tell you the truth, my dear?

Salwa’s eyes were filled with tears as she said:

– I’m sorry, Commander, very sorry.

Nour patted her on the shoulder and said:

– Never mind, my dear, this proves that appearances are often deceptive.

Then he straightened his seat and said:

– I previously told you that there were three foreigners in this hotel, and that I had made some inquiries about them.

Mahmoud said:

– Yes, and you told us that you did not find anything condemning them.

Nour smiled and said:

– Leave this alone… What I want to say now is that one of these men is an intelligence officer, affiliated with one of the countries hostile to us.

The two looked at him in astonishment, so he continued without paying attention to their astonishment:

The travel card he was carrying was examined and found to be forged. This means that he is here on a special mission.

Salwa said with interest:

– It undoubtedly paves the way for the kidnapping of Medhat.

Nour smiled and said:

– Your mind is working very efficiently tonight, my dear (Salwa).

Salwa’s face became filled with embarrassment, and she turned her face away, while Mahmoud said:

– He must be arrested immediately.

Before Nour could answer him, a strong buzzing sounded in the room, and Mahmoud jumped up and said:

– Medhat is subjected to a new kidnapping attempt.

Nour pulled a new pistol from his jacket, and said with a smile:

– Looks like tonight is full of fun.

Then he rushed out and started running to the beginning of the corridor that contained Medhat’s room. Medhat was walking quietly, and behind him was a young man with blond hair, cold features, carrying a laser pistol. As soon as the blond man saw Nour and his two companions, he grabbed Medhat. He took refuge in him, and he said while pointing his weapon at Nour:

– Stand up, young man, or I will kill this companion of yours.

His foreign accent was clear, and Nour said sarcastically, despite the difficult situation:

– What does history say about this, my dear (Mudget)?

Medhat hesitated due to his confusion, but Nour suddenly pointed his gun at the blond young man and fired. The blond screamed, and his gun flew away. Nour had aimed the laser shot skillfully so that it hit the gun without hitting the man, and the man pushed Medhat. Then he ran towards the stairs, cursing angrily, and Nour jumped on the blond gracefully and grabbed his legs. The man fell to the ground and clashed with Nour in a hand-to-hand fight, while none of those standing intervened in the conflict.

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

Suddenly, the blond jumped to where Nour’s gun was and picked it up lightly. He was hit by a bullet from a powerful laser pistol. The blond screamed and grabbed his shoulder where the bullet had hit him, and turned to its source. Medhat was standing, holding in his hand the laser pistol that the blond was carrying before knocking him down. Nour. Al-Ashqar raised his gun towards Medhat and said angrily:

-You scoundrel!!

Nour jumped, trying to take advantage of the situation to arrest Al-Ashqar, when Medhat surprised him by shooting laser rays directly into Al-Ashqar’s heart. Al-Ashqar’s eyes bulged out, then he fell to the ground, dead, without saying a word. Nour stood in shock and shouted, “Midhat.” ):

– Why ? .. why did you do that ?

Medhat threw the gun over Al-Ashqar’s body, saying quietly:

– I had to do it. He would not have hesitated to kill us all.

Nour’s entire body was trembling with intense anger, because he hated killing and destruction so intensely, and this is what prompted him to give up his gun during his struggle with Al-Ashqar, as he did not believe in killing except when absolutely necessary, so he shouted to (Medhat):

– But I was going to catch him. You saw me jumping on him, taking advantage of his attention to you.

Medhat threw his arms around angrily and said:

But he was pointing his gun at me. What were you waiting for me to do? Should I let him shoot, or should I do it first?

Salwa was listening to that conversation in silence. She knew how much Nour hated killing, and she was confident that he would never forgive Medhat for killing Al-Ashqar, as long as there was even a small chance of catching him alive. Therefore, she was surprised when Nour said after a period of silence, crossing his arms and smiling mysteriously:

– You convinced me, my friend. You really had to do it.


8_ To the battle again. .

Salwa said, as she put her bag in Nour’s missile car:

– So this blond man who was killed by Medhat yesterday is the intelligence officer you told us about, Commander?

Nour said as he closed the trunk of the car:

– Yes, my dear (Salwa). His name is (James)…but he is not the only one of the enemy intelligence agents.

Salwa raised her face to him and asked him in astonishment:

– What do you mean ?

Nour said as he went around the car to open the door for her:

– I mean, there is another enemy intelligence officer, still at large, my dear.

Salwa asked him eagerly:

Who is he ? .. (Roger) or (Steve)?

Nour smiled as he patted her shoulder:

– You will know who he is soon, my dear. Come on, get in the car. Mahmoud has come with Medhat. We will go to the hospital to bring Ramzi, then we will return to Cairo.

After a short while, Ramzi was getting into the car and saying:

– How I missed you guys.. I was feeling so bored in the hospital.

Salwa laughed and said playfully:

– This is the first time I hear a doctor complaining about the hospital.

Everyone laughed except for Nour, who was driving the car skillfully. As soon as he approached the Cairo road, Medhat turned to him and said:

– We will return to Cairo, my dear (Medhat), and you will spend a few days hosted by the Scientific Intelligence.

Medhat smiled and said:

– I know that, history books mentioned it in……

Nour interrupted him, saying:

Do the history books of your time mention all these minute details?

Medhat smiled again and said:

– Even history, my dear Captain, is evolving… And by history I mean the history of scientific intelligence in particular.

Nour was silent for a full minute, then he said quietly:

– So history states that we returned to Cairo on this specific day.

Medhat replied in a confident tone:

– Of course, my friend, our history is recorded very accurately.

Nour turned the steering wheel sharply, saying sarcastically:

– You will not go then. We will return to Suez, and let us see what history says about that.

Medhat’s face turned very pale, and he shouted angrily:

– Enough messing with history, Captain. I already told you that this might offend me personally.

Nour suddenly stopped the car, and Salwa shouted:

– What is this ? Get me out of the car if you are going to have fun.

Nour ignored what she said and turned to Medhat and said:

Tell me, young man: Why does history in your era care about all these small details? Why does he care about us in particular?

Medhat shouted:

– I have already told you that history is meticulously recorded, and he cares about every detail, and he cares about the details of this particular trip. Because it is one of the events that changed the thinking of the world.. It is not common for a visitor from the future to visit your era.

Nour stared at Medhat’s face for a while, while silence prevailed in the car, until Nour said:

– I did well .

Then he stood up, pressed several buttons, and drove off. Salwa asked him:

– Where to, Commander?

Nour replied without turning around:

– You will return to the hotel in Suez. We will not go to Cairo today.

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

After about an hour, the whole team sat in Salwa’s room at the hotel, and Ramzi said:

– I expected you to return here to complete the mission, Commander. This is consistent with your psychological nature.

Nour smiled and said:

– You can never stop psychoanalysis, my dear (Ramzi).

Then he straightened up and asked him carefully:

– What do you think, then, of our friend, this future visitor, whose memory refuses to respond to stimulants?

Ramzi scratched his chin and said:

– This is a strange thing. He was supposed to remember the whole matter when he saw the place.

Salwa said, interrupting Ramzi:

-Can’t he remember it gradually?

Ramzi was silent for a while, then said:

– This is possible, of course, but in this case he will remember complete events, and completely miss other events.

Nour asked with great interest:

– Do you think that these absent events could suddenly surface, if he heard an important phrase that would enable him to remember the events?

Ramzi pursed his lips and replied:

– Of course, what is important is that we choose this phrase well.

There was silence for a while, then Salwa broke it, saying:

– There is another topic I would like to talk about, Commander.

Nour turned to her with interest, and she continued saying:

– I am an engineer specializing in communications and tracking, and in this case I feel that there is no work for me at all.

Nour silenced her with a wave of his hand and said:

– We have become an integrated team, Salwa. It is not important that there is room for each of us in every issue we take on together. What is important is that the understanding between us has reached a wonderful stage. It is enough for one of us to point with his hand so that the others understand exactly what he wants, and this is a point that is not Easily available..

Then, when we take up the case, we are completely ignorant of what we might need to solve its mysteries, and this means that we must all be present… And there is a final point that needs clarification. If it were not for your presence, I mean you and (Mahmoud), we would not have been able to set the alarms. Radiation and eavesdropping in Medhat’s room. Otherwise, we would not have been able to save him twice.

Ramzi laughed and said:

– Otherwise, the laser bullet would not have hit me.

Everyone laughed, while Salwa smiled and said to Nour:

Thank you for this clarification, Commander.

Nour smiled at her, so she lowered her face in shame and his smile widened. He turned to Ramzy and asked him, Do you think we should take Medhat to the potential birth area again?

Ramzi immediately said:

– Yes, I think this is very important, as it may have led to him remembering the events accurately.

Nour was silent for a while, then said:

– I think I should contact the Supreme Commander. There is highly classified information that we will need, to refresh Medhat’s memory.

Mahmoud said in astonishment:

-But how do you tell him highly confidential information?

Nour laughed and said:

– so what ? Have you forgotten that he excels in history… and that these secrets are just ancient history to him… all that matters is that we will help him remember them quickly, so that the mission is completed successfully.

Then he was silent for a while, and then he said with a mysterious smile:

Tomorrow morning we will take him to the valley next to Mount Ataqa, and perhaps this will lead to the kidnappers.


9_ A surprise in the valley. .

The missile car driven by Nour set off for the area next to Mount Ataqa, with members of his team inside, in addition to Medhat, the future visitor. Soon, Nour stopped it in the desired area and everyone got out. Salwa said as she looked at the place:

It is unfortunate that an industrial project is being built in this beautiful place, distorting the face of the charming nature.

Nour said, commenting:

This place may be more important than the beauty of nature, my dear Salwa.

Mahmoud said while looking around:

– I fear that the kidnappers will attack us here like last time.

Ramzi furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– It is unfortunate that we do not know the nature of the kidnappers or their whereabouts.

Salwa took a sideways glance at Nour’s face and smiled when she saw the slight smile on his lips… This smile meant to her that Nour knew something, but kept it deep inside himself as usual. Then she continued to contemplate: Medhat, who stood silently looking at the place with his arms crossed, and I heard Nour saying:

– Here is this place for the third time, my dear Medhat. Does it remind you of anything?

Medhat furrowed his eyebrows, remained silent for a while, then said:

– All I remember is the disaster, a terrible disaster that erased the city of Suez from existence, and I remember that this was because of the project that was established in this region.

Ramzi asked him carefully:

– Don’t you remember the nature of that disaster? Explosion, fire or earthquake?

Medhat closed his eyes and said in a low voice:

– I think it is closer to an explosion.. Yes, an explosion, I remembered now, an intense explosion that exceeds neutron bombs, an explosion that wiped the city from the map, what a disaster!!

Ramzi said in a low, calm voice:

– How did the disaster happen… How did the explosion happen? Try to remember calmly, Medhat. Think back.

Medhat said, shaking his head desperately:

– I cannot.. All I remember is that the matter was related to the radioactive material used.. If only I could remember the name of that material.. If I……..

Nour interrupted him, saying quietly:

Do you think you would remember everything if you knew the name of the substance?

Medhat said with great interest:

– naturally ; Because the explosion was related to matter.

Nour smiled and said:

– Well, I will tell you the name of this new substance.

Everyone turned to him in astonishment, and Ramzi said:

– Do you know her name, Commander?

Nour answered him coldly:

– The Commander-in-Chief told me this this morning.

Medhat said eagerly:

Tell me about it then.. It will help me remember everything, I am sure of that.

Nour said while looking at everyone’s faces calmly:

– It is radioactive gold, (Gold 196), the latest scientific discovery in chemistry and nuclear physics.

There was silence mixed with astonishment for a while, then Medhat said:

– Of course, it is radioactive (Gold 196). I should have remembered that. Yes, I remembered everything. I remembered the cause of the disaster.

Ramzi said with interest:

– Well… think calmly, and tell us everything.

Medhat leaned against Nour’s car and said:

– This is due to an error in the production of radioactive (gold 196)… It appears very natural at first, but there is what is called the half-life period of radioactive materials, which is the period in which half the mass of the radioactive material used is consumed.

Mahmoud commented:

– This is correct .

Medhat smiled at him, then continued saying:

The mistake that scientists did not notice is that after a long, very long period, the mass that will represent the half-life of the radioactive (gold 196) will become a critical mass, like the one used in detonating atomic bombs..

and here the entire power generator will turn into a bomb. Instead of (uranium 235) used in the atomic bomb, the critical mass here will consist of (gold 196)… And at the same moment that (gold 196) reaches the critical mass, the generator will explode with a force tens of times greater than neutron bombs, so that the atmosphere will remain Covered in a golden cloud for an entire month, the number of victims will reach a level that no disaster has reached since Noah’s Flood. Didn’t I tell you that it is a disaster, an unprecedented disaster?

Everyone looked up for a while, while Medhat hung his head. Suddenly, in the midst of this complete silence, Nour burst out laughing. Everyone turned to him in astonishment, and Salwa said in horror:

– Oh my God, Nour has suffered a nervous shock. He hates destruction, I know that.

Ramzi furrowed his eyebrows and said while looking at Nour, who was laughing:

Captain Nour suffers a nervous shock? I can’t believe it.

Nour finished laughing, then turned to Medhat and said with great sarcasm:

– Excuse me, friend, I will not bear it any longer. Your story was very funny.

Everyone stared at Nour’s face in astonishment, while Medhat’s face became extremely disgusted.


10_ The perfect trick. .

Salwa shouted in astonishment as she stared at Nour’s face:

– I can’t believe it, Commander. How can you consider this terrible disaster a funny thing, when you yourself hate destruction?

Nour said while smiling:

– Sorry, my dear Salwa… but the sight of sadness on your faces made me lose control of myself. I could not stop myself from laughing.

Everyone’s astonishment increased, except for Ramzi, who smiled as if he had understood the matter, and here Nour pointed to Medhat and said firmly:

– This was the mistake I expected from you, my friend.

Medhat’s face turned pale and he said:

– What do you mean ? .. are you crazy ?

Nour smiled and said:

– You have fallen, my friend, and there is no point in denying. Do you know the proverb that says, (You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you will never fool all of the people all of the time)… It was possible to I believe your alleged story about your arrival from the future, especially since you have told our men a number of important secrets that we keep in the private microfilm archive, which is titled (Top Secret)… You could also have deceived me with your strange predictions, had your companions not made a mistake once.

Medhat asked in a trembling voice:

– What do you mean ?

Nour said:

– It was strange that your companions hit their targets so skillfully, that a gun went flying with one shot, and (Ramzi) was also hit with one shot, and then they failed to hit my car while it was a few steps away from them… Isn’t this interesting? A man shoots with great skill a small pistol, a little more than the size of a palm, and at the same time is unable to hit an entire missile vehicle.

– This is what caught my attention at first. It seemed that they wanted us to run away, and it was a surprise to you and to them that I turned to chasing them, even though I was not carrying a weapon at the time. You expected, like them, that I would just run away? That is why I created your prophecy with complete confidence…but I contradicted expectations, putting you in confusion, and unfortunately causing your companions to be killed.

– Do you remember the paleness of your face when I told you that I had changed history? This was completely against your plan…

– I returned to the hotel that day thinking about all of this. You guys remember how distracted I was that day. Then I decided to take you to the place again, perhaps I would reach what you were looking for. When I told you that, I was surprised that you knew what I wanted. About him..

– It was not possible for you to convince me that history even mentioned this dialogue; Therefore, I thought that day that you were eavesdropping on us in some way, but I took you nonetheless to the place, and there I learned the reason for all this elaborate trick.

Nour was silent for a little while, then he continued to say:

It was clear that you were seeking to know the name of the new radioactive material that was invented in our laboratories. This material will undoubtedly do a lot in this era, and may even be the gateway to a new advanced era. I knew that this material was very important, but I did not imagine that it would reach Its importance is such that it prompts the intelligence services of a large country like yours to devise this strange, elaborate plan in order to uncover its secret.

– The important thing is that when I returned to the hotel, I remembered that you once stumbled next to the door of my room, so I examined the door carefully, and found the small eavesdropping device that I had attached to the door, while you were pretending to stumble. It was a mistake for me to remove the device before I trapped you; Because this would have alerted you that your matter would be exposed.

Mahmoud interrupted him, saying with admiration:

– That’s why you were asking us to meet in my room instead of yours, Commander.

Nour smiled and said:

– Yes, my dear (Mahmoud); This is also why I told you that I did not find anything incriminating against the three foreigners when you were in my room, and then I went back to telling you about my suspicion about one of them when we went to your room. I knew that this would create confusion in your mind, but I did not want to tell you what I suspected until you all acted convinced that he was coming. (Medhat) is from the future, and this helps me without a doubt.

Medhat shouted, having regained some of his calm:

But all of this is just conclusions, conclusions only in your mind, Captain.

Nour laughed and said:

– I told the Supreme Commander about it, my dear (Medhat)… It is true that the matter was a surprise to him, but he understood the trick immediately. Your intelligence services sacrificed all the secrets it obtained through its agents, and even three of its competent men as well, for the success of this plan. And obtain the secret of new radioactive isotopes.

Medhat threw his arms around and shouted:

But all of this is still just conclusions.

Nour said while smiling:

– Have you forgotten that night when you fired a laser gun at your colleague (James) and killed him?

Medhat replied:

But I was saving your lives.

Nour said:

– But you made a mistake that day, my friend. You told me that you were afraid that he would shoot you first. You forgot that you were wearing clothes that were the latest in your country’s production, clothes that were resistant to combustion and laser beams… meaning that the bullet would not have harmed you, but you wanted to kill him to ensure the success of the plan. I agreed with you in that. That day when you said you had to do it; Because I knew that you killed him so that he would not speak, so that his arrest would not lead to the failure of the plan..

We had to always imagine that these men wanted to kidnap you, not that they were helping you succeed in the plan. I remembered that day that (Ramzi) assumed that the kidnappers were the ones who blew up the water tank, and I found that this was logical; Because you will know in advance the moment the tank will explode as long as the bomb is timed.

Thus, you can make us believe that this matter is just a matter of the past for you.

Medhat shouted, shaking his head vigorously:

– All of this is just conclusions.

Nour laughed and said:

– You have a fertile imagination, my friend. You mentioned a terrible disaster right away. The story was prepared in advance, all that was missing was adding the name of the radioactive metal.

Medhat shouted:

– Never, the story is true. I remembered it the moment you told me the name of the item.

Nour smiled maliciously and said:

– This is what caused you, my friend. You fell like a naive bastard.

Medhat furrowed his eyebrows and said:

– What do you mean ?

Nour answered calmly:

– I mean that the radioactive metal (gold 196) never existed. Rather, there is no radioactive (gold 196) at all.


11_ The double trick. .

Far away in the office of the prime minister of one of the enemy countries, the head of that country’s intelligence stood, bowing his head in front of the prime minister, who said angrily:

– Here are the results of your stupid plan. We gave them the secret of anti-laser clothing, and we lost three of our men on their land. What is more dangerous is that they have the most important of our intelligence officers alive in their grip. Are these the impressive results that you promised me?

The intelligence chief said, expressing his regret:

The plan was so precise that our officer was able to convince the entire Egyptian Scientific Intelligence Department that he was coming from the future. He told them all their secrets that we obtained with the help of our agent there. He told them very simply, as if they were ancient history to him. Then the kidnapping attempts that We pretended it…

The Prime Minister shouted interrupting and angrily:

– Rather, they simply deceived us. We fell as if we were beginners, even though our intelligence is known to be the greatest intelligence in the world.

The intelligence chief said in a trembling voice:

– Only one of their men, sir.

The Prime Minister interrupted in great anger:

– You are stupid. They deceived us from the beginning.

The intelligence chief raised his eyebrows in astonishment and shouted:

– Since the beginning ? how ?

The Prime Minister held his hands behind his back and said, looking coldly into the face of the Intelligence Chief:

– You no longer have the right to know the secrets of our state. You should have been fired after this hideous mistake. But we will be satisfied with accepting your resignation.

The face of the head of intelligence became congested, and he was unable to utter a word. At the same moment in the office of the Supreme Commander of Egyptian Scientific Intelligence, the latter was giggling and turning to Captain Nour as he said:

– And so they fell into the trap like idiots, Abha Al-Naqib.

Nour said, feeling somewhat distressed:

– This means that you knew that he was a fraud, since you were assigned this mission, sir.

The Commander – The Supreme Commander said, with signs of seriousness on his face:

The story of Visitor from the Future, the sixth novel

– I was confident that you would reveal his matter, Captain; That is why I chose you in particular for this mission. If the matter were limited to mere guarding, I would not have assigned you this mission, but I wanted you to be convinced of his arrival from the future, so that you would deal with him on this basis.

– They sent us their smartest men… He had been preparing him for three whole years, to speak as if he were one of the sons of Egypt… Any hint of doubt was enough to alert him, and I was surprised when you told me that you had revealed his matter. I did not expect you to come to this this way. the speed .

Nour remained silent. This was the same principle that prompted him to hide the matter from his team; Therefore, he could not object…and he returned to listening to the Supreme Commander as he continued to say:

– We had been suspicious for some time about the new person responsible for the top-secret microfilm files, so we started sending him regular information marked “Top Secret.” I actually kept the top-secret information here, in my private office.

– And when this man came and claimed that he was coming from the future, he told us the normal information that we had sent to the top-secret microfilm preservation office. This confirmed the betrayal of the microfilm official, and confirmed the lie of this visitor from the alleged future. We preferred to continue the game until you knew what. They want, and you should have undertaken this task, and you are completely convinced that he will come from the future.

Nour smiled and said:

– But I was never convinced of that, sir, despite my complete conviction in the theory of relativity, and that time is the fourth dimension of matter. I can believe that I can see the past through complex scientific means, not that I can move to it with my body or materialism. My mind rejects this.

The Supreme Commander smiled with admiration and leaned back in his seat, contemplating Nour, saying:

– Great, Captain. Tell me, isn’t it time for you to be promoted?!

Nour said seriously:

– I prefer to wait for the normal promotion date, sir. I do not want to stand out from my colleagues… Moreover, we are all working for the sake of Egypt, not for the sake of promotion.

The Supreme Commander’s tones showed great admiration as he said:

– You are amazing, Captain. You have the body of a wrestler, the mind of a scientist, the heart of an artist, and the morals of a knight. I do not think that the age has more than one of your kind.

Nour’s face turned red with embarrassment, and he was unable to comment a word


12_ Conclusion. .

Salwa laughed and said while looking at Nour:

-Then the Supreme Commander deceived you, as you did to us.

Nour smiled and said:

– We cannot call what happened in both cases deception, but rather it is part of the tactic required for the success of the plan. Remember, we were dealing with strong intelligence men.

Salwa said, looking at him with admiration:

– You were strong too, Nour.

Then she leaned towards him and whispered:

– Did you know that this is the first time I have seen you fight? This has never happened before in any case we took on together. You were a hero.

Nour shook his head and said:

– Believe me, my dear Salwa, I do not feel proud.

Salwa said in a tender voice:

– I know that you hate violence, Nour, but you were forced?

Ramzi interrupted them, saying:

-Are we going to spend the whole night talking? Or do you promise us a Nile cruise, Commander?

Nour laughed and said:

– Yes, and I will fulfill my promise, my dear (Ramzi).

Mahmoud said, laughing:

– I will never give up this invitation. Perhaps it was the only opportunity to spend some time in the company of Captain Nour, without thinking about some mystery.

Nour smiled and said:

– I will not leave you like this, my friend. I will give you a riddle.

Then he leaned forward and said maliciously:

-Who is the owner of this invitation? I’ll make it simple for you, he’s a man with an official rank

Mahmoud quickly shouted:

– The Supreme Commander, of course.

Nour raised his finger warningly and said:

-Wrong, try again.

Ramzi said carefully:

– Perhaps he is the Prime Minister.

Nour shook his head in denial as he put on his jacket in preparation to leave. His companions walked next to him, thinking about who had made this invitation. Before they got into Nour’s car, Mahmoud said:

– Isn’t he the President of the Republic?

Nour laughed and shook his head in denial. While he was driving the car, Salwa whispered in his ear:

– Nour, you failed to guess the solution. Who is the official who invited us today?

Nour smiled and leaned to her ear and whispered:

– It’s me, my dear.. Don’t I have an official rank?



It was done, thank God


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