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Angel of Death comes for two men

Angel of Death comes for two men

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The story of the Angel of Death Comes to Two Men is for an age not older than 13 years, and it is considered one of the religious stories presented to you by the 10books website, which specializes in distinctive children’s stories.

This is a religious story whose events take place between the Angel of Death, an unjust man, and a righteous man. It tells the details of the difference between the death of each of them, and how God’s mercy comes through the worship of the righteous, and also how God takes revenge on the oppressors.

Angel of Death

Wahb ibn Munabbih, who is one of the righteous worshipers and has knowledge of the news of the past from the Israelites and others, says that among those before you was an immoral man who owned a lot of money, clothes, gold, silver, a palace, and everything else, and he wanted this rich man to travel one day.

He said to the servants, “They are preparing a boat for me.” They prepared a boat for him and said to him, “Here it is.” He said, “I do not want anything better than this.” Whenever they prepared a boat that was better than the previous one, he said to them, “I do not want anything better than this,” until they prepared a boat for him, which he liked.

After he chose a boat suitable for him, he ordered the servants to bring him good clothes, and whenever they brought him new and beautiful clothes, he did not like him, and he ordered that they bring him better and more beautiful clothes, until he liked a dress so he put it on.

He rides his great boat with ostentation, arrogance, and arrogance in front of the people, wanting to travel, and he begins to move. After a while, a poor, disheveled, and dusty man stands in front of the procession. He stands in front of him and does not move, so the guards and servants say, “Get out of the way, this one.”
The man said: By God, I will not move.

The rich man said arrogantly and threateningly: Woe to you, go away, this man, or else.

The man said: By God, I will not move.

The poor man greeted the rich man, but he did not return the greeting.

The poor man said: I have a need for you.

The rich man said: Quickly, what do you want? I am in a hurry.

The poor man said: No, the matter is a secret between you and me.

The rich man said: What is strange about you, what do you say? Do I have any secrets with you?

The poor man said: The matter is important and a secret between you and me. I want to talk to you.

So the rich man got off his boat and was astonished by the poor man’s situation. He stood with the poor man and said: Bring what you have. Hurry. What do you want?

The poor man said: Do you know me?

The rich man said with all astonishment and arrogance: Did you know who? You are like any poor, scumbag. You don’t care, I don’t know you, and I don’t want to know you.

Poverty said to him: I am the angel of death.

Then his rich color turned yellow, his limbs trembled, and he trembled in fear and humiliation. The rich man said: Give me an hour until I greet my family and bid farewell to my children.

The Angel of Death said: God did not command me to do this.

Then the Angel of Death took the soul of the rich, immoral man, and he died and fell like a piece of wood.

Then the Angel of Death went to another poor man, but he was a devout and righteous man, so he greeted him and he returned the greeting.

The Angel of Death asked him: Do you know me?

The righteous man said: No.

The Angel of Death said: I am the Angel of Death.

The righteous man grew happy and said: I have been waiting for you for years.

The Angel of Death said: In any case, you want me to take your soul.

The righteous man said: Are you serious about what you say?

The Angel of Death said: Yes, God commanded me to do this. The righteous man said: Watch me until I pray, and when I prostrate to God, He takes my soul.

So the Angel of Death waited for him, and when the man prostrated, the Angel of Death took his soul.

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